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Regarding the teaching of Critical Race Theory (or is it now being called Transformative Social and Emotional Learning? I’ll use CRT for now), is that it promotes the idea, whether directly or indirectly, that white people are inferior. Whenever one race or group of people are regarded as subhuman, this can lead to genocide. In this case, the genocide would not just be of white people, but of anyone who disagrees with CRT. This genocide would not be immediate, but would be a gradual escalation, as history has clearly shown in other cases of genocide. Although I doubt this currently attempted genocide will be successful, it’s important to suggest modifications to current CRT curriculum in order to create more harmony within society.

I propose that CRT needs to be modified into a curriculum that teaches that virtually every race on the planet has historically committed genocide against their own race, and/or committed genocide against other races. If someone were to research the many genocides throughout history, the finding would indeed be that all humanity has committed countless atrocities. I also have a new proposed name for CRT. My proposed renaming of CRT is Critical Historical Learning.

With CHL, all genocides throughout history would be taught. This includes atrocities and genocides committed by white people, but also includes historical genocides committed against white people, and includes genocides committed by the Chinese people, the African people, the Arabic people, and so forth. For the very young learners, graphic details would of course be removed, or this could be taught starting in the 10th or 11th grade.

No race would be singled out in CHL over any other race, because all humanity, regardless of race, has committed countless atrocities. Modern definite hate groups, such as the KKK, would be exposed and learned from, but not used to promote the idea that most white people are racist, because most white people are not racist. The false accusation that most white people are racist is genocidal in nature. Teaching about false accusations of all kinds would be a part of CHL and analyzed to understand the genocidal role false accusations play. Political ideologies, such as Marxism, would also analyzed for their cause-and-effect relationship to genocides, as well as the role of genocidal propaganda.

The main purpose of CHL is to teach that all humanity is historically guilty of unimaginable atrocities throughout history, and the best way forward is to realize this and forgive ourselves as one human family.

CHL will also teach students to see through appearances to the essence of a person. CHL will teach that we are all profound beings who go much deeper than appearances and social identities. Thus, CHL will teach that there are dimensions to humanity that go much deeper than skin color, gender, sexuality, and various affiliations. There is, for example, I Am Presence, which is a very deep aspect all humanity shares. Thus, students will be taught that their political affiliations and various political-social identities are not what make them who they really are. This does not mean that it will be taught that humanity should be only one culture. Humanity is one family but this does not mean everyone should be the same. Teaching that everyone should be the same is genocidal. This does, however, mean that students will be taught to recognize, and perhaps even help heal, humanity’s shadow.

The quality of society in very large part depends on the quality of its educational system. Therefore, it is of great importance that children are taught to be self-empowered, instead of being taught to give their power away to the repeating of humanity’s abusive history. Therefore, CRT needs to become CHL.

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  1. Good points, Starry Light. Education is in need of repair on many levels, I believe. A freedom based self-reliance, igniting the creative spark in each child, and a similar sort of reset in those of an older age.

    I remember reading a point of view on human society, regarding moral standards, the validation of life and well being. In it, the quality of an education system, and healthcare system was named as the standard of living in societies.
    The decline of these systems shows where, and how, that development will end. History repeats itself, as much in the genocidal attempts as in the perception of power and money, either abusive or beneficial.

    Rudolf Steiner, who is often a genius in his teachings, to me, addressed the development of healthcare, the concept of payment for consultation, and hospital treatment.

    His view on the merging of money- and health-matters was that it would smother the moral values in those who practice medicine. There's a text of him, floating in the virtual cloud, where he mentions the danger of vaccines in the future.

    Steiner's choice of names for the power of illusion and thought forms leading to a dwelling in supersenseous fantasies, misleading humanity in a separation of spirit and physicality, Lucifer, plus the power of materially oriented intellect, based on statistics, on systems, on a masculine linear thinking, the 0 and 1 elements of digital technology, an alienation from nature, and life's cyclical motion, the feminine counterpart, and the dishonouring of creation in freedom, in an expression of life in blood, sweat and tears, so to speak, Ahriman, are accurate to me. Many who resisted Steiner's views, were alien to their own inner world, refusing to admit that these two forces are battling within human beings.

