Following a massive decrease in net profits for biopharma conglomerates in 2023, pharmacists and GPs are rolling out yet another COVID booster shot.

The never-ending cycle.


Just to add more lunacy as we close out 2023, new COVID booster shots are now available in Australia.

Yes, that’s right: As of Monday this week, pharmacies and GPs across Australia are being stocked with the latest mRNA technology to ‘fight back’ against the ‘latest variants’.

This follows on from the approval of this new “monovalent” booster shot at the end of November by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI).

They are designed to target the supposed Omicron (moronic) ‘sub-variant’, XBB 1.5, which you might remember by its nickname, the “Kraken”.

Oh yes, we are certainly in for a ‘Kraken’ time, folks.

Just when you thought seemingly endless cycles of news stories about sudden deaths, heart attacks, ‘medical episodes’, and other ‘conspiracies’ was too much, they are giving us even more!

The new booster is “strongly recommended” for those who are over 65 or have underlying health conditions, while those under the age of 65 should “consider” the option.

All adults can get the new jab if it’s been more than six months since their last booster shot or ‘illness’.

‘Experts’ are already doing the rounds telling you about how the new vaccines ‘will protect against new sub-variants as we head into the holiday season’.

Come on now, good little Aussie sheep, we don’t want to see another scary ‘COVID Christmas’ emerge for you or your family, so you must ‘do your part’ to ‘stay protected’.

Sheep isn’t my terminology, either. It is what Scott Morrison called the Australian public.

Those over the age of 50 have already been offered FIVE jabs, with those under 50, four jabs.

Meaning, this is shot number five for some, and shot number SIX for those ‘most at risk’.

Yes, all for a ‘virus’ with a 98.4% survival rate (99.9% for those under 70).

Boy, oh boy!

The jibby-jab merry-go-round continues to spin with no end in sight!

How much longer before I vomit from motion sickness? Seven jabs? Eight jabs?

Thankfully, I am not alone in my sentiments, with larger portions of the public becoming less of a fan of being used as human pin cushions for an experimental “biological product“.

Will the sleeping masses even go back for this one?


In February of this year, ATAGI recommended all Australians get what would be the fifth shot for those who are over 65 or have immunocomprised systems.

At the time, even the mainstream media was questioning whether or not this was an appropriate amount of jabs to take in just under two years for one person. I know people who have had five.

This was from 10 months ago, and every six months it is recommended that people keep ‘up-to-date’, as the classification of ‘fully vaccinated’ was removed in 2022 to highlight the ongoing biological attack.

So, like clockwork, a new experimental gene-therapy drug is here and is ready to go.

But the statistics do show, overall, that people were NOT keen on the last one.

This follows an already slow uptake of booster shots, with official data showing around 72% having had a third dose and only 44% their fourth one.

These stats dropped even further with the introduction of a fifth shot, with over 80% of Australians not returning to have their new booster shot that time around.

So, the question is, how bad will the stats get this time around? Or will the new ‘COVID wave’ scare enough people into rolling up their sleeves yet again in this insane timeline we live in?

Either way, one side that DOES want everyone to get their jabs are the Big Pharma companies themselves.

Resistance to boosters has led to massive declines in profits from the $100 billion made in 2022 alone, with Pfizer reporting a net loss of $2.38 billion in the third quarter of 2023 alone.

In what the ‘experts’ thought would be an infinite loop of big profits year-after-year (like the flu vaccine).. it has now backfired significantly, with money and trust at all-time lows.

To stop this trend, the health industry have been looking for ways to combat ‘vaccination fatigue’, a key topic discussed at Queensland’s recent private, invite-only vaccination summit.

But I don’t think fancy television advertisements and cartoon-like social media posts will do it this time, folks.

The mRNA ship looks like it has sailed far from our shores now, and the only way they would be able to get stats back up now is with another round of coercive, anti-human restrictions.

With the ‘pandemic treaty’ looming, this isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility.

But, for now, if it remains the CHOICE of Australians, the trends show barely anyone will get this jab.


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  2. Just say NO. It's as simple as that, and pharmacidical mass murderers like Pfizer will go bankrupt as a result, along with their investors and share-holders.


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