True to its promise, the Black Sun organization is increasing mayhem worldwide. They promise that if a World Federation is not announced this autumn, there will be a world war.

The signs are everywhere that major and simultaneous military moves are planned against the Khazarian Mafia-controlled countries. “The current regimes in the United States, NATO, South Korea, Japan and Israel will be dismantled,” a North Korean representative promises.

The Anglo-Saxon Five Eyes military alliance will not use nuclear weapons to protect these entities, the head of MI6 promises. They say the current Khazarian Mafia (what they call DVD) controlled governments need to be removed before new global arrangements, including a new financial system, can begin.

Regime change has already begun in the UK, France and Japan where summer elections are expected to overthrow KM-controlled governments.

OK, let us look at the war scenario in detail now. Multiple information sources make it clear it will start with simultaneous military moves by Serbia against NATO, North Korea against South Korea and Turkey plus Egypt and Iran against Israel.

At the same time, some very nasty events are expected inside the US.

Let us start with the US. As we and others have previously reported, at least 7.4 million military-aged, male illegal immigrants have entered the US since the Rockefeller run Biden administration seized power in 2021. We also note that containers filled with weapons have been stashed all over the US.

Now, the US government says:

…all immigrant males between the ages of 18 and 25 are required by law to register with the Selective Service System (SSS) within 30 days of arriving in the United States. This includes naturalized citizens, parolees, undocumented immigrants, legal permanent residents, asylum seekers, refugees, and all males with visas more than 30 days expired.

These are not political or economic refugees. Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary says the asylum system is “a complete scam” and that such individuals “are not refugees” because they are arriving from safe countries and then flushing their passports down the toilet.

No wonder 62% of registered voters favor “a new national program to deport all undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S. illegally.”

Now Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell -who headed the intelligence agency under the Obama administration- and Graham Allison, the former U.S. assistant secretary of defense for policy and plans during the Clinton administration, are saying a major terrorist incident is likely to take place at the US/Mexico border in the near future. This warning came in the Rockefeller-controlled Foreign Affairs magazine, indicating the Rockefellers and their KM cohorts are hoping to stage a huge holocaust (sacrifice to Satan) in order to have an excuse to mobilize and arm the illegal foreign immigrants to round up US patriots and send them to concentration camps.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agent J.J. Carrell says FEMA is constructing a huge network of internment camps in all 50 states that will be used to house political dissidents, not illegal aliens as seems to be the claim.

Here, for example, you can see their list of facilities for the State of Texas.

Needless to say, the white hat military will have to decapitate the Rockefeller network in the US to prevent this from happening.

In any case, while the US is distracted by an undeclared civil war, this will be seen by the rest of the world as an opportunity to remove Satanic regimes in many parts of the world.

In Europe, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has placed the country’s army on full combat alert and ordered its units to move closer to the border with Kosovo.

The Train has Left the Station and No One Can Stop It,” Europe Will be at War with Russia, Vucic says.

Serbia is seeking revenge for the destruction of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was destroyed by Bill Clinton Rockefeller in order to create the criminal state of Kosovo and steal the mineral resources there.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping both recently visited Serbia to offer their public support.

After promising to support Serbia, Putin went to North Korea to re-establish a military alliance.

In an article published in North Korea, Putin said Russia is ready to:

to confront the ambition of the collective West to prevent the emergence of a multipolar world order…[and fight the US-led] “rules-based order”, which is essentially nothing more than a global neo-colonial dictatorship relying on double standards [and will] will support the DPRK and the heroic Korean people in their struggle against the treacherous, dangerous and aggressive enemy, in their fight for independence,

The official Tass News Agency reports Russia and North Korea “consistently defend the idea of building a fairer and more democratic multipolar world order” based on international law and cultural and civilizational diversity.

The North Korean representative says his country now has 200 nuclear weapons capable of hitting the US mainland so they no longer fear US nuclear retaliation for any attempt to reunify Korea. They say the US will not trade Washington, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago for Pyongyang.

Russian FSB sources say military moves against Kosovo (ie NATO) and South Korea would take place at the same time as Turkey, Iran and Egypt move on Israel.

