True Love cannot be understood by the mind, it complicates things and tries to analyse that which can only truly be felt to be known.

Where there is no room left for any more questions or doubts, where all is being surrendered to the present now moment and we fully surrender to the Divine Love and Truth that is arising from deep within our Hearts now. Spreading out throughout our field and bodies, filling every cell and nucleus of our beingness. As it spreads out and fills out our whole beingness, our realities and world’s. Dissolving all remaining illusions, false perceptions, projections, fears and doubts.

Until only the REAL TRUTH that is everlasting and cannot be questioned remains and continues to arise from deep within and all around us now.


As all that was build on lies, manipulation, deceit, control and oppression now collapses and dissolves, as we stand in our Truth, authenticity and Power, speaking fearlessly from our Hearts, as we FULLY RE-MEMBER WHAT IS REALLY REAL.

And as we do, the Truth awakens within our cells, in our body, the Crystalline Core and networks of Nova Gaja, as our DNA ignites and we re-member our ancient future Self, Cosmic Origins and history again. Igniting Heaven on Earth from deep within our memories and inner world’s.

Our memories returning, igniting our Hearts which unlock the sacred secrets, wisdom and gnosis we have been carrying within them, wrapped in deep grief, throughout the aeons, now unlocking fully as our Hearts have fully healed.

As a healed Heart is an invincible Heart and it knows things that the Mind can only try and comprehend.

On this journey we often have had to break our Hearts wide open and loose our Minds in order to understand what true Pure Divine Love, the Higher expression of Love, really is.

It doesn’t demand,

it doesn’t wish to change another,

it doesn’t control or manipulate,

it doesn’t use force nor is it afraid,

it isn’t in need to be loved back,

it sees through all illusions of separation and it just loves for the sake of loving, as it is it’s true nature and because it understands that LOVE IS REALly all there really is..

All else is forgetfulness and confusion.

The Soul and Spirit love eternally,


As it is connected to, and knows itself, as part of the inherent ONEness THAT ALL IS, that we ALL are at our very Core. All a unique spark of Source light with a body.


True Divine Love is not blind, it has Crystal clear vision.

Sometimes it has to be tough, but mostly it is gentle, it makes u feel safe and protected, seen and held. It is all-ways unconditional and knows no bounds. Yet it has limits to what it will allow as it knows it’s own worth and that sometimes we need to protect it from harm or being taken advantage of. It has standards, discernment and boundaries as it knows that some may misperceive the Hearts openness, transparency and vulnerability for weakness, not knowing that it is this very purity and innocence which makes it, and us along with it, invincible.

It is DIVINE LOVE that MAKES THE I’M-POSSIBLE POSSIBLE and the invisible visible.


An Armageddon of pure Divine Love and Truth is upon us and already unfolding in this now, as all that is false and artificial, and was never true to begin with, dissolves effortlessly in this sea of pure True Divine Love now.

Revealing what is really REAL.

As we see through the Eye’s of God’s Love.

Timelessly so…

As we begin to see ALL with Kryst-all-in-e Clarity, as a higher Cosmic Consciousness and perceptions descend upon the Collective field.

The One Heart-Mind awakens to it’s inherent ONEness again. Fully re-membering what truly happened and why we are here. How we got to this point and how all of this really works, as the memories of our New Eden awaken from within our DNA and cellular memories now, as well as the Crystalline Caverns and Networks, as New Earth awakens from within and all around us now..
As past, present and future ALL MERGE AS ONE.

As we have returned back to the Beginning. Back to the future. We’re back at the start, starting all over again, as if non of the trauma has ever happened, but with the lessons learned.

As pure True DIVINE LOVE IS HEALING ALL in this very NOW! Timelessly so..

As True Divine Love has no Beginning and no end..

It just is.

It requires no reason for being and it comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.

In the end, it’s all the things, all the walls we have put around ourselves that have prevented us from fully loving, fully opening up our Hearts with no holds barred, which is what has kept us from truly living our life’s to its fullest potential. Because we lived in fear, stemming from many layers of trauma and wounds that we have now healed. We had to dissolve all those walls that have kept us separate and unable to truly and fully connect with One another, and still those fears. We had to heal our wounds and traumas, learn from them so we can now choose better, to come back to the Beginning. Back to the start, to understand it is us not listening to our Souls and Hearts calling that which has caused a lot of the pain. It is when we live life from our Mind, disconnected from our Heart and Soul, which is your inner Source, your inner Sun, that’s when things go wrong. That’s when we create realities that are lacking love.

As we return and unlock our inner gnosis, wisdom and intelligence of our higher Heart-Minds now, atOne with Source and ALL, the Real Truth is revealed to us, no doubt shall remain.

Heavenly realities unlock from within us.


All as we fully open our sacred Crystal Hearts up wide to the great mysteries and Truth that arises from deep within us now. As we fully dissolve any remaining walls, fears and insecurities that have kept us feeling small, not enough, disempowered and not worthy. All part of the false Matrix realities, programming and narratives now fully bursting at the seams and dissolving in this sea of pure True Divine Love!

We now fully open ourselves up to, and ignite, the magic held within us and our Hearts and Crystal Body’s, as the New Earth and Cosmic Diamond Grid, Golden and Crystalline Cities and New Ascension Earth architecture, Interdimensional Stargate System, as well as our and the Planetary multi-dimensional Merkaba vehicle, fully activates and brings online the New Organic Divine Creatrix field and our New Eden.

All else fully dissolves in this Frequency of Pure True Divine Love.

ALL ARE AWAKENING FULLY TO THEIR HEARTS CALLING & WISDOM NOW, as our sacred Diamond Rose and Emerald Hearts burst wide open and ignite, as we allow them to fully open to the LOVE that we are and that is streaming in from SOURCE SURROUNDING & EMBRACING ALL!

Our Hearts hold the Key to The Kingdom that each One of us carries within them.

The Heart wants what it wants.. and the mind has lost its fight against it, as it starts to understand the greater wisdom held within its mythical, sacred, crystalline chambers. As our Crystal Diamond Rose Heart fully awakens us to the infinite Power that is held within it.

It knows the way to our biggest dreams full-filled…

Allow Love to rule without rules.

Allow true Divine Love to show you the way and how to become truly boundless, fearless, timeless, limitless and FREE!

Eternally so. All else is part of the illusion now dissolving and falling apart at the seams…as the Kryst-all-in-e Golden Consciousness, Cities and our new holographic Divine Blueprints and architecture awakens from deep within..

Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin

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