The deeper you dig down the rabbit hole of the planetary intervention we find ourselves within, the more astounding and grandiose it becomes. Take a look at some of the ancient megaliths like the pyramids for example, and explore actually how they were built using sound technology. Or the fact that human genetics has been clearly tampered with. Then cast your gaze up into the night sky, explore the science, and finally realise, the moon simply shouldn’t be there! If that’s true, what exactly is it doing?

The Multidimensional Landscape

The first challenge of life on the planet is to wake up to the true nature about yourself – to connect into the soul (which some call spirit) and journey deep inwards to the Source, the Absolute, The One that you are. How stunningly uplifting and rejuvenating that is. But what now? As they say: before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water; after Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. And so the inquiry, the exploration, the learning continues.

You’ll start to unfold into the multidimensional landscape in which we’re living. It’s then that life gets curioser and curiouser. Exploring the true nature of how the Giza Plateau was configured becomes astounding when you consider how accurate the measurements and alignments are, how precise the geometry. Plenty have speculated sound technology was applied to lift and actually mold the 200-tonne blocks of the Sphinx temple, for example, so they fit effortlessly together without the slightest gap between them.

I stood in wonderment as a member of the Openhand pilgrimage there regressed back into their construction, explaining the key challenge for them (the Annunaki) was to realign the crystals within the now malleable blocks so as to create a stargate of the temple. Wow!

And then when you explore how humanity suddenly contracted from 48 chromosomes in Original Humans to 46 in Homo Sapiens and realise it’s several step changes, “chance mutations”, all at once, that sealed in other clear hybridisations. I recall very clearly being spoken to through signs and synchronicity by higher dimensionals that wove the sentence: “Homo Sapiens, correctable mistake”. Gosh!

Explore the Evidence and Background: DIVINICUS rise of the Divine Human

Grand Galactic Convergence

I’ve gotten used to the enormity of this all now. And at times there’s still a degree of normality on the planet. Take a look around you: mother nature’s trees, reaching majestically into the sky, how stunning; the dawn chorus that sings into the fibres of your soul. But then in the early morning dawn, I watch the moon glowing red, descending over the rooftops, and I know in my soul, that which we accept as normal, simply shouldn’t be there.

My attention had been drawn to it when exploring why the spin of the Earth had seemingly been slowed down, how Gaia’s Kundalini had been suppressed, but is now resurgent once more in the Grand Galactic Convergence we’re moving into. I arrived here as a soul exchange, a walk-in, and I always felt the burdensome suffering of Gaia right from the outset. It felt like she was experiencing extreme labour pains as she’s working to rebirth a New Paradigm.

Right now, I believe the moon is standing in the way of that. How would I reach that conclusion? Take a look at these astounding 9 facts (I believe there are plenty more) that clearly reveal the moon is an artificial satellite and simply shouldn’t be there…

9 Astounding Facts that Reveal the Moon is Artificial

1) The Moon is a whopping one-quarter the size of the Earth yet with a weight only 1.2% of the Earth, making it hollow – indeed it rang like a bell when Apollo 12 astronauts sent their lunar module crashing into it in 1969. It later rang for 3hrs when NASA exploded TNT on its surface.

2) The materials of the moon are quite astounding – it has 10 times the amount of Titanium as the Earth and processed metals such as brass. It contains radioactive materials such as Neptunium 237, which is usually created in a nuclear reactor process, and Uranium 236 which is only found in spent nuclear waste – neither is ever found to occur naturally.

3) Its impact craters, although of wide-ranging diameters, are all 10,000-15,000 feet in depth – regardless of the size of the asteroid that hit it. This can only be true if there’s some underlying protective metallic layer or something stronger.

4) The moon is disproportionately large – being six times larger than any other known moon to its planet. And all other moons and planets wobble – the moon does not.

5) Unlike other planetary moons it is perfectly symmetrical with some astoundingly precise geometry: for example, the sun is 400 times its size and 400 times further away from the Earth.

6) The distance of the Sun from the Earth is the size of the Sun times 108. Likewise, the distance of the Moon from the Earth is the size of the moon times 108. These exact measurements simply don’t happen naturally by chance.

7) The circumference of the Moon, as seen from the Earth, is EXACTLY the same as the sun. Hence it blocks the sun perfectly in an eclipse. The chances of this happening naturally are infinitesimally small.

8) All planetary moons rotate around the equator, whereas the moon rotates at a 5-degree elliptical tilt – enough to create the tides.