Turkey, which has the largest NATO army after the US, has already said it wants to join the BRICS alliance. Egypt has also warned it is going to end its peace treaty with Israel. Iran, of course is already on the warpath against Israeli dictator Benyamin Satanyahu.

If war starts in the Autumn, there can be no doubt the fascist KM controlled “rules based world order” will lose. Pentagon sources say Russia, China North Korea, Iran and other allies have more than 10 million soldiers with 20 million in reserve and up to 30 million more available via emergency conscript military operations. By contrast NATO (excluding Turkey) can field a maximum of 3 million soldiers.

Needless to say, facing these odds, the collective West is suing for peace. There are high-level negotiations taking place for some sort of announcement this fall of a replacement of the post-war international system based on the UN, the BIS, the World Bank the IMF etc.

However, before we get into that, we would like to offer a chance to all those investors who bought the Iraqi Dinar, the Zimbabwe Dollar and the Vietnamese Dong in expectation these currencies would be revalued as part of the new financial system. The people pushing them have been saying for decades “These currencies are about to revalue next week and make you $ billions so, in the meanwhile could you please send a few thousand dollars?” This is not going to happen. However, investors can get in on the ground floor of a $10 trillion bonanza by buying


Bougainville Kina. The Kina is backed by the Panguna mine containing one billion tons of copper and 12 million ounces of gold, worth respectively about $10 trillion and $30 billion.

As background, Rothschild-owned companies started operating the Panguna mine in 1972 until they were forced by the local people to shut it down in 1989. The people of Bougainville or The Kingdom of Papaala as they call it, fought against the Rothschilds because the mine was polluting local rivers with arsenic and destroying the agriculture and livelihoods of the locals.

Now King David Pee II of Papaala is asking for people to support a reopening of the mine using ecologically friendly techniques by investing in their non-Rothschild controlled currency the Kina.

This is how people may invest:

Note that account opening deposit for internationals is K1,000 PGK ($300 USD). Minimum is $20 USD cash but transfer protocols puts it at $100 USD. Whatever amount you deposit is your money anyway which you can withdraw anytime at your pleasure.


To open your new IBOM Account send the deposit to the following account in Bank of South Pacific (BSP):


ACCOUNT NUMBER:  7008953817


BANK NAME:  Bank South Pacific (BSP)





As a matter of disclosure, the only financial interest your correspondent has in this matter is ownership of a 100 Kina bill given to him by His Majesty when he visited in 2017.

Also, investors need to be aware this money will only rise in value if enough funds are gathered for the people of Papaala to hire technicians and buy equipment needed to reopen the mine, so it is a high-risk, high-return proposition.

Meanwhile, back at the Rothschild-controlled financial system, we are seeing more signs of some sort of jubilee and financial reset. We have been told there is agreement to set up a meritocratically staffed future planning organization and stage a worldwide jubilee in 2025.

As a part of this, the Japanese emperor is visiting the UK this week in part to discuss the nationalization of the Bank of Japan, right-wing sources close to the Emperor say. The Rothschild owners of the BOJ will be discussing this with the Emperor, they say.

This coincides with the announcement Baron Nathaniel has taken over control of Rothschild and Company Bank. Nathaniel has made it clear he wants to cooperate with the white hat alliance

In a related move, Chinese Vice Premier Ding Xuexiang went to Luxembourg last week to meet Grand Duke of Luxembourg Henri. The two sides agreed to deepen cooperation in various fields including finance.

This is interesting in light of the fact the Luxembourg based private bank Edmund de Rothschild partially owns the Bank of Japan.

We also note that foreigners -ie BlackRock, Vanguard and other fronts for the Rothschilds and Rockefellers- have been dumping their Japanese stock holdings to try to repatriate as much money as possible before the BOJ is nationalized and their illegally acquired Japanese shareholdings are confiscated. That is the real reason the yen is so weak these days.

As evidence of this, the Japanese Finance Ministry is making moves against Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Morgan Stanley and others, Asian Secret Society sources say.

There is also an operation underway to end the fake government in Japan, cancel the Treaty of San Francisco and turn Japan into an independent nation again. For reasons of operational security, we cannot get into details at this moment.

The other owners of the BOJ, the Vatican bank and their Black Sun overlords for their part are holding back until they see the announcement of a multi-polar world federation, P3 Freemason sources say.

In a sign something is also going to happen with the