Now we can all rest knowing that the jabs had nothing to do with any of our health problems.  Please notice how there seems to be no evidence in this article that this study concluded anything at all.  All fluff.  Look at the five factors they claim as evidence the syndrome.  And not any surprise that the “….. receipt of at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine reduced the risk of sudden death by 42% (0.42-fold).”  Amazing.


In a new study that challenges a widespread misconception, researchers from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have found no causal link between COVID-19 vaccinations and unexplained sudden deaths in young adults, overturning fears fueled by anecdotal reports.

Between October 2021 and March 2023, the ICMR investigated cases of sudden, unexplained fatalities in apparently healthy individuals aged 18 to 45. This period, marked by rampant misinformation and public anxiety, spurred the researchers to seek clarity amidst chaos.

Contrary to the swirling rumours, the study firmly states, “We found no evidence of a positive association of COVID-19 vaccination with unexplained sudden death among young adults.” This study not only dispels the myths but also redirects attention to the actual risk factors contributing to these sudden deaths.

The study examined 29,171 cases of sudden death and identified several factors that increase the risk of sudden death among young adults. These include:

1. Family history of sudden death: 3.8-fold increased risk.

2. Hospitalization due to COVID-19: 2.5-fold increased risk.

3. Binge drinking: 5.3-fold increased risk.

4. Use of recreational drugs: 2.9-fold increased risk.

5. Engaging in vigorous physical activities: 3.7-fold increased risk.

What about the COVID-19 vaccines? Were they part of the potential causes of sudden deaths among young adults? No; in fact, a receipt of at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine reduced the risk of sudden death by 42% (0.42-fold).

“COVID-19 vaccination did not increase the risk of unexplained sudden death among young adults in India, the study authors concluded. “Past COVID-19 hospitalization, family history of sudden death and certain lifestyle behaviors increased the likelihood of unexplained sudden death.”

This insightful study by the ICMR not only provides much-needed clarity in these uncertain times, but also exemplifies the importance of evidence-based research in dispelling misinformation and guiding public health policies.

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