9) The moon rotates precisely once as it rotates the earth, meaning there’s always only ever one side pointing to the earth – conversely, there’s always one side perfectly hidden. Unlike other heavenly bodies, it’s as if the moon doesn’t spin at all. With its size being 1/4 the size of Earth, you’d expect the gravitational forces to make it spin faster than the Earth.

Take a breather for a moment and contemplate the stark staring obvious – the moon was manufactured and artificially placed. The question is why? What does it do?

The Moon is Artificial: Background Video

The Moon – a Controlling Energy Satellite

At this point it becomes informed speculation, until that is, we speak to the creators themselves, which I believe are the Annunaki, (with whom dialogue about the moon will likely convene soon). When you consider the physics, because the moon is one-quarter the size of the Earth and yet rotates only once around it, you’d expect it to generate tremendous internal forces – plenty to generate some kind of “Free Energy” device.

But most important is the impact the Moon has on the Earth. Clearly, that’s enough to generate planetary tidal flow. And therefore we can also surmise it’s enough to impact the actual spin of the Earth – to slow it down. Why would they want to do this?

On a recent Openhand retreat, we were clearly guided to explore the re-animation of Gaia’s Torus, that somehow her Kundalini energy had been suppressed and that she was now building to regenerate her Torus Flower of Life once more – it was expressed as releasing the “Red Dragon” – pointing to pent up Kundalini energy. The Shift to 5D consciousness requires this, and also a cleansing of the old karmic construct, which is set to happen at the Grand Galactic Convergence: the Galactic Superwave activating a Solar Micro Nova which triggers the completion of Earth’s developing Pole Shift.

The alternative researchers Suspicious Observers, have pointed out that Einstein and others considered a Pole Shift could detach the Earth’s crust from the mantle, which is held in place by a thermo-electric equilibrium (watch the video). Then it made sense: the moon is designed to interrupt the unhinging of the crust by reducing the spin of the Earth. Everything clicked – those who constructed the moon want to protect the intervention construct – the matrix – they’ve created.

It’s a massive, grandiose agenda – total dominion of the Earth.

It’s clear, the Moon controls or heavily influences all manner of life here, especially the birthing cycles and emotional/energetic state of humanity, probably even hormone triggering. Early evidence of exchanges with people who are able to regress into past connections with the Annunaki is that this is to exert strong control of humanity and life on the planet through the reproductive/emotional state. Yet plenty in spiritual circles celebrate and even worship the moon. How to balance the dichotomy?

I go into the Effects of the Moon on Earth and Humanity in much more detail here…

Intervention: How the Moon has Impacted All Life on Earth

Emergence of the Soul

Through deep contemplative meditation, and past life regression, over considerable cycles of time, we must come to realise the scope and magnitude of the Intervention that has controlled the Earth and hybridised humanity to fit within a synthetic system of control that cuts right to the very fabric of life here. It’s far from an easy realisation.

However, when you come to equalise with it, then it makes so much sense why we, as humans, experience so much dissonance and disharmony. When you’re working to emerge as a soul and to liberate authentic expression, it seems there’s tremendous pushback. But when you’re illuminated to the truth, no matter what the degree of suppression, the soul is going to find a way to emerge out.

And this is exactly what’s happening now through the widespread global awakening, spurred on by the Grand Galactic Convergence as we sail into a high-energy segment of the Galaxy. What will the resolution of it all be?

Right now the Kundalini energy of Gaia is reanimating – her spin increasing, which is triggering her volcanoes. My strong intuitive sense, backed by plentiful signs and synchronicity, is that this time, the Pole Shift will completely trigger in the upcoming Solar Nova Event. As Einstein has clarified, the crust can (and will) detach from the mantle. The intervention will be swept from the Earth as the balance of life shifts into 5D, 6D and 7D.

So what will happen to the moon then? I believe the current forces holding it in place will unhinge and it will detach from its orbit – where it goes from there depends on the degree of surrender to the realigning flow that the Intervention realises. Control and manipulation do not ultimately work in a Universe that is moving together into greater freedom and harmony. In this time leading up to the completion of the Shift, I’ve no doubt that the forces of Benevolence converging here will continue to communicate to the Intervention controllers that it’s high time to give up the fight – ultimately we are all one brother/sisterhood of light, that the universal Flower of Light animates, with respect and support for all sentient life.

Global Evolutionary Shift: Letting Go and Realignment

In recent times in the Openhand work, by direct engagement, we’ve witnessed a great deal of letting go and realignment by intervention forces here. I can feel the very fabric of the construct progressively unwinding, amplified through growing pushback against the synthetic agenda in the 3D. Despite the ongoing challenges, I’m buoyed and optimistic this will continue. The Earth and all sentient life here will be liberated as the balance shifts into 5D, 6D and 7D.

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