Pogroms in 20 Palestinian villages targeted by masses of settler-thugs protected by the IDF

Israel has now commenced what can only be called “creeping genocide.” Settlers, with the IDF acting as willing co-conspirators, have launched pogroms against 20 Palestinian villages. They burn down homes with terrified residents sheltering in them from the rampaging terrorists outside. They set fire to fields planted with crops and orchards filled with olive trees.  It’s reminiscent of Sherman’s Civil War March to the Sea, in which he burned everything of value to deprive the South of food, shelter, and the will to fight.  When Palestinians confront the marauders, they are fired on by both settlers and soldiers. At least one man attempting to protect others was murdered.

The State further incites such terror attacks by launching its own military raids on major Palestinian population centers like Jenin and Nablus, in which it terrorizes local residents with armored vehicles smashing cars and even mounting sidewalks pursuing terrified pedestrians. In one such attack last month 11 Palestinians were murdered. In the Jenin attack 7 were murdered, including a 15-year-old girl, who was filming from her front gate. She was murdered by an IDF sniper with an execution-style “kill shot” to the forehead.


Israeli finance minister and West Bank czar, Bezalel Smotrich, calls for tanks and F-35s to bomb the West Bank. Police minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, in this video calls for razing entire villages and killing “thousands” of Palestinians who offer the slightest resistance:


qusra fields burning
The agricultural fields of the Palestinian village, Qusra, torched by maurauding settlers (Flash90)

In the same vein, yesterday Ben Gvir said: “Our government killed the most terrorists, over 120 in the past six months, but a lot of work remains…”  Those “terrorists” included a 2-year-old boy killed by an IDF sniper.  Over a dozen of the victims were children.

The Judeo-messianists are mad. They are in the process of realizing their most fervent wish: to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from the West Bank and Jerusalem, followed by the razing of Haram al-Sharif and replacing it with a rebuilt Third Temple.  It will be accompanied by a Davidic monarchy with strict adherence to ancient Jewish law.  Then presumably, the messiah.  It is insane.

The people of Israel have chosen not to stop this madness through the ballot or other means. The world must stop expecting them to act in any rational way.  They’ve had 25 years to rid themselves of Bibism, yet still reelect him.  The government and state refuse to heed the world’s cry (faint as it is).  We should be done with words.

Far-right protest advocating genocide  (Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images)

Creeping Genocide

This is creeping genocide. This is how it started in Rwanda, Kosovo, Myanmar, and Nazi Germany. In all these places full-fledged genocide succeeded because the world stood by and did nothing. A president has other priorities. A prime minister doesn’t want to ruffle feathers. Domestic opponents of intervention warn that sanctions will only hurt the victims and not targets the perpetrators. Jewish leaders are afraid of the wrath of wealthy pro-Israel donors. Rabbis are afraid of the wrath of congregants. They argue that it would be presumptuous to oppose Israelis who are on the front lines of a war against their existence.

There are a thousand excuses and everyone has their reasons. They all lead to a single tragic consequence of human inability or refusal to act. As Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing.”

Diaspora Jews must also understand that Israel’s attempt to represent “the Jewish people” implicates them, even if indirectly, in Israeli crimes. Because of this false conflation of Israel with Judaism, victims of Israel’s murderous policies do not make a distinction between Israelis and Jews when they undertake acts of revenge. We Diaspora Jews have repeatedly paid the price for this. Whether the acts are misguided or not, we will become targets and be made to pay for Israeli attacks on both Palestinians in particular, and Islam in general. It is hypocritical to denounce the attackers for taking Israeli claims at face value and assuming there is no difference between Jews and Israel. Hence for them, attacking one is the same as attacking the other.

There was a time when each of the genocides mentioned above could have been stopped in its tracks. But it required leadership, spine, and a commitment to stand up to hate before it’s too late. At a certain point, the die was cast and the mass killing began. We have not reached that point yet in Palestine. But we will. If the EU, UN, and US (not to mention the useless kleptocrats of the Arab world) refuse to engage, there will be mass killings. This is not a projection, this is a virtual certainty.

Israeli NGOs demand UN Security Council intervene under Chapter VII

Israeli human rights NGOs released a letter addressed to the UN Security Council. It requested invoking Chapter VII, which empowers the UN to intervene to prevent a grave humanitarian disaster such as genocide.  Chapter VII was used to authorize UNIFIL in Lebanon, and the force which intervened in the genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where 4-million died.   These human rights groups are a powerful voice for decency amidst this madness. Heed them now, or face a far worse disaster that lies ahead.

It is far past time for expressions of concern or diplomatic niceties.  Israel is hellbent on a path to perdition. The only language it understands is threats and action.  The international community must act. It must force Israel’s hand.

