Chinese “Godmode” Access Into US Elections –
The Konnech Story – The Pit & Corrupt FBI

More evidence of Chinese tampering in the 2020 Election. Elements within our government have been hiding the fact that 3rd party contractors based in China were involved in fixing the election results in Los Angels.  

Here’s presentation at Mike Lindell’s 2023 Election Summit in Missouri on Thursday about Konnech, Inc, which provided election back office infrastructure systems for election departments throughout the US and internationally.

Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of True the Vote discovered that all of this US election data was residing on Chinese servers and that back doors could be created in these machines through the microchips and motherboards installed on them.

Cyber expert, Clay Parikh explains, “Once you get the back end, that’s something that even if you go and audit the machine it means it’s not going to be detectable and that’s where they can manipulate the numbers…It’s the brain of the whole election system, accessible via backdoor.”

The Konnech’s Pollchief software was found to connect to Scytl software through an Application Programming Interface (API), so that even if your state had only contracted with Konnech, they were inadvertently connecting with Scytl and possibly others.

It was found that Konnech employees in China had “superadministration privileges” for all Pollchief clients, giving them full control at the root level of the operating systems. This is also known as “God Mode”. In other words, Chinese contractors had complete access to US voting machines.

Catherine and Greg alerted the Detroit office of the FBI but after a year and a half nothing happened. Then,  they received a call from the Detroit field office agents, saying “Washington is coming to shut this down.” Two DOJ attorneys came and shut down the investigation, threatening Catherine and Greg that they would be charged with improperly accessing a Chinese server – which was untrue, as the server was wide open, with no security, whatsoever.

“This is what we’re dealing with: elements within our government are covering-up and facilitating Chinese penetration of our election infrastructure.”

Catherine and Greg went public a year ago with this information at the Pit – and we now learn, Assistant US Attorney Eric Neff from Los Angeles was present. After Neff saw the information presented at the Pit, he initiated Grand Jury proceedings, which led to the arrest and extradition of Eugene Yu to Los Angeles.

But a week after Yu’s arrest, Soros-financed LA District Attorney, George Gascon dropped the charges and we haven’t heard a peep about Konnech since.

Meanwhile, Catherine and Greg were jailed for contempt for not revealing the identity of their confidential source, which was reversed by a 5th Circuit Judge a week later. Then, Eugene Yu filed a frivolous defamation lawsuit against them, which was dropped 6 months later.

The main power that we have is to expose this through a public records request and we must exercise that power. Everybody should be peppering their election departments for any information regarding Konnech, Scytl and Dominion.

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce for Forbidden Knowlege

Related Information:

  • At the recent Aug. 16-17, 2023 Election Summit, new technology was introduced that can monitor and report on any devices that may be illegally linked into the voting system.  This will prevent further tampering at each polling center.  This new device is called a WMD – Wireless Monitoring Device. The WMD was tested live at the summit. Watch the Mike Lindell video, Election Summit, The Plan. (20 min)
    I’d like to refer to it as a Weapon of Mass Detection!  : )

Software CEO arrested for allegedly storing election worker info on Chinese servers

Los Angeles DA assembles new team to investigate Konnech founder Eugene Yu

Johnson County reports Konnech allowed third-party access to election worker information


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Rev. Kat Carroll
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  1. Red China didn't like Trump! In the 'High Tech GULAG', we live in today, whoever is in control of the 'GEAR" can direct, control the "OUTCOME", at the end of the Process! It is all by DESIGN!

  2. Greetings Kat Carroll,

    The articles that you write are very interesting and bring great awareness to the Lightworker Communities and beyond. We appreciate your contribution and insights.

    Nowadays, many people of Chinese descent frequently see articles attacking China in general but not specifying the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the evil deeds.
    Please refer to the CCP directly by name, not all the people from China or of Chinese descent are evil or of "Dark Hat". There are many among Asian Communities (including Chinese) that would like to see our Mother Gaia become a better place for all to share using "Love and Compassion" so that we may all live in "Harmony and Peace". Thereby, allowing all of us to ascend into the higher realms following God's Love & Light.
    There are many Chinese that do not enjoy seeing China in it's current state, and would like to see positive changes (no more oppression and totalitarian control).

    Please be mindful of the differences between the real Chinese people versus the CCP.
    I'm certain no one wants to see or experience another WWII like internment camp for certain ethnic groups that have nothing to do with the CCP.

    • You are absolutly right and I appologize for not being specific. It's never a race of people but the government or military or even provate corporations, and many of the people are themselves victims of these groups.
      Thank you for brining that oversight to my attention.


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