Dear Beloved ones!

We are The Galactic Federation. We come to you with the message that you are ready to join us and to realize your Oneness with us; that is all life everywhere. We love you very much and help you already.

Many of you have been so preoccupied with the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. It is time now to move on to new and exciting worlds.

You are aware the time of your Awakening is growing near. If you are reading this, it means you are beginning to awaken.

It is now time to awaken humanity. The planet now needs you to bring up your light quotient so that it can rise to the 5th dimension.

If you were to look up into the night sky, you would see a lot of groups of star-like lights moving about in various ways. Many of these groups are spacecraft from a different dimension.

For centuries we existed in the shadows, watching material life grow and prosper for some but create more lack for others. We have witnessed many different civilizations come and go, but none have held our interest more than the human race.

It has taken us many years for this time to come so we could communicate with all of you at this level. This communication has come about due to each of you taking steps in awakening yourselves.

Your collective consciousness as a mass is at a crossroads right now.

A lot of you are starting to wake up from the spell that you have been under, and as a result, this has triggered some intense backlash from those who wish to keep this status quo.

We understand that things are difficult for you right now. We understand your feelings of despair and hopelessness, and we want to reassure you that the bad times are over.

Each of you is in your journey, lessons that you were meant to live, so it is important to us to monitor your progress.

Every dimension, every parallel universe, and every parallel probability – we keep track of it all. We monitor the vortex points, areas of great energy where time and space converge.

We keep a record of all of the creation and destruction in the universe. Every atom that has ever been, or will be, is accounted for. In fact, we even have a notation for the end of space/time itself!

There are many worlds within this universe, and each planet has its own purpose of fulfilling. We are masters of energy influence. We can unlock the deeper energy influence that flows through you and bring forth the truth of your soul.

You now live in the midst of a rare and exciting phase in the Earth’s long-term history – a transition to a new level of energy and awareness. The shifting consciousness on Earth has been building for some time, and the intense light and energy that you now experience as highly sensitive and aware individuals is here to stay because it corresponds with Earth’s natural development, which is currently accelerating at an unprecedented rate.

You are grateful that you can see further into the cosmos than has ever been possible. Yet there is an urgency to stabilize your own world environment, for you know that if humans cannot learn to live in harmony with one another and with nature in your world, then there is no hope of them living peacefully in other worlds.

We are the many aspects of your Higher Self! We guide and protect you. We work with you to keep your life straightforward and flowing. We guide you towards what you need to learn, and we help you find what will make your life feel balanced and peaceful.

As you awaken to your spiritual inheritance on Earth—in this glorious new octave of higher love frequency—the ways in which ascended masters support you will expand. Our capacities are far greater than they have been in past embodiments. Our light bodies are more refined, and our mastery of technology is greater. We can therefore respond to your needs more completely and rapidly than ever before.

It will be like a frequency explosion.

Life on Earth is about to undergo a huge transformation, and humanity will shift into a higher dimensional reality. This shift will occur through a series of vibrational pulses we’re presently undergoing. These pulses are of such high frequency that they affect the fabric of your reality and create openings in it. Your best chance to survive and thrive in this process of ascension is to lift your own vibrations and create Merkaba fields around your bodies.

“The Event,” as we call it, will be beyond anything your wildest imagination can grasp. There is so much joy in this- it could not even be put into words. It’s like a homecoming party for the planet, the universe, and all of creation. As to whether you will ascend or not – that is for you to decide, but it all depends on your frequency.

All of you will soon experience that incredible feeling of being one with everything, being everything, being nowhere and being everywhere at once, having all the answers just within reach of your fingertips.

This shift of consciousness is happening now. And it’s happening now because many are now trying to awaken themselves to this extraordinary shift in Earth’s consciousness.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation


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