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In this post I would like to give you the healing energy of the beautiful Gardenia Flower from my Book “Flower Healing Power 2 – The Asian Gateway Flower Essences”.
If we understand that the real happening, beyond all the politics is the ascension of humanity, then this is the key.


Most won’t have the remedy or Gardenias at your disposal so I propose that you print out a beautiful image of a Gardenia and then put a glass/jar of water on top of it and let it rest for about 20 min and then drink it. What also helps is just to read the text a couple time so you deeply understand what the topic is and then in a vision call the energy of the flower to you.

Gardenia Gardenia Jasminoides, Family Rubiaceae

Nickname: Sweet Surrender

Main keywords: Rebirth; cleansing; surrender

Gardenia helps us to move beyond our limitations, to let go of the old and to cleanse the impurities and debris of our journey in the 3D realm. The Sweet surrender essence carries us through the process of rebirth and then surrender to the serenity and deep stillness of our Divine Self within.


The frequency and significance of this flower is perfectly expressed in this poem. Thank you, Ariel Spilsbury, for allowing me to use it here:

From the Mayan Oracle Book: Cimi/Gardenia:

“I am Cimi! Embodied in the gardenia’s fragrant grace,sense the liberating sweetness of surrender!

In this surrender, I offer death to your self-imposed boundaries as naturally as a molting snake sheds its constricting limitations.

In this surrender, die to old patterns of belief systems that no longer serve the perfection of your becoming.

In this surrender, my hungry soil consumes all that is not needed on your journey, all that does not reveal the fullest expression of your divinity.

In this surrender, let my charged ethers burn off your dross

in the fire of alchemical transmutations that create a more resplendently refined condition of your spirit.

In this surrender, ever more unified with the light, I offer the velvet enclave of release and the natural balm of forgiveness within the sacred realm of death and transformation.

In this surrender, find lyrical melding as an instrument of divine wisdom, embracing the gifts of death without dying.

In this surrender, let go. Yield to the pattern of perfection, freed from the bondage of control’s illusion.

In this surrender, I am the acolyte of the underworldwho gives voice to the gifts of your unexpressed aspects.

In this surrender, like moss, I am the life, transformation, and insight that grows out of death.

In this surrender, through death and transformation, receive my most precious gift – the revelations and flowering of the true garden of self.

from “The Mayan Oracle” by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner (printed with permission of Ariel Spilsbury)


The characteristics of Sweet Surrender

In order to be ready for a new life and new experiences, the old has to die, to be washed and cleared away. Most people tend to hold on to the experiences they are familiar with, afraid to move on into unknown areas. This includes the fear of letting go of old patterns, habits and beliefs that don’t serve us anymore.

As an example: if we have a glass of red wine, but we want to drink white wine, we must first pour out all of the red wine and wash the glass in order to refill it with the white wine. Like a glass, if we are full or half full of the old ways, we can’t experience the new ways and this blocks our evolution. We need to empty the glass first before we put in a different beverage and as human beings, we have to be ready to let go of old habits and behavior patterns completely.

Sweet Surrender helps us move beyond emotional stress and detaches us from personal opinions. They are just a program from our education and experience based on it. It stops the spinning wheel of thoughts and cleanses the emotional debris from past experiences helping us to find stillness and serenity.

The belief programs, which have been conditioning us, can be deleted by Sweet Surrender and leading us beyond a structured life within a dogmatic social order. Our sensibility is refined and we become able to truly experience the needs of human beings. This awakens us to our suppressed and hidden potential and allows us to be open to deep feelings again, rather than reacting emotionally from the old programs.


Letting go is like dying and being reborn. It is surrendering and detaching from the old structures that have held us fixated on what no longer serves us. It is through the death of the identification with our personality (mask, costume) that we experience the rebirth of who we truly are!

The main objective in experiencing this 3D life is to bring the light of higher consciousness into our humanness so that we may heal the illusion of separation, darkness and ignorance.

Initially, we need to experience the illusion, becoming used to it as though this is who we are; this is the only realm to experience. Then one day, during our long journey, we begin to feel a longing, a whispering from our soul, an inner stirring that pushes us to see that there is more to life than we thought. As this yearning grows stronger, we become restless and unsatisfied with the world around us. These significant moments in our life are what give us the courage to move on and beyond our limiting beliefs and start the journey back home.

If Sweet Surrender comes into our lives, we know we have come to a point of no return and everything is about to change. Our self-imposed cage is now being opened, the limitations disappear, allowing us to freely express ourselves and nothing can stop us anymore.

We “die” from the existing society and no longer follow rules and dogma where people, like herds of sheep in a state of lack, blindly do as they are told and accept a program that tells them that they are not good enough! They believe that there is not enough of every thing: not enough time, money, food, freedom etc. and even feel guilty and blame themselves for all this.

This awakening and its enlightenment activate the light within us, making it possible for us to see the truth of the pure and innocent spirits that we are and enables us to live life from the base of the divine from now on.

The redeemed and healthy Sweet Surrender personality

The redeemed Sweet Surrender personality is an enlightened being who understands the connectedness of all that is. Healthy Sweet Surrender personalities live in unity-Consciousness and understand the seeming contradictions within it.

Some time ago, scientists presented evidence that waves are the nature of light while some other scientists presented evidence that the nature of light is particles. Which one is true? Science now assures us that light is wave and particles, therefore suggesting, that both are true! We usually follow the concept that we where taught of “either – or” and a thing can’t be both at the same time. There is a conflict that cannot be resolved in linear thinking. Quantum Physics shows us that the inherent nature of everything is energy and that every observed object reacts to the expectations of the observer.

These days, we can conclude that nothing is fixed, that no belief system is permanent and that no dogma will last. The Sweet Surrender personality has let go of the old dogmas, structures, and social orders of control. As a result of an experience of death and rebirth, the Sweet Surrender personality recognizes that all fixed ideas and models are nothing more than illusions. Sweet Surrender personalities have let go. They trust their divine guidance and go with the flow of their natural life energies that will lead them the path of life in harmony.


The blocked Sweet Surrender state

A blocked Sweet Surrender personality is restless and constantly searches for something he can’t reach in the present. Rather than responding to what is happening at that moment, he reacts immediately according to past experiences and conditioning. Therefore life is very difficult and full of problems.

He is easily triggered emotionally by old programs, beliefs and past traumatic experiences. In his struggle to survive, he seeks confirmation outside himself, his life unfolds as an endless drama in fear of life’s uncertainties.

Locked into his fears, unable to see possibilities, he becomes powerless and unable to create new experiences. It’s as if a part of him has died already and since he is not aware of what has been happening, he feels as if he is buried alive. The sun can’t reach him anymore!

Due to his fear-based consciousness, he attracts much negativity, which he regards as a form punishment. Being punished brings him a sense of relief because he views it as a form of purification. This type of behavior can lead to masochism and totally destroy his life.

Physical symptoms of the blocked Sweet Surrender state

Under-functioning of all organs; tension; asthma and breathing problems; cardiovascular system problems; deep depression and lethal illness

Keywords for the blocked Sweet Surrender state

Lifeless; unable to move forward; dogmatic; restless; caught in a vicious circle of repeating past mistakes in order to prove one’s beliefs are correct; a need for constant self-punishment; masochistic behavior.




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