Kevin Barrett is editor at Veterans Today who joins us. Welcome to the program, Kevin Barrett. I’m not too sure whether I should talk about the reference that the Osama Hamdan, the senior Hamas leader there, made to the Israeli regime force who wanted to kill children or to the other aspect of this war. But let’s start with that one in particular, which is pretty gruesome and pretty shocking. Why do you think the Israeli soldiers are acting in that way unless they’re being maybe instructed to kill babies? But then again, isn’t that part of their psyche in terms of the training that they received in the past in their military?

Yes, the Israeli military is notorious for deliberately targeting and murdering children. Chris Hedges wrote about that in his famous article “A Gaza Diary” from 15 years ago, maybe 20, I think, actually. And he described how he had been in war zones and witnessed atrocities before, but until he went to Gaza, he had never seen soldiers barking out obscene insults over their bullhorns in order to lure Palestinian children within range of their gun sights so that they could be shot for sport. And he witnessed that happen to several Palestinian children. It’s a common occurrence. The sport shooting of children is a regular part of what the Israeli Defense Forces do. And they never face any kind of justice. Because it’s open season on Palestinian childRen.

The Israeli Defense Forces hand out t-shirts that say, “one shot, two kills,” and they show a pregnant Palestinian woman with a target on her belly.

The Israeli side is just psychotic and genocidal and they want to exterminate Amalek, as Netanyahu said, referring to the Hebrew Bible ordering the complete extermination of every man, woman, child and baby and even animal.

So there’s something deeply wrong with the Israeli psyche …


From RT today, Dec. 30 —

2023 deadliest year for children in West Bank – UNICEF


Israel Has a Major Problem and It Is Not Just Netanyahu

I am going to show you some videos that I am sure some will find shocking. Others may yawn and remark, “Why are you telling me what I already know?”

Let me start with a theme not directly linked to the current war raging in Gaza. There are a lot of evangelical Christians who are convinced that the State of Israel is a fulfillment of Bible prophecies and believe 100% in supporting Israel.


I think those Christians might be surprised to learn that many Orthodox Jews view them a godless heretics and that Jesus should (or will) be boiled in feces. Not making this up.


This video is spreading among some in the Christian community in America and is starting to have the effect of causing some to reconsider their unqualified support for Israel.

If any of you have any comment on how one can negotiate with a guy like this, let me know. I suppose one could make the argument that this ultra Orthodox rabbi is an exception and is not representative of mainstream Zionist thinking. Okay, then please explain the following.

Meet Danny Neumann. The dude is my age. He is a recognized celebrity in Israel because of his past feats as a football player. Yet, he has an opinion on Gaza and the Palestinians.

I guess he is channeling his inner Adolf Hitler. Last time I checked, the phrase, “kill them all,” includes women and children. Neumann is not some far rightwing nut. But he is not alone. Meet Mr. Moshe Feiglin, the leader of the Israeli Zehut Party. This guy is not some ultra right religious nut. He’s a Reagan Conservative by Western standards who likes pot. Just take a look at Zehut’s platform:

Sounds reasonable so far. Then you get to this:

  • Applying full Israeli sovereignty to all parts of the Land of Israel.
    • In the West Bank: Nullification of the Oslo Accords.
    • In the Gaza Strip: Any attack by Hamas against Israel must be responded to by a full re-conquest of Gaza (though unnecessary small incursions must be avoided).
    • Terrorists will be offered the option of peaceful withdrawal, and individual non-Jews will be offered three options: financially assisted emigration to a destination of their choicepermanent residency status (equal rights, except for national voting rights) after having declared their loyalty to Israel and been thoroughly vetted; or Israeli citizenship (full equal rights) when doing military or national service.

The Hamas attack on October 7 has radicalized him. He is openly calling for executing a Holocaust on the Palestinians:

My point in showing these videos is to make sure people in the West understand that Netanyahu’s war in Gaza enjoys broad support among Israelis, even those that hate Netanyahu.

I am not suggesting that there are not similar videos of Hamas or Hezbollah leaders making similar declarations about eliminating Jews. And that is the problem. There are only two ways to deal with this. The first is horrific — let them fight it out until one side exterminates the other. I prefer the second option — outside intervention to separate the parties and get them back into their respective corners (to use a boxing analogy). If other countries do not find a way to stop this killing, I fear that events will spiral out of control and embroil the world in a global war.

The sad fact is that the only country that can put a stop to the killing is the United States. It controls Israel’s ability to continue bombing the Palestinians in Gaza and provides critical funding. But it is a political year and AIPAC has its hooks so deep into the yawning maws of both Republicans and Democrats that neither Biden nor any leader in Congress is going to step up and demand an end to the killing.

Here is the weekly roundtable with Judge Napolitano, Ray McGovern and me.



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