    It's in the friction between these two forces, or tendencies if you will, that awareness of self-knowledge in daily life human experiences is birthed.
    That's how I understand this dynamic process showing up in my life. I'm a work in progress, and I need to remind myself of it often. With my drive in fast forward mode 😉
    The names we choose for these forces, seeking a balance in our human nature, may be different in our present time.

    I believe, that humanity has reached that point where it's confronted harshly, with a genocide attempt, immoral health-practice, although the word "health" has lost it's meaning in the present day genocide, fought with silent weapons.
    That what's denied by and lost in the attacker, will find a revival in the common people, I believe, who are human beings, contrary to those who are lost to their true nature, in favour of transhumanism, in devotion to the Metaverse.
    The picture on the cover of the box with this puzzle we're in, is quite clear to me, but we'll have to put the pieces in the right place collectively.

    Was the winter solstice, the world meditation yesterday, a giant leap forward in that attempt? I hope so.

  2. The Critical Historical Learning concept may be a huge improvement over the Critical Race Theory concept but it is still just another propaganda concoction and would be recognised as such immediately by any student with critical thinking skills and habituation. I have a better idea that is really simple. It got back in the late 1950's from a fictional character on television known as Detective Joe Friday (played by Jack Webb) of the Los Angeles Police Deparment. It was four simple words: "Just the facts, ma'am." Just teach who shot whom and why and leave it at that. Then the next class might be in critical thinking skills to help the student to be able to think things out for himself of herself.

  3. It wouldn't surprise me, if "White Supremacy" were a pretext by the Communist Cacodemon to persecute not only Indo-European-descent Whites, especially but not limited to those who like and believe in what could be called Indo-European Folk Religion or Indo-European Folk Belief, but also anyone who dares to right the wrongs committed against them.

    Is it really necessary to endorse or oppose National Socialism to see that clearly?

    • What's wrong for men and women of Aryan descent, or Indo-European descent put another way, to call on at least the Galactic Central Sun to heal at least the Indo-European-descent folks, or at least do anything good to them?

  4. This is a great start but it must include the reality that White Supremacy originated from Malevolent ETs who abused Whites and then used them to carry out the destruction of earth and all upon it, including Whites with the parasitic psychosis known as the Manifest Destiny of Whites. Just as Blacks have the burden of slavery and racism, and Indians have the burden of land dispossession and genocide, Whites have the burden of destroying the planet. The malevolent ETs hate ALL humans but their hatred towards us is manifested in different ways in order to keep us divided. With Whites, they imposed this parasitic psychosis, flattered them with "oh baby baby, you're the best, you're the brightest, you're the most beautiful", now keep performing and destroying the world and smile while you do it. Just like Ike Turner did Tina but on a global epoch long stage that makes it difficult for Whites to articulate the damage done to them. When people see that Whites also have been damaged by the ET it will be easier to forgive each other and come together. But Whites must stop denying the truth in order to heal and find courage to look in the mirror and see how they have been damaged. Everything created by their culture is non-sustainable and either erroneous or copied from more ancient cultures without giving credit to them. How long has the speed of light been wrong? How long have Whites ridiculed indigenous and slaves for squatting while defecating only to speed billions in research to come up with a Squatty Potty? How long have Whites been deprived of the benefits of squatting, both physical and SPIRITUAL? What happens to the soul that dies on the toilet straining…thrown into the Astral plane in confusion only to be fed upon by malevolent ET…These are things Whites cannot discern without help from their brothers in sisters outside of White Supremacy. CRT is just a disingenuous effort of malevolent ET being forced to do something so they try and saddle Whites with guilt and shame in order to destroy their psyche. Whites are not inferior. Their lack of carbon dispersed through the skin slows their reception of light and sound waves and this can be remedied by opening the heart chakra which is what controls the dispersal of carbon throughout the body. Carbon, or Melanin as some term it, comes in more than 240 different shades. There is much to learn but it requires coming together. Whites have been deprived of this knowledge but the programming of Malevolent ETs called White Supremacy makes it almost impossible for Whites to learn from Non-Whites or resist merchandising what they learn. Whites. must undergo de-programming and meditation to cure White Supremacy.

    • Any evidence of this ET's? You want to deprogram me like they deprogramed the "Nazi's" with No evidence of the crimes they were accused of….

    • This plan would work quite well for us on the Prepare For Change mailing list, but the negative ET concept would cause a lot of head scratching among most schoolmarms.


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