by David Hawkins,

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr has accused the CIA of murdering his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, and described the killing as a “successful coup d’état” that America “has never recovered” from.

Kennedy was responding after The National Archives just released thousands of the never-disclosed JFK documents.

But not all of them were released despite 50 years passing since his death.

Around 3% of the JFK documents are still being withheld from the public.

The release consists of 13,173 documents relating to the official investigation into the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy.

Historians will be pouring over the documents looking for answers.

However, as Slay News previously reported, Fox News star Tucker Carlson said he spoke to someone who saw the hidden files.

Carlson said his source claims the CIA was “involved” in John F. Kennedy’s murder.

“We spoke to someone who has access to these still hidden CIA documents,” Carlson said on his show.

“The person is deeply familiar with what they contain.

“We asked this person directly, did the CIA have a hand in the murder of John F. Kennedy, an American President.

“And here is the reply we received, verbatim: ‘The answer is yes. I believe they were involved. It’s a whole different country from what we thought it was. It’s all a fake.’”


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr responded to Carlson’s explosive revelation about his uncle.

“The most courageous newscast in 60 years,” Kennedy said.

“The CIA’s murder of my uncle was a successful coup d’état from which are democracy has never recovered.”

According to the Guardian:

One of the newly released documents, dating from September 1964, underlines that point. At the request of the commission, the CIA had searched its own files for any connection between Oswald and Jack Ruby, the local nightclub owner who shot and killed Oswald on live television in the basement of Dallas police headquarters two days after the Kennedy assassination.

“Examination of Central Intelligence Agency files has produced no information on Jack RUBY or his activities,” the document states.

“The Central Intelligence Agency has no indication that RUBY and Lee Harvey OSWALD ever knew each other, were associated, or might have been connected in any manner.”

Thursday’s release of thousands of documents means that 95% of the CIA’s records on the assassination are now available to the public. As a final step there will be an “intensive one-year review” of any remaining closed files before a complete opening of the books by 30 June 2023.

The unveiling of the CIA documents has been delayed for years. In 1992, Congress ordered their full release by October 2017, but the deadline was pushed back by presidential decrees from both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.



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  1. The tentacles of the demonic Zionist Octopus, are wrapped around all 3 Branches of our(?) Government and also of the CIA -global terror organization! The US foreign and domestic policies are dictated, controlled, driven by the Agents of the Israel Lobby-AIPAC and dozens of other Jew-Zionist Organizations, the Enemies Within! America is the Plantation of the Jew-Zionist Overlords! America is enslaved! JFK and Bobby Kennedy were 'dead set' against Zionist Israel becoming a nuclear power! PRESTO!

  2. Ah, the fascination we have with the Kennedys. I am old now, and hopefully wiser, but I was young and very naive once. I wrote two term papers on JFK's murder and got an A+ on both. I completely believed the Warren Report, etc. The Kennedys are always touted as heroes and martrys. Here is Dr. Shiva on the kennedys.!-%28the:b?r=DqcQTMS2soakgraB4qtK38n2z7zFWfPf
    And here is another Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, who is not contradicting the "need for safe vaccines", despite his knowing fully well the existence of a virus, any virus, has never been proven. He is going along with the virus propaganda because he belongs to the club, and their end game is for you not to be able to refuse a mandated vaccine because "the safety of society supersedes your individual right". A young engineer has filed a lawsuit to force the government to prove scientifically that a virus exists. I cannot wait for that hearing. I am aware there are dozens of charlatans saying they've isolated a virus here, here, and here. Make sure you know what is real purification and isolation. Both US and UK FOIA reports show there has never been a virus isolated by anyone. Robert Kennedy just got richer with all of you buying his book about Dr. Fraudci and a none existent "virus". Kary Mullis could not help, but smile as he said, "Dr. Fauci does not know anything. He thinks he can look through a microscope and see a virus on a slide". Many scientists asked to debate Fraudci and he never responded. So who killed Kennedy? Just another distraction for the sheep.

    • Cecille, your words "end game is for you not to be able to refuse a mandated vaccine" are No different than what you accuse Robert Kennedy of.

  3. Did you really expect the offspring of colonizers who Genocided Indians and enslaved Africans to all of sudden tell the truth about their murderous past? Kennedy in 63, Malcolm X in 65, King in 68 and Fred Hampton in 69. A Nation established and sustained on murder, yet most of them think its a "righteous" nation that God will bless. Unbelievable!

    • Harrison,
      The African's were enslaved by the Arab's/Muslim's, in 640 AD – 1920's. This over 1,000 year old enslavement of Black African's by the Islamic Slave Trade post in Zanzibar, on Africa's East Coast would come to an end by intervention by the European's.
      Let us also be educated by the African's involvement as well, in selling off other black African's tribal members they were at War with.
      Question All history, don't believe in illustrations either, whether be Indians, who also were at War with other Indian Tribes, or believe the garbage we have been told about the Civil War. Do you really think a bunch of Yankees are going to fight for the freedom of black slaves….No, but they would to free the White Enslaved Irish!

  4. Thanks for posting this Eduardo! I had also listened to a deep dive from Dark Journalist who connects the dots on people who worked for the CIA and how they were all tied to the patsies used. It's a deep sesspool! Odly enough, a lot revolves around hiding the ET presence and technology! For those interested in more details from the past, Dark Journalist does a great job in connecting the dots –


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