Dr. Yeadon verifies Dr. Denis Rancourt’s evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that the entire covid19 pandemic episode was and continues to be an unprecedented PsyOp upon the people’s of the world.

Notice: Dr. Yeadon is the Interest of Justice Chief Scientist and expert witness in our cases against WHO, FDA, and the international Regulators. We support this message:

Former VP Pfizer Says “technological tyrannies have no natural ending”.

Quoting the famous author of our times Aldous Huxley from a brave new world.


From Dr. Yeadon’s Telegram channel June 28, 2023:

“It is my considered opinion that Dr Denis Rancourt should be a candidate for a Free People’s Liberty Award.

He has persistently put himself in harms way merely by examining the all causes mortality data in the USA and several other countries, proving beyond reasonable doubt that the entire covid19 pandemic episode was and continues to be an unprecedented PsyOp upon the people’s of the world.

If this is not widely understood as soon as possible, it seems to me very likely that almost all of humanity (& shortly after that, all of humanity) will become subject to a technological totalitarian tyranny the likes of which we have never seen in world history and from which no escape is even plausible.

Unlike religious or military tyrannies, Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) feared that technological tyrannies have no natural ending and instead, he anticipated that, if established, they would indefinitely become ever stronger, because they do not depend in any way for their maintenance upon the loyalty, belief or concerted actions of its supporters.

Tell everybody you know. Share this short report & its links. Warn them in terms you find most compelling.

The survival of free humanity really does depend in large part on YOU.

Why? You’re reading this. Others in your network who are not reading this at present will never be reached by me or anyone else this side of understanding what is happening. The main media will NEVER hint at the truth because their incentives come from agents of the perpetrators.

That’s it. That’s why it falls to you. There’s no other way. If you try, at least you’ll be able to look yourself in the mirror and say you couldn’t have done more.

For my part I will continue to think, research and communicate as best I can.

With no undue immodesty, I have been largely correct in my earliest insights & impressions. Logically, if couldn’t have been otherwise, when pretty much the entire world was stopped in the same few weeks using the same unprecedented and ludicrous grounds.

This implied a supranational organization, evidence for which had only shown itself ever more clearly in the 3.5y subsequent.

It was once said to me by a supervisor who didn’t like me very much that if I had one unusually good skill it was this: to discern faint patterns in sparse data before others. I think that’s fair. I’m otherwise unremarkable as a scientist or in any other way.

Thank you & best wishes


Dr Mike Yeadon”

Link to ProofThere Was No Pandemic” essay by: Dr. Denis Rancourt – Fixed link! Thanks to those who wrote to tell us to fix the link!!! You rock for being proactive!

Also posted by Dr. Yeadon on Telegram today:

“was aware that Dr Denis Rancourt has collaborators.

Here are their names. Thanks to them all, too!


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  1. Very true Dr Yeadon and just as I tried to warn as many as possible in March 2020.
    I have an important question. Why did nobody not one “scientist” question the efficacy of using mould (prion) proteins in the vax. Pfizer used the black mould that grows in bathrooms and kitchens J&J used aspergillus, the most aggressive mould.The well documented effect of mould infection and prion protein infection appear to be unknown to these supposed experts. There is no excuse for what they did and neither ignorance or arrogance is a mitigating plea.
    [email protected]


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