Angel Studios’ recent film “Sound of Freedom,” which adapts the true story of a government agent-turned-vigilante who works within legal means to fight an international child sex trafficking ring, is receiving great commercial success and critical acclaim.

Briefly outperforming the latest pile of Disney slop, “Sound of Freedom” is a well-produced and well-acted film that effectively blends action and suspense while pushing one of the modern world’s most significant — yet under-discussed — issues to the forefront of public discourse. This issue, of course, being the multibillion-dollar, global human trafficking industry.

The point of the movie, as expressed by its star Jim Caviezel in a heartfelt mid-credits call to action, is to wake people up to the horrors of the all-too-real and overlooked exploitation of children in the contemporary sex trade.

This seems like a pretty harmless task, no? If anything, one would think that a widely popular cultural phenomenon attempting to encourage people to stand against the ongoing exploitation of children is a net positive.

However, perhaps unsurprisingly, left-wing media took the opportunity to lambaste “Sound of Freedom” as “a Superhero Movie for Dads With Brainworms” and a “Trafficking Fantasy Fit for Qanon.”

Rolling Stone, placing a comically outsized focus on the “near-total absence of procedural logic” and the film’s embellishment of real-life events (it is a movie, after all), onanistically kvetched about Caviezel’s and Tim Ballard’s (the man whose story “Sound of Freedom” adapted) conservative affiliations, impassioned anti-human trafficking activism, and the possibility that they may believe in the “Qanon” conspiracy theory.

Rolling Stone, incredibly concerned about the film “enforc[ing] stereotypes about trafficking,” downplayed the reality of the international human trafficking trade by suggesting “thousands of adults will absorb Sound of Freedom” as a “vigilante fever dream” and that “want[ing] to spread the word” about the reality of this international trade is “profoundly depressing.”

Jezebel cynically amplified skepticism about the film’s intentions by suggesting that Caviezel’s anti-human trafficking activism is being used to “peddle Qanon theories.”

And The Washington Post similarly cast aside the film’s message because of past statements made by Caviezel regarding “adrenochrome” and Ballard’s work insufficiently passing the leftist ideological smell test. Evidently, raising awareness about and working to stop child sex trafficking is irrelevant if you don’t properly adhere to the contemporary, politically correct orthodoxy.

In reality, human trafficking is a relevant issue; even the United Nations agrees. But left-wing media would rather drool over the specter of an irrelevant conspiracy theory than acknowledge that conservative Americans are working to effect positive change.



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  1. I agree with Rachel. Too many people are apathetic to these crimes, hence the reason they occur so easily. Every country on the planet has a child trafficking problem. Because there are hugs sums of money involved the Cabal will do anything to prevent it from being exposed. I've followed the 'white rabbit' and have seen the lists of 'product' listed in these Adrenochrome factories and it is very real and a ruthless crime against humanity. I expect full well for the MSM to be tried for treason and executed for being complicate in this crime. There'll be no "I was just following orders!" when it comes to these crimes. the reason America is fighting so hard over Ukraine is because this is a huge hub of human trafficking and Russia shut it down. The Satanist hated that, which is why they want the West to fight for them. Anyone support Ukraine supports evil.

  2. Hello. Is there a way you can verify/confirm the information from the following posts:

    • I just looked that up, I am not on telegram but got the preview and sadly it would not surprise me at all if that were true because they often make films sympathetic to the crimes that their secret societies are committing. But I really do not know and do not want to accuse someone who may be trying to fight back of foul play until I know more. I hope that he is truly one of the good guys and not someone making a lot of money out of that film for the order. I just Know that the trafficking is all done by a big mob network and all these mobs come under the arm of the IRA they have been spoken to and negotiations are occurring for ways for them bring in the same level of income that pays the same or more because it is all about the money to them they do not deal in morals or scruples and yes the secret societies like the dragons and order of the black sun royalty and politicians are all involved and that is why nothing gets done and everyone shuts up. Meanwhile watch your kids like a hawk and educate your teenagers.

  3. Oh dear it is the usual trolling that occurs when the ugly truth has a light shone on it to alert people some of it will be the traffickers themselves trying to make a tinfoil hat scenario out of a very real and horrific issue that needs more action on it because it is well known where the ports are that these children are trafficked through by those in power and some of the trolling is from people who cannot face up so wish to ridicule the messenger. I have just watched the beginning of the film so far and what I like was the way it has portrayed the many ways these people trick you and how they can just uplift your kid on the street when you are looking the other way. I keep telling my family please do not put the children's pictures and details on "Farcebook" because there are people even from intelligence agencies who treat these posts as catalogues for desired children and they will go after them – lots of money to be made on them. I find it deeply upsetting and concerning and confess to getting very frustrated when I show all this to people with children and you can tell that to them that is a story far far away from them which they think is horrible but don't actually care . I hope this film will do the job of truly awakening them.


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