Is this event something nefarious or just another test of the system?  Make your choice.  Nothing should surprise us anymore either way.

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  1. He is Illuminati and the reason that message went out was to create fear to bring the frequency of the planet down. But that will not work for them the planet is now Alfa the light has won the spiritual battle and God is king. I made a point of just ignoring that information because these people are liars and tricksters and they do all sorts of nasties all the time. I also decided not to pass that information on because your are hurting people if you do that and cause fear. Reminds me of those chain letters you used to get at school where they wrote if you did not write something a hundred times and pass it on to someone else you would be cursed. I confess they used to really make me cross because they caused such fear. I used to get them to send them to me and then I filed them in the bin where they belonged and that was the end of that.

    • it is a low frequency, they lower people's frequency with that message for instance and cause mass fear which creates black essence in the quantum system. Helping the dark side.

  2. We are living in an age that is very non-conducive to mental health and very conducive to paranoia. it is betimes hard to discern when one is being paranoid and when bad people are seriously out to get us. In mine own experience, I lost my status as a "conspiracy theorist" when all of my whacky, paranoid, right wing conspiracy theories turned out to be actual conspiracies that were manifested into material reality. In addition, other horrors came to pass that I never imagined.

    As for this one, I consider it to be at least partly bogus. I am trained in radio and electronics. I can tell you of a surety from my 1968 education in electronics that our AM and FM radio receivers are designed to trap out, demodulate, and amplify only those frequencies that fall within the ranges on their tuning dials. Turn your dial to your favourite AM station, say KKMW, Seattle at 1150 kilocycles per second, and your receiver traps waves occilating at that frequency, mixes is with an internally generated frequency of 455 kilocycles, extracts the difference, amplifies its the signal, and tranduces the electomagnetic energy to sound energy. Then you hear your programme. All other frequencies it tunes out. They are blocked. You are safe.

  3. Good to take precautions no matter what the situation. Just read that Celeste Solum who used to work at FEMA said that everything is fine and it really is only a test. Yeah, Not trusting FEMA!


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