St. Mark’s Lutheran Church appears to be worshipping the LGBT movement, not God.

The transgender pastor of Fargo, North Dakota’s St. Mark’s Lutheran Church compared the transgender Nashville terrorist who slaughtered six Christians to Jesus Christ in a Sunday sermon marking the start of Holy Week, ahead of the Easter holiday.

Trans “pastor” Micah Louwagie linked the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to the death of the transgender mass shooter who slaughtered six Christians in Nashville, including three 9-year-old children, during the sermon at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.

In a video clip of the sermon, Louwagie, who uses “they/them” pronouns, recounted how Jewish and Roman authorities had long wanted to kill Jesus Christ, before comparing the persecution of Christ to the refusal of average Americans to suspend biological and spiritual reality and give their children over to the transgender movement.

“It’s baffling to me that someone’s existence can be so threatening that people decide they need to be controlled, that they need to have laws made against them or even worse, that the people they find to be so threatening should die,” Louwagie told the congregation, before even more directly, by name, linking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to the Nashville trans terrorist who slaughtered Christians in a targeted hate attack.

“There are a significant number of people who have deemed that the fact that the Nashville shooter happened to be a trans person, so it’s been reported, is just the excuse they need to call for the eradication of trans folks,” Louwagie said, comparing opposition to the Nashville shooter and the wider transgender movement to the betrayal of Jesus Christ by his former “allies” that led to his crucifixion.

Watch the video below:

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is so outwardly pro-gay and pro-trans that it’s been criticized for “worshipping” the LGBT movement instead of God. In recent years, LGBT militants have run a coordinated effort to infiltrate churches, and left-wing congregations have been happy to oblige them, making an open mockery of Christianity and the entire concept of human beings.

On the church’s website, a gay pride logo, featuring special stripes for “black and brown” racial minorities, adorns the home page, beneath a message proclaiming that “St. Mark’s is committed to serving our diverse community and world.”

St Mark's Gay Trans
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Fargo, North Dakota appears to be worshipping the LGBT movement, not God.

In the aftermath of the anti-Christian, Nashville trans terror attack, the LGBT movement and its so-called “allies” have only intensified their rhetoric while openly and repeatedly mocking the attack and the slaughter of Christian men, women, and children.




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  1. Shouldn't compare it to anything, because it is impossible to have happened because it goes against "Protocol." They would Never release such footage, fact, I live next to a high Local Politician for 30 years, which is connected to Local Police & I Know this for a fact!
    Any & All footages that are being published the day of or soon after are nothing more than Propaganda footages of something that Never happened.


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