by EuphoricTrilby,

SB1390 seems to be the most concerning out of all these. I’m not sure if it only pertains to medical information or all information on anything, but that is incredibly authoritarian.

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  1. They're All acting in a Play: Welcome to the Grand illusion,
    Come on in and see whats happening.
    Pay the Price, get your tickets for the Show.
    The Stage is set, the band starts playing…
    But don't be fooled by Radio, the T.V. or Magazines…
    They show you Photographs…
    Just remember that its a Grand illusion…
    America spells Competition, join us in our Blind Ambition…
    Some day soon we'll stop to ponder, what on earth this Spell were under…
    Styx July 1977


  3. WODS MATTER… California is controlled and run by Jewish Communist folks. THERE IS NO FASCISM in California as there are literally no possibility of a Fascist state. As seen recently Jws finance fake Nazis in Ukraine (Azov), and Jews and their current Western Draco Families allies + Freemasons also financed make Nazis via the "school of Americas" out of Panama (CIA operations ran by Bush and co).

    See we are in 2022 and a person like you should know that especially if you are to publish on a so called platform that helps to "FURTHER THE AGENDA OF AWAKENING AND TRUTH".

    I regret deeply that too many Jews and Non Jews always use the " NAZI" OR "FASCIST" term for things that are not.

    This is obviously the result of yur very own Hollywood and American Jewish Media kicking in.

    California and the world at large is ran by COMMUNISTS who happen to be GLOBALISTS and have TOTALITARIAN AND SATANIC (not Fascist) methods.

    They rule by DECEIT for absolute power.
    Please…. Begin to correct yourself. It is time.

    • California government was always Marxist/communist state run by Jewish-Bolshevik-Satanic savages.
      It is biblical
      The Synagogue of Satan
      "They claim to be Jews but are not, they are the Synagogue of Satan" and their system is Marxist/communist.
      Hitler-socialist was Jewish Bolshevik puppet responsible for mass genocide including Holocaust.
      Fascism is the other side of their communism/socialism, not constitutional.
      See California communists, paid sattanic prostitutes imported from 3TH world countries marching with the picture of communist Lenin, Marx..
      Antifa, BLM are communist organization created by Cabal- Jewish Zionist Bolsheviks including their unconstitutional bank the FED and taxation – IRS…

      • Correction: Capitalism is the other side of Communism.
        There was nothing about Hitler's Germany that indicated Bolshevik, Germany along with 8 Nations stopped Stalin's invasion of Europe June 22nd 1941.
        Canadian Courts already proved through Ernst Zundel case 1985-1988 that the Holocaust Never happened. That's why the 4 million plaque was taken down at Auschwitz.

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  5. To me, a Dutchy, the US seems to be a virtual kind of Disney World gone weird by the entrance of equal amounts of moral unbalance, deception, and delusional power games, in a display of perpetual forms of drama. And the presence of a virus, in US politics, called Corruption, more lethal than SARS-Cov-19, I believe. At the same time, many skeletons begin to fall out of closets all over the world. In The Netherlands as well.

    Many governments (exceptions are silently present I assume) are compromised, either forced to submit and obey, by bribes and blackmail, or by grooming and fooling governments' power-hungry leaders.

    • Yeah, and your point is? We ALL know that every single world or country leader has been compromised.
      If a leader won't play along they are terminated and a double or replacement is made. If the leader is significant they are Droned (see Donald Marshall). The world is run by true psychopaths that are complete zombies to the anti-human agenda. This should not come as a surprise to you.


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