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  1. Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough recently revealed startling figures about the immense earnings doctors received for pushing the COVID-19 injections.
    On the Tommy T Podcast, Dr. McCullough claimed that a typical doctor could make an extra $250,000 if they injected a substantial portion of their patients.
    More specifically, if a doctor injected 75% of his or her patients at $250 per newly-injected person, that would end up being around $250,000.
    This revelation was discovered through a leaked Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield document.
    Dr. McCullough explained that a full-time primary care physician typically manages a patient panel ranging from about 1,000 to 2,000 people covered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.
    When you do the math, factoring in the $250 incentive, 1,000 newly vaccinated people times $250 = $250,000. Some doctors made less; some made more. But the point is that doctors were financially incentivized to inject as many patients as possible.
    The question is, was Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield giving doctors jab incentives, or were they being paid to do so by the government?
    From PrepareForChange
    Me: when you factor in Boosters every 3 months, then the final payout each year on vaccines alone made Doctors very well off don't you think, each year.
    I don't suppose Doctors were terribly bothered if it was a child or an adult, a head ia a head when it comes to accounting procedures, don't you think?
    But let's not forget the "Disinformation Laws" put in place between May 2020 and June 2023 to force everyone into getting vaccinated, the vaccines released from February 2020 – those "Disinformation Laws" could not have been put in place so quickly, unless our politicians passed that into Law some time before the vaccines were released, but let's say from 2019 and the only reason I can think of is that they were all paid by Big Pharma to do so and the only way we can find them out is for their Bank Accounts to be reviewed by an independent Police auditor, during their Political Term, or afterwards, both those in or after Politics – because we paid them huge incomes from the Public Purse with all of the lurks and perks to keep them honest and if they took payments from Big Pharma, then they are corrupt and thus they also took payments for everyone they were responsible for killing or injuring, thanls to those vaccines which BionTech described as Gene Therapy Injections and their purpose was to target the Dentric Cells in the Lymph Nodes and not a Covid infection at all – so why – the Military purchased the Gene Drivers which these vaccines are – is the long term intention Super Soldiers for those who survive the vaccines unharmed and is that what the vaccines are really about?
    Me personally – I think we should hold our Politicains accountable if they are corrupt with the "Profits From Crime Law" – strip them of their cash and material assets and put them in prison for very long times – how else are we going to keep them honest – Doctor's what is left to say "Representatives of Big Pharma" first and us second, it seems to me.
    I won't say what I think we should do with them – you got any ideas?


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