United Network News – January 17, 2024

There is so much going on in mainstream media that is generally disheartening. But perhaps that’s what it’s meant to be, a tool for keeping society down in fear and suffering. I’m a big believer in alternative media and I know how important it is to maintain hope and a positive vision for the future.

17 is my lucky number.  What Does It Mean? Angel number 17 means divine energies want you to stay on your path, keep a positive outlook on life, and trust that you will achieve all that you set out to do. This number is rich with wisdom, spiritual awareness, and deep vibrational energy.

That’s what this report from the 17th did for me; helped me maintain a positive outlook and trust that WE WILL achieve what we set out to do to improve the world. And that’s why I wanted to share it with you!

The video below contains multiple reports from around the world, but if you want to hear what Kim Goguen has to say about the changing of the guard and who is helping with this, then scroll forward to just before the 40 minute mark.

According to Kim, the Omega system which was the dark control over world finances has crumbled and is being replaced by the Alpha system. represents the first, or “primary”, or “principal” (most significant) occurrence or status of a thing.  This represents a fresh start and new beginning on Earth!  Kim states the world will be using gold backed currency and many countries are already doing so.  It won’t happen overnight for the rest of the world, but it will happen faster than most expect. Focus on that eventuality and help break the debt chain now!

At this time of great spiritual awakenings, I find it interesting that gold has the atomic number of 79.  Yeshua (the Hebrew word for Jesus) equals 79 in simple gematria.  What are the chances that this is just a coincidence? It’s time for that gold and Christed energy to rain down on the planet!


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I've been interested in all things related to metaphysics, parapsychology, spirituality and anything related to space since childhood. I'm the kid who used to let the Jehova Witness and Mormans into the house so I could ask a million questions. I've always wanted to be of service and ended up working as an EMT and later in law enforcement. A family job transfer lead me to Washington State for 5 years where I went back to studying spiritual phenomenon and meeting some fascinating people. I've had several initiations, was taught energy healing and became certified in Reiki III over the final 3 years. I had a larger awakening and understanding of how it Reiki worked, remote sensing and more after returning to CA in 2001. I love researching and now writing and being a spokesperson for benevolent contact with NHIB through the practice of meditation. I experienced a spontaneous healing and not long after the "quickening" of 12/21/2012, began having more paranormal experiences, including seeing the UFOs, and orbs that fly over at night. I'm also a volunteer /Admin for ETLetsTalk and love teaching others how to make that connection that I know will one day lead us out of the darkness and into a brighter future.


  1. Breaking News Intel ! Kim Goguen is now a Complete Fraud !

    Thousands of Kim Goguen's previous supporters and insiders in her groups over the last few

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    Containing $ quadtrillions in raw earth minerals and assets December 2020.

    Thomas Williams also disclosed to the world Kim Goguen has a Marduk chip in her brain.

    hence her split personality's and anger management issues

    Since she lost access to the quantum system December 2020 as per Thomas Williams

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  2. Right on Rachel469. Many 60/70's rock lyric prophecy stated much of the now times. Hal Lindsay and many same. The Already long ago chem trial and Gnome manipulations to our DNA already then has established this rainbow crowd of Freak Show clowns Empty craft in all demon dimension present.
    As to the 27+ diff created names ignorant identify with. As to belief test tube manipulations and birth tampering, actually created a new force of up front wanabee insane, anyone Sane to know they are Gods Identity. Even many there have hard time note direction an step. The Fantasy and much of the now is in form All our test in faith. Suggest 1st and always think in GOD Light and always present the day under his light each every day wake to sleep down.

    This weary of filth disgust is simply the dirt on the mirror in spit form. Its so hard to think to believe in anything best is have faith within "the self". The Peds and insanity all prayer to hope is soon to vanquish such to free the spirit of all.

    This time around is the most trickery disillusioned tough. Even the quest indicating 5D it costs the now to get there. Charlot or scammer again looking for a fast charge to pocket. This Creative force too is dialed by using our hope against us and or in Missing the mark allow us to open up only to get Clobbered by the Dark ones in place awaiting to pounce Spirit Rob us at every pace. "Used and Still Abused"

    Remember any one can say anything to make trick you into belief. Your eye's and ears can deceive you. It has busted myself all too often. Floating thru this shock and awe ignorance of all time in our face content is that big test. Sure one Sweep of GOD/Source 'Sword of Truth' shall eliminate all in one go. I ride the psyche roller coaster of lies in hope something of light value Truths punch thru. Nothing yet. So patience.n.Digital detox is my next actionable move.
    Turning off all electronics for 14 days. Last 2 yrs performance return has shown nothing changed all still the same. Phone as well. Makes for nice an quiet walking with my own in spirit is refreshing let alone recharging. Feed my Deer herd, turkeys squirrels and ducks by the mass no longer able to migrate. Their frenzy to stay alive is also at risk of ignorance saying ones to be fined for feeding whats left. Service to money demon Self. Are there any Service to Others Left. Yes but currently occupied in depth. Pray for these W/Hats if there is hidden transparency to again Truths they are so heavy in duty dependent. My new share from an Elli something carder. "I stand in the Light of God" is my new inner hold. Empathy is thru the roof and beyond. So helmets on, tin hat etc. Loc'n'Load.