The language used in government statements and media reporting is also critical for awareness of the crisis. Current official bromides which decry violence, and express condolences for Israeli victims, without acknowledging the massive Israeli terror attacks which incite such Palestinian revenge attacks; media reports of “clashes” which convey no context; even the refusal of agencies like the CBC and AP to use the term “Palestine.” All this anesthetizes the global public to the issue. We must normalize terms like Israeli terrorism, state terrorism, apartheid, and genocide. We must look this tragedy in the face and describe it for what it is. No more euphemisms, no more linguistic obfuscation.

Lies, damn lies, and the IDF

The world must reject such abject lies as these offered by the Israeli security apparatus:

In a perverse sense, this is true, “These attacks contradict every moral and Jewish value.” They do contradict Jewish values. But clearly, Jewish values have diverged from Israeli security interests. The latter trump the former. Not to mention that the idea that the IDF believes in Jewish values is preposterous. It believes in power and force.  That is what is meant to do.  Morals and values play no part.

It is long past time for Jews outside Israel to recognize that Israel must not be permitted to represent “Jewish values” or the Jewish people. Its values are debased. Bullets have replaced Biblical ethics.

The world sees the army in the villages protecting the murderers and firing on the victims. All of them, the IDF, Shin Bet, and political echelon have their hands dripping in the blood of victims. No amount of protest to the contrary is acceptable. Judge them by what they do, not what they say. Call them out for their lies, rather than sit back and allow them to assuage our guilty consequences.

Netanyahu has the chutzpah to compare the pogroms in Palestinian villages to the anti-junta protestors who’ve demonstrated for the 24th week against his government’s judicial coup:

“We’re a law-abiding country – in Judea and Samaria, in the Golan and on the Ayalon.”

Only someone who has taken leave of his senses could say such a thing.  Hundreds of thousands have demonstrated against his government every week for half a year. Not one of them has engaged in a single act of violence.  Yet he permits a mere thousand or so settlers to rampage through an entire score of villages, destroying everything in sight.

Stop US aid now!

There must be consequences. There must be sanctions against Israel for pursuing this murderous policy. We sanctioned countries like Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Israel’s crimes are no less egregious. The US must stop military aid to Israel, which violates the Leahy Law. If it isn’t willing to cancel it outright, it must withhold aid until Israel stops all settlement activity and pledges not to build new housing units in the West Bank.

The Democratic Party, whose voters for the first time expressed more support for Palestinians than Israelis, must see the handwriting on the wall and adopt a more robust policy of opposition to Israel. Especially the progressive wing of the Party must speak out forcefully and lobby for such a stance. It must stand up to and stop hundreds of millions in funding from GOP Jewish billionaires seeking to nominate and elect quiescent Democrats who will refuse to hold Israel accountable.

Social media companies platform genocide

Israeli vigilante hoodlums use social media platforms like Whatsapp to coordinate the attacks and villages to be targeted. Israel could easily shut down access to them if it chose to do so. It is reminiscent of the use of Facebook by Buddhist rioters to coordinate attacks on Rohingya Muslims, which led to thousands murdered and 750,000 fleeing into forced exile in Bangladesh. Similarly, Radio Rwanda aired homicidal rants against Tutsis which directly incited the genocide leading to 800,000 murder victims. The world stood by and did nothing, until Hutu resistance forces under Paul Kagame invaded and overthrew the Hutus and installed a new regime. Kagame himself has become a dictator (and ally of Israel), directing a genocide within the Congo, in which 4-million have died.

The IDF could easily stop the rampages with its army forces if it wanted to do so. Political leaders could order it to do so, even if it balked. Instead, the latter encourages the Judeo-terrorists by announcing plans to build 5,000 new housing units in the Eli settlement, where the most recent Palestinian resistance operation occurred (it was a revenge attack for the Jenin IDF assault).

There is no longer any shred of doubt that this reign of terror is state-sponsored. The settler militias, armed by the IDF, are carrying out their own nationalist-theocratic program of ridding the West Bank of Palestinians, one which has become, in effect, state policy. The Nazis aimed to make Europe Judenrein. The Israeli state is now pursuing an Araberein policy in the West Bank.

The Nazis, after initially believing that Zionism might rid Europe of Jews, eventually turned to the Final Solution. We must no longer hesitate from the obvious parallels to Nazi Germany. This mass violence and state support for it is the settlers’ version of the Final Solution to the “Palestinian problem.” Of course, there are not yet extermination camps or killing fields. But without outside intervention, it is only a question of time before the world faces another Srebrenica or Babi Yar.


Source: https://www.richardsilverstein.com

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  1. And this is why we should stop financing and sending money to Israel as this is what they do with the money. the Jews have complained for over 80 years about their treatment by the NAZI's. Yet have been doing the same thing to the Palestinians since then. There have been literally millions of Palestinians slaughtered under Israeli rule. Jews cry that there were 6M Jews killed in the Holocaust which is impossible that it could be that high. But regardless. Jews have now achieved that number for sure against Palestinians. Will Palestinians get 'reparations' for all the atrocities carried out upon them by Israel?


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