Your Weekly Soul Truth

Melissa Deal

This week, it’s been very clear to me that the New Earth is here.   Last week,  I detailed out in my article, a ‘Tale of Two Worlds‘, that we are now able to choose which world we want to continue living in.  Even though the current events aren’t reflecting it yet, you can feel the difference in the energy.   There is more hope, more love, more unity than ever before. Can you feel it?

You just need to surrender to experience more of the New World.  However, this is not as easy as it sounds.  Being in control is what we’ve been deeply programmed to believe is what’s needed to experience what we want.  But when we give up control, we realize that it was an illusion, and we never had it in the first place.   When we acknowledge this, we finally allow the river of life to take us, even though we have no idea where that may be.  When you fully surrender you’re able to experience your life being guided by a higher power who knows what’s best for you and for all of us.

I’m working on an exciting project that I believe will help people live more in the flow of the universal energies.   Living in the flow is just a more joyful way to live. There is more ease and synchronicities and less challenge to manifest what you desire.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to share with you next week what I’ve been working on.   I’m VERY excited! Stay tuned!

Energetic Theme for the Week

Tomorrow there is a new Moon in Scorpio that might bring in some unexpected not so good news.  Whatever the events, you could feel anxious and depressed from what you hear.  The rest of the week also has potential for confusion and intense interaction. The good news is that with Mercury sextile Venus, there’s an underlying loving energy giving hope that everything will be ok…..Click below to get more details on how you may be personally affected.

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In Love and Light,
Melissa Deal
Your Soul Truth

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