    • I hope you'll come to today's Ascension Connection call to discuss your views in a group call.
      Sent to your email with zoom link – Let's talk openly about what we feel is hopium, lies, propaganda and manipulation. What in the news can we believe, or is there a better way?

      Let's here what others feel about it all.

  3. This whole new Age thing is not new at all we did it in the 70's and were left with a very nasty hangover when reality slapped us in the face: https://www.ewtn.com/catholicism/library/new-age-movement-highway-to-hell-9660 This is the work of Lucifer your collective consciousness is just that it is not God but the satanists are trying to replace God with what they call Source that is the Satanic New golden Age and bringer of light not Gods radiant light . I have came out of my bubble and really awakened do you actually see things getting better right now – that is a nonsense they are not getting better and the horrible fact that must be accepted is that there will always be good and bad and you have got to learn to deal with both and hopefully Usurp evil and corruption with courage and practical application and action. The NEW age ideology is a business that is making a lot of people money whilst brainwashing people into a cult that is taking you away from God the true reality. We could make things better with action to remove these people but so far it is all talk and fantasy – I am ever hopeful that people will see that and get the courage they need to sort these people out. But what I see is just a lot of talk while the world burns action and resistance properly applied and a good portion of responsibility will save the day not a lot of fantasy

    • That's an interesting perspective. Are you familiar with Dolores Cannon? Like her, many feel that there is not just division being sowed between people, but that the Earth itself is dividing. There will be a positive side and a negative side. Or a side where people only look to the negative aspects and fear, or those who are trying to co-create a more positive world. Predictive programming is something I watch for. How does something I see or hear affect me? If it's negative, it's likely predictive programming. And the unknowing go along with the negative thought someone plants and bring it to reality.

      Be carefule what you share and what you wish for. Is it positive or negative, low vibration or high vibration? What are you creating at this time?

      • thank you I see myself as a positive realist and think that disinformation is draining peoples energy and making them feel powerless and distressed . A lot of alt media is about earning a living and should be seen as entertainment at best and a way to keep your attention off of doing what needs to be done to stabilise our lives and stop criminals in power from taking our rights and everything else we need away from us by stealth which is what they are trying to do. I know that a lot of disinformation is told on alternative media as well and can be over sensationalised and very draining of ones energy. I am monitoring what is going on one needs to for self preservation. I wish for peace on earth and the end of world domination by people who hate and want to hurt others. I think that we can change things for the better by facing up and dealing with problems systematically. Yes your warning is being heeded thank you and God Bless you and everyone with much love .

  4. One to listen beyond thru this video/audio post min 40 initiates condition and sets forth words of some plan to execute. Once the coat of tyranny and oppression is completely burned out and off the entire planet, In of all depths it currently operates in. Hence Elimination of this Omega Flavor of dead energy we're captured by and within its cage.

    I would think to believe our Spiritual Batteries as presented as to how we are contained to bleed all our livings to these Demon Robbers. Our hopes to the null an void of all burdens also Light Burned to non-existence.

    Our release shall blow our Spiritual Energies to unlimited Light so bright our United Rainbow of Spirit Energies shall finally light up the planet for all the solar systems to then make note.

    "There Goes Planet Earth." Now we can/may share Galaxies wide. A dream a Prayer is starting to fill the hope gap. No More Burn out!.
    Looking forward to the Follow up as to Success of such ignition to a long time needed Action. Let alone awaiting launch of my own feeling to know it is so.

    Agree patience and prayer in support shall be Victory Cry we all may share in. an by such Completion!

    PS: Wow I sure like the certain x-words being shared in this post. again around the minute 70 or so. Last word for protection. repeat as much as keeping in mind always for now on.
    " I Stand in the Light of GOD " Amen

  5. raising up of new generation on what we known & called as Mass Media is necessary to help others to awaken & raise up their awareness into what happening now on earth Physically and Spiritually,

  6. The International Court of Justice is Rothschild owned. It will be very exciting to see the result of the case between Africa and Israel.

    • I agree! https://amg-news.com/bombshell-report-judy-byington-vatican-pedophile-network-closed-as-gold-repatriated-to-us-treasury/

  7. I no longer trust a word that Kim Goguen has to say ! Awakened from that madness I am glad to say . So many lies so many deceivers.

    • I enjoy finding corrobrating information…. https://amg-news.com/bombshell-report-judy-byington-vatican-pedophile-network-closed-as-gold-repatriated-to-us-treasury/
      It's also known that that gold was repatriated a few years ago!


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