Perspective on the new reality

Channeled messages come via many channels and sources, for instance via Mike Quinsey (a channel for SaLuSa from Sirius), Sheldan Nidle, and other extraterrestrials from the Arcturian and Pleiadian star systems. It is necessary to have a certain knowledge regarding the reality they are speaking from, and which will be ours, for those who so … Read morePerspective on the new reality

GITMO Military Tribunal Report from C-VINE News

Surprising information was revealed when Leonard Bacani and Linda Forsythe (who are both Citizen Journalists with the C-VINE International News Network) reported on the Military Tribunals Live Streamed CCTV out of GTMO to Ft. Meade In Maryland. This was Part 1 of 2 covering the first day on 1/28/2019.

Cobra – Bubbles of Heaven Update – 6th Feb 2019

The purpose of this update is to provide clarifications of the Bubbles of Heaven article to the surface population. First, the six phases of a phase transition will be explained in more detail. Each of those phases is a complete stage of a planetary Ascension process and is estimated to last somewhere between a few … Read moreCobra – Bubbles of Heaven Update – 6th Feb 2019

President Kennedy, The Fed And Executive Order 11110

By Cedric X, Executive Order 1110 gave the US the ability to create its own money backed by silver. … On June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest. On that day President John F. Kennedy … Read morePresident Kennedy, The Fed And Executive Order 11110

Q – Dark To Light

There was a time when our children stood at attention, put their hand on their heart, and in one UNITED voice, recited the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. When STRENGTH and HONOR meant something. When standing for our FLAG meant something. There was a time when our history was taught with PRIDE and RESPECT. When respect was … Read moreQ – Dark To Light

Cobra Meditation Update 1/21/19: Bubbles of Heaven

Return of Light meditation was a huge success. Between 1 and 2 million people were informed about the meditation, and between 300,000 and 400,000 were actually participating, so the critical mass was achieved many times over: The energy wave from the Cosmic Central Sun has reached the surface of the planet and that energy was … Read moreCobra Meditation Update 1/21/19: Bubbles of Heaven

Message to Humanity from Grandmother Butterfly

Dear Sweet Children of Mother Earth, I am here, I never left, for over 80 years we, from what you know as the Agartha Council, have been liaising with your leaders on Earth. Saint Germain and I have been working with chosen individuals, who were preordained before birth, you know who you are in this … Read moreMessage to Humanity from Grandmother Butterfly

Return of Light Meditation Final Update

We are creating a huge momentum and there is a very real possibility that we will reach the critical mass. Many people are supporting our meditation. Benjamin Fulford:…/mass-meditation-on-january-…/… Kauilapele:…/cobra-12-23-18-return-o…/…/cobra-update-1-14-19-th…/…/return-to-your-truth-1-…/ Stillness in the Storm:…/cobra-return-of-light-me…/ And many others:…/optimize-now-f…/…/2-reminders-fo…/…/a-game-changer-for-planet-eart…/…/the-time-has-come-we-mus… The main facebook group for our meditation is here: … Read moreReturn of Light Meditation Final Update