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We are leading mass meditations that target specific pathogens, one at a time, possibly the largest mass meditations the world has ever seen. One by one, pathogens are being eliminated worldwide. This is an incredible experience. Join us!

What we are witnessing through our mass meditation is the power of the collective consciousness. What we are gaining on an individual level is self empowerment. when I guide you to the correct frequency remember that I learned how to do that in the same way. We all have that power. The process is simply being in your empty space, projecting your love globally then adding, by mantra, visualisation or whichever method works for you, the frequency provided for that pathogen.

Where Do We Go from Here

Together we know we have achieved something amazing, that those who are unaware would think impossible. That we know it is possible is only the beginning. There is a long list of other “disease” causing agents we can target and, when that is finished, we can return to sending love and peace to the world.

This is an unrelated comment; every plant has the frequency 573 (love) and 873 (gratitude). I don’t know about you but that thought humbles me and makes me smile.

Join Us on the Next Quest

I will provide the frequencies and instructions on this page for each of the pathogens we have been sanctioned to eradicate. I am inviting all who assisted in past mass meditations to join us, along with everyone who would like to see the end of suffering.

Please check this page 24 hours before each scheduled meditation for specific frequencies and instructions.

About the Next Virus We’ll Eliminate

Ebola virus was a simian virus which was mutated, probably with fissionable material, in or around 1990. There would be a process of testing the mutations, first to ensure it infects humans, then to make certain it is deadly.

It has already taken the lives of more than 40 million people. There are currently three million with the virus. It takes just three to seven months to kill its host. Once we eliminate the virus, it will be one more they cannot use against us.

It has come to my attention that there are two other viruses used as weapons. They can both be transmitted through insect bites as well as vaccines. I will add them to the list.

September 24th Mass Meditation

Date: September 24, 2023
Time: 3pm/15.00 BST (British Summer Time)
Duration: 15 minutes
Convert: Convert to your timezone.

Instructions for September 24th Mass Meditation

The method begins with relaxing into your place of stillness, opening up your heart and sending love globally. Using visualisation, or a slow mantra, or any method that works for you, keep the focus on the number below.

  • 139,993 is the frequency
  • 15 minutes is the duration

Love and gratitude to you all.

Preview: Next Meditation Sept. 27

Please come back to this page soon, or stay subscribed to our Telegram channel. We’re planning another meditation on Sept. 27, 2023, at 3:00 pm/15:00 BST to eliminate the SARS virus.

…for all other human diseases use an essential oil. For instance Laurel (bay leaf) and Cardamom oil have a comprehensive list of influenza frequencies. Use one drop each day for 4 days to eliminate or one drop before you leave home to protect yourself.

Please join us in mass meditations to heal the world once and for all through frequency.

These mass Meditations came about in the way things do when we are following our path. I did not see anyone with Ngarbage until five months ago so I had no proof it existed. Once I found one patient, not a severe case, I was soon presented with more and more. Fortunately, from the beginning I used the remote method because that was what I was guided to do.

The remote method I use is the one I use to eliminate any pathogen/antigen when there is no other method available. I prefer allowing patients to empower themselves, to look after their own health. That gives them a lifetime of good health with less input from me.

I try to avoid expectation so when the collective consciousness reached the level of 700,000 it was a beautiful surprise, I also realized that the possibility of eradicating other disease causing agents was within our power. A targeted, resonating in unison, collective consciousness is unstoppable. So I propose we do not stop. Below is a new schedule for meditations with frequencies and I will only post those that have been sanctioned, I will update well before the Sunday and Wednesday sessions each week. As always do no harm is of prime importance.

This is only possible because these viruses are weaponized. We therefore have a duty not only a right to take them out. in association with

            Natural frequency foundation.

              Join us on the next quest

    These were the first three we targeted


The first in this series of meditations is to eradicate the one human virus that has been sanctioned because it is the cause of more than 60% of all human disease. HPV 2 is also the cause of 65% of all “cancer” the other 35% is caused by non-human virus introduced since 1960.

The main reason it was sanctioned is its recent inclusion in vaccines.


The growing group of giving souls continues. 98.7million spread the love worldwide and I have no doubt that Guillian-Barré can now be used only in the past tense and eventually forgotten. There are now 78,850,000 healthier people in the world and there is none of this virus left languishing in a lab somewhere. That is worth Congratulation. Gratitude to you all and thank you for your time and dedication. I have no words to explain how uplifting this is for someone who has been helping people with disease for nearly 20 years. It no longer seems like an uphill battle. THANK YOU!


HIV is what is called an “Augmented” virus which is a benign term for a virus that has been genetically altered to make it more deadly to humans. It was weaponized in the 1980’s and we all know the carnage that followed. The degrading, humiliating, emaciating illness that followed probably had the megalomaniacal, narcissistic, psycho’s that sanctioned it clapping their hands with glee. Maybe I should not have used those terms because they most likely take pride in all of them. That is why HIV is the third deadly toy we take out of their toy box.


We are now more than 100,000,000 strong and the next targeted virus is Orf virus. A pig virus that comes from the use of pig serum in vaccines. It is the cause of Autism and the “behavioral disorders” that have become prevalent since the 1970´s.   For more information and our twice weekly updates in 5 languages go to;

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