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  1. Ben Davidson does excellent work, as founder of Spaceweather, and Suspicious Observers, the website:
    and the Yoo Toob-channel withe the same name, with Ben's daily 4-minute report on the Solar activity, the Electromagnetic grid, the Northpole position, and some heartfelt prepping advice, practical, using common sense.
    To me, Ben is turning into a Noah of the Ark called Planet Earth.

  2. How brainwashed can you get: thought I was listening to a true clone of Bill Gates,
    Constant diversion, convenient truths elenio's. 500 billion TONS of carbon dioxides. More like 500 billion tons of such a dangerous concoction of Chemicals flak aluminum(s) an other nasty chemicals.
    Hide the sun for 15 days let it thru 5 or 6 day, and warm the ground, Recycle over over, Sun warms the grounds cover it with overcast so thick buffers the heat, reflects back onto the ground. Brief example of its damage, Keep Haarp firing of its computerized cycles and mix up the overcast also baking the atmosphere. Everything under is now a jar of "Reactive" chemical mix.
    The billions of tons they drop is unreal per daily sorties of 7×24. Wake up and look at all the tree carnage and death by flashing. Watch the Dimming on YouTube and or The man-made weather control is performed such a high level destruction onto the earth in all sectors. So heavy rain fall/water flooding, erodes surface ground raping the years of normal decay to dirt. Reducing life line of tree base. Tree foundation eventually peels away and tree dies from mold moss sucking more life out of its tree meat. Depletion of necessary nutrient trees are starting to lean or grow sideways in place. Break off any where unpredictable. Trees falling at their ground support like melted from inside. "Cali" out of drought What only 1 state of drought. Selfish to consider just one. No don't have crystal ball. Would not to what to look at with a ball of glass in his face.
    Such manipulation is sick and people really need to wake up to this trauma the earth is dying quite rapidly. Tree carnage etc is sad to see. But wait some will pray on the excuse "Forest for Trees" or is it tree's of the forest. Good pulp response. Go into the forests and do you own research. Soft wood trees dying ground to top, hairlick a few branches and they break without any effort. Like the life has been sucked dry from desiccant chemical invasion to the core life of all things now, Animals are showing signs as well nervous twitch, hair falling off in patch. Can't see the blind forest for the blind trees that are blind of life. Sad, its pretty much too late, Be nothing left but a shinny ball of lava rock in a few more years, nothing for remaining Generations have this to continue.
    Breath-able air is greatly reduced and levels of Oxygen highly threatened. But then no one cares. Its all about the money and jammed lies to forced belief in, holding a veil of deception on weakened eyes and minds. Shame.

    Be nice dream to see this Clown show come to an End.

    Standing on a rock of comfort holds nothing to the "If it doesn't affect the me why should I care syndrome. Hmmm. Who actually is in control. "tiny little men pulling on levers. even for them hard to reach."


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