Top medical schools in the state are now transitioning toddlers and training future primary care doctors on how to engage in the experimental treatment.

Duke Medicine opened its Gender Clinic in 2015 to offer a wide variety of services under one roof. The clinic treats children as young as two for gender dysphoria.


Dr. Deanna Adkins, a transgender activist who runs the clinic, said this about her toddler trans patients in an interview with the Charlotte Observer in 2016:


“They are not old enough to consciously just choose to do that. … It is not a choice in any of my patients. It’s really an unpleasant thing to have going on in your body to feel that distress about yourself. I can’t imagine anyone who would choose to do that.”

In her expert declaration to a federal district court in North Carolina concerning H.B. 2 Adkins stated, “From a medical perspective, the appropriate determinant of sex is gender identity.”


Adkins argues that gender identity is not only the preferred basis for determining sex, but “the only medically supported determinant of sex.” Every other method is bad science, she claims:

“It is counter to medical science to use chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs, external genitalia, or secondary sex characteristics to override gender identity for purposes of classifying someone as male or female.”

This ludicrous sentiment explains how this doctor can see a 2-year-old girl play with a toy truck, and then begin treatment for gender dysphoria.


A few miles down the road, at UNC Health, children as young as three can be evaluated for gender dysphoria. The clinic states it practices “gender affirming care” (gender transitioning) on its intake form:

UNC Gender Clinic Intake Form

Interested parents are assured on UNC’s website that a team of psychiatrists, endocrinologists, family doctors, and surgeons will collaborate to “affirm” their child’s gender.


How eager is UNC Health to “affirm” gender (i.e chemically sterilize and castrate)?


So eager that its medical school residents offer cross sex hormones for free every third Wednesday.


ECU Heath recently jumped on the bandwagon and opened it’s own “Pride Clinic” seeing children of all ages. The activist who directs the clinic, Dr. Colby Dendy said this in an interview with the East Carolinian:


“The literature tells us that kids can start around age four having their gender identity, so we do not want to exclude anybody within the pediatrics realm,” Dendy said. “A big part of our goal is to provide affirming primary care to everybody in LGBTQ+ spectrum.”


A majority of ECU Health family medicine doctors indicate they are trained and ready to accept an influx of patients on the center’s website.


Dendy and her colleagues at ECU published a recent paper calling for doctors and clinics to push puberty blockers and hormones through telemedicine and school awareness programs.


A month after the doctors at the ECU Pride Clinic published the paper, the school announced it received $3.2 M for a telepsychiatry program for school children.


Do you believe in coincidences?


All of these institutions offer intensive therapy sessions for children wishing to change genders with conversion therapy. But what about medication?


In court testimony, Duke doctor Deanna Adkins explained how she treats youngsters:

Before puberty, treatment does not include any drug or surgical intervention. For this group of patients, treatment is limited to “social transition,”which means allowing a transgender child to live and be socially recognized in accordance with their gender identity.

This can include allowing children to wear clothing, to cut or grow their hair, to use names and pronouns, and to access restrooms and other sex-separated facilities and activities in line with their gender identity instead of the sex assigned to them at birth.

Social transition is a critical part of treatment of patients with gender dysphoria of all ages and it is the only treatment for pre-pubertal children.


A recent study published in Pediatrics examined the 5-year gender identity development trajectory of transgender-identified children who underwent early social gender transition. Five years later, at the average age of 11-12, almost all—97.5%—continued to identify as transgender, including a small subset (3.5%) developing a non-binary identification.


Only 2.5% of the children desisted from transgender identification by the end of the study period, and re-identified with their sex.


Another study conducted by the Left-wing American Academy of Pediatrics reports that once children socially transition at an early age, they will generally remain transgender at five-year followup. This means the four-year-old who has brainwashed to believe he was born in the “wrong body” will remain confused, and depressed, at aged nine.


These doctors and clinics know that by catching children and their families at two or three, they can generate enormous amounts of cash because patients will likely rely on a lifetime of medication.


Legislation to ban this practice now sits in the North Carolina House and Senate. Please call your representative, email them this report, and urge them to pass the Youth Protection Act immediately.

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  1. IF the parents do this to their child, that proves their mental illness.
    One thing I wonder is Why do all trans kids come from liberal parents?

    • Good question.

      It probably has to do with the parent being under DEEP MIND CONROL.

      Good luck in getting a conservative to push that disgusting deformation on their children even if they are dysfunctional in other ways, so the evils probably don't even bother trying to mind control them even though they mind control them on other topics.

      Saying that, I'm sure there's tons of in the closet gays (or bi) men on the right. Impossible they wouldn't be since the evils have turned everyone in the world (pretty much) bi, gay or in the transition of becoming that way.


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