Prepare for Change Healing Group is inviting you to a Public Offering on Zoom

Saturday, March 5, 2022 – 8 am PST, 10 am Central, 11am EST – US/Canada

Life Force Energy, Chakras, and You

with Rev. Danielle Dufour, B.Msc, QT Practitioner

Feeling is believing – and knowing is Healing!

Please join Rev. Danielle, our guest presenter for this week’s Healing Offering, as she discusses Life Force Energy Healing principals, and applies a practical introduction through practice techniques, along with a guided visualization to support each participant’s discovery.  We will also debrief after the session to allow for reflection and the opportunity to share our experiences.

Find the time to participate where you are

Millions of people walk around on this earth every day totally disregarding their bodies, and the fact we are spinning round and round on this gigantic sphere so fast, our limited ego minds can hardly comprehend the magnitude of it all. How interesting a vast number of humans wake up every day forgetting we have these beautiful bodies carrying us around dauntingly, asking so little from us in return.

Over the ages, many great Philosophers and Metaphysicians have contemplated our reason for being… Truth as sought by the seeker. The existence of Life Force Energy, and all that we are, is evident across every culture. The Chinese call it Chi, The Japanese call it Ki, and in Sanskrit we know it as Prana.

We are all on this great journey that requires us to first observe our bodies, and then interestingly enough, all else falls into place.

What if you only looked to yourself for everything you need? What if you were the only one you could go to for all your answers? What If you stripped away titles, books, or information you have been taught, removed all financial barriers, and rid yourself of electronics. How would your life look? What would your life then be about? What would you do?

When we take time to sit quietly, and ask questions of ourselves, we receive a perfect response. The clearer the intention in the question you ask, the clearer the response you will receive. When I say intention, I mean, a real ring of truth to it. When your intention comes from the deepest part of yourself, it will always reflect what is needed, rather than what the superficial ego thinks you want or need.

When the intention to find the solution to a problem is clear, a clear response is received. This kind of divine wisdom is often dismissed and touted as inconsequential, superstitious, or coincidental. However, human perception is shifting faster than ever before and on a grand scale. We are finally realizing our vast ability to go beyond what we have been taught by the church and our education system.

Unfortunately, discomfort on a mass scale is a necessary consequence of shedding old dark patterns from the Earth. We are beginning to sense the vibrations that are perfectly tuned to awaken each soul, as requested, and in their own perfect time. The appearance of so many catastrophic events on our planet are a mere reflection of the vast number of human emotions being transmuted by the earth, as we enter our vibrant new age.

Are you able to see the divine gift in each challenging moment? Are there “themes” or situations that constantly reoccur in your life?  What do you do when unexpected emotions surface? Do you give yourself permission to observe and reflect what you feel in the moment? What about when you were a child?

The truest gifts you are offered are not always easily identified. However, they are the answers to why you have chosen this path for yourself.  Spiritual awakening begins with self and body awareness. The first two of the eight limbs (aspects) of Yoga begin with Yama: Ethical disciplines, and Niyama: Self Observation. Observing your physical body and asking questions of your higher self is a gentle way to allow your inner light to brighten and establishes your intention of getting to know every intricate detail about you!

What happens when we receive everything that occurs in our life (whether good or bad) with a gracious attitude of thankfulness? What might we gain when we practice exploring ourselves, our deepest feelings, and our needs?

We have all been purposely suppressed and taught to disregard our intuition, our feelings, and most importantly, our powerful energy, for lifetimes. We have been programmed to listen to what others tell us, and seek external solutions, rather than follow our “gut” instincts. We have been told to “Trust the facts.”  Well, the fact is emotion hides in our physical bodies when unexpressed as do the hurts and trauma from this life and others. They can become “trapped” within parts of our physical body, and energy centres which can adversely affect our overall function as light beings.

I speak with certainty from years of personal experience in the practice of yoga, meditation, integrative client work, and through direct physical experiences most would not believe. I did not always see life in the infinite beautiful way I do now. I am not a guru. I am just someone who consistently followed their “inner voice,” with an open heart, and with every profound experience, I have been increasingly affirmed to keep diving in deep.

Everyone is their own greatest healer. I humbly invite you to attend this integrative offering and raise your vibration through focused breath work, meditation, and chakra clearing techniques. Let’s shift our perception through our own unique experiences and insights and be affirmed into our own knowingness!

We only have these bodies for a limited time! Why not have a look around in there?

Remember, your intention is everything and it could be as simple as giving yourself permission to show up! Exploring and connecting with your deepest truth can help break a repeating life cycle that has not been in your best interest.

In preparation for the session, be sure to think about what you want and need. A session for one person may be completely different than what someone else may experience. The Universe will only show you what you can emotionally manage, so there is no need to “worry” about what may occur. We would suggest having a pen and paper handy in the event you want to journal a few notes about your experience.  We also suggest having water handy to maintain your hydration level.

Rev. Danielle is our Healing Group coordinator, an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, a Holistic Intuitive Practitioner (certified in Quantum Touch), a Yoga and Meditation Instructor, a Social Worker – Integrative Counselor, as well as a Canoe Instructor. Read more about Rev. Danielle Here.

Her Integrative work with clients could be as light as:

  • sharing a channelled message,
  • a tarot card reading


  • Deeper sessions encompassing emotional discovery and release through guided techniques, while holding a strong harmonizing vibration for a person, so they may more easily balance their energy field.

To reach out to Rev. Danielle directly, she can be reached via her website or direct via email at

If you would like to participate in this Healing Offering, please request your Zoom link by sending an email to [email protected]

We look forward to sharing space with you on Saturday.


Rev. Danielle & The Healing Team

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