By kyle,

COVID – all the lockdowns, masking, business closures, panic buying, vaccine passports – was not enough. People are resilient, and those who did not kill themselves were starting to buck the system and bounce back. That wouldn’t be very good for the Great Reset, now would it? That’s why the kosher cabal that controls the world, including both Ukraine and Russia, ushered in a war.

For the average people of Ukraine, this war has brought what people in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, etc. have been experiencing for a long time now. This includes having to flee war torn areas, losing loved ones to the horror, having to constantly live in fear, and general death and destruction. While some idiots in the West get all excited cheering on their favorite team, real people are suffering on both sides of the conflict over there.

“War is hell,” said Sherman after terrorizing Georgia with his infamous March to the Sea. Of course this atrocity is justified today, since the Southerners were Confederates, and that’s just about as bad as being a “Nazi” these days. Of course, the need to “denazify” Ukraine is the justification being given by Russia to kill nationalists in their homeland.

While we are told that the West (with NATO) is fighting on the side of the Ukrainian government, they are doing next to nothing to actually help the struggling Ukrainian people. They are simply supplying arms, supplies, and funds so that the Ukrainians can put up some more resistance, resulting in a longer conflict and more bloodshed on both sides. Does anyone actually think that the jews who run Ukraine, NATO, and America actually care about the White Ukrainians? They just put on a show in this theater of war.

However, this conflict is not limited to Ukraine, as all the world’s a stage in this big top circus maximus. The war is effecting every single person in the “globalized” world.

Gas prices have gone through the roof, especially after Biden banned Russian oil and told us all that the price at the pump is worth punishing Russia. This rise in gas prices will also lead to massive price increases on everything else, since shipping lines run on gas. One need only ask cui bono? to understand that while this war is impoverishing most, it’s making some people even more obscenely rich. The same thing happened with the “pandemic.”

As Ukraine is one of the big breadbaskets of the world, the price of wheat (and therefore everything made with wheat) is going to be seriously effected. Bread is easy to make, cost effective, full of carbohydrates, and a great way to keep living when times get tough, hence the old bread lines during the Great Depression. Could our overlords be planning a worldwide Holodomor at some point?

Update: Ukraine has banned all exports of wheat.

This war has already brought new social divisions here in the West, with many people who were formerly united in their opposition to COVID tyranny now fighting amongst themselves. Both sides consider themselves to be completely right and have all the evidence to prove how the other guys are wrong. Whether they think the Azov battalion is completely based or that Russia is taking out the globalist deep state, both sides are missing the bigger picture here.

This conflict is not just about Ukraine and Russia, it’s about dragging us all down. Whether or not this explodes into another world war remains to be seen, but I sure would like to see it stopped before it gets that far. World War III, as it is being played out currently, would likely be the final nail in the coffin of the White race, which is exactly the desired outcome of the hebraic hidden hand that is playing both sides of the chess board.

After their depopulation dream is complete with World War Z.O.G., the remaining people would become the cybernetic slaves of the semites in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We must do everything possible to stop their plans for coming to fruition.



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  1. I always found it interesting that people blame the Ashkenazi jews, but the ones who hold the true power are the Hasidic jews who wear their funny hats and long beards, and make a point on showing up at the White House every time there is a change in presidential leadership.
    Who are these clowns?? What makes them so unstoppable??

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  3. It would be helpful to your position if you posted the date of Russia joining the center for the fourth industrial revolution network. The announcement was published by the world economic forum on 13 Oct 2021. But does this prove that Russia agrees with the objectives of Klaus Schwab or were they infiltrating the organization to expose them? Time will tell.


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