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We cordially invite you to a live broadcast of the first Republic of Poland Members of Parliament Investigation Committee as part of the Nuremberg 2.0 project with the special guest Dr. Reiner Fuellmich attendance. Many were demanding an update to our first story, well here it is!

The committee will be led by the Member of Parliament Grzegorz Braun and prof. Mirosław Piotrowski, Paweł Skutecki, attorney Jacek Wilk.

Among other guests attending the committee you can find: attorney Arkadiusz Tetela, attorney Krzysztof Łopatowski and attorney Jarosław Litwin.

This following video which you can watch at the bottom has been live broadcasted on November 15 th (Monday) at 11:00 AM CET (Central European Time).

About Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank.
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich will lead over 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 medical specialists and sue CDC, WHO and Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

What is the Nuremberg 2.0 project?
The Nuremberg 2.0 project is a civic initiative created from the necessity of the moment and the need of the heart.

What are the goals of the project?
The goal of the project is to activate conscious and responsible Poles to collect historical and legal documentation describing acts of crimes, lawlessness, abuses and omissions of public authority and to document individual tragedies unknown to the wider public today, which you will want to voluntarily share with us.

How are we going to achieve the goals of the project?
We will collect and register documentation and individual legal acts will be prepared to formulate charges and indict specific persons directly or indirectly responsible for the committed crimes. We will also register professional archival documentation and on its basis, we will publish historical journals under the collective name of “Journals Nuremberg 2.0”.

What was the reason for setting up the project?
As a consequence of the decisions of the Polish government, and in particular of the Ministry of Health and its subordinate agencies, many human injustices and grievances were caused and the victims were primarily Poles – citizens of the Republic of Poland.

Where does the name of our project come from?
The Nuremberg 2.0 project recalls the trial known from the history: the National Socialist system of the Third Reich was tried for the crimes committed by those who represented policies and rules implemented by this system . The name of our project is purely symbolic.

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  1. Be grateful that there are those that are trying to take these criminals down – Italy, India, Haiti have all pressed charges against Gates – more need to come against other globalists who want to depopulate the world.

  2. I know lawsuits take a long time to prepare and get heard, but I was actually starting to get suspicious with Dr/Atty Fuellmich. All talk, but nothing seems to be getting accomplished. He said something could be accomplished towards the end of the year and we are just about there. The moniker is just that. I am hoping it will accomplish more than the N1 did, because truth be told, with N1, the cream of the tyrants simply moved to Argentina, Antarctica and the US. I do not expect the Polish government to sanction this movement. They went from being communists to socialists, but many of those communists are still part of the current government. I don't see any difference between communism and socialism. The semantics are just meant to boggle the cretins. They are spending so much time debating all about the different isms while the rug is being pulled from under them.

    • Dr. Fuellmich can only do so much, as he had shown half way through this video of how the "System" plays games against the Germans, after all they are still an Occupied Nation/Country. As he stated "the Courts are all broken"

  3. December 2021 .Global Peace & Restoration Consortium Of Member States Ratified In the Hall Of Records Has Officially Replaced The United Nations Which Has No Charter.People Of Fiji , Military and Law Enforcement Fully On Board First
    Order By Global Health & Wellness Consortium Ratified In the Hall Of Records which has Replaced the WHO which has no Charter ,"ALL Vaccines Announced Biological Weapons and Must be Destroyed Immediately" !
    Global Intelligence Agency is Freezing ,Bank accounts of Organizations & Entities Globally Mandating the Vaccines !! Please Share !

  4. I had seen Reiner Fuellmich in an hour and a half interview on 'Oval Media' with a doctor from the Patent office. Amazing group he has, an honor to have come across it, I had watched it twice, a lot to take in.


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