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  1. This is excellent I knew about this 8 years ago I saw the Maps of the on the military website with the % of people they wanted to eliminate in each country and was deeply perplexed but no one believed me. These creatures/people should be shot dead on sight they decided to make war on us and have set about making a plan to kill us all and they have succeeded in killing many people through cowardly covert Kill boxes . There has been no war there in the way we would expect there has been the execution of millions of innocent people who had no idea they were the target in a war about. They must all pay with their lives for war crimes . When people find out all the things they have done to us to keep us slaves they will be seriously shocked .

  2. If you have the money, it's time to leave the big cities.
    Go off-grid and produce all your own food, water and power.
    There's no perfect strategy to insulate yourself, but going off-grid and becoming independent of the system MIGHT allow you to live through until their tyranny implodes.

    • It's not possible to coexist with totalitarianism, which is what this tyranny is-globally; especially stepped-up inverted-totalitarianism on super-steroids. What you state to prepare and defend with self-sufficiency are good things to do. BUT, the only way to successfully deal with this level of tyranny is to eradicate it primarily by guerilla warfare tactics and actions. Voting, marching, protesting, commenting, writing about it, convincing someone else about it, whining, quoting Jefferson. re-stating the problem over and over, prepping, trying to hide and lay-low, etc., etc., etc., are all the same thing as doing absolutely nothing and has the same effects. As long as totalitarianism is the in existence and the only game in town, humanity will increasingly and constantly be suppressed, oppressed, impoverished, and eventually depopulated and euthanized down to a very low number. It's to the point, irregardless whether you agree with it or not–to kill or be killed, or both? Fortunately it only takes 3-5% of the population to accomplish this as proven by history many times even in modern times against the most powerful enemy. The war for humanity is being waged at this very second. Many will sleep and die through it.

  3. Simply ramping up the process started by the deception of the deliberate virus leak Oct2019. The opening of Pandora's box. Onset of the inoculations did not produce the actual thought results. Nothing has ever been purified to such level of product beyond only their computer crisper "Simulations"
    Their Evil of words placed had the greater effect to shock and awe, Along with simple poison works by their control. Food water and air. subliminal included. That is front stage by these world "un" leaders.
    If some are lesser to show symptoms a firing squad is another short term effect to the ones lining up.

    Much is all about the effects to hit the core to ears hearing. Scare the wits out of many to also cause and effect. The Beat Goes on.
    So what really is in store. I'd hope in prayer to believe another result in the coming.
    And all this shall simply reverse to the neutral point, where then the magic of all the universe shall impose its own upon the surface. Thus shall fill the minds of all living with a new bliss of true blue LOVE. Like the rain wetting ones face. The child feeling for seeing snow the very 1st time. That Innocent Thrill of a something feeling to bliss. Shall change the hearts of all in many ways unknown. The Thrill of it all. Hope to love and LOVE TO HOPE!.

    • Leaving it to chance as you indicate is what allowed this global totalitarian tyranny to get to where it is now, and since totalitarianism is not static, it grows more oppressive and murdering by the minute if left to exist, which will lead to the end of humanity. Go back to sleep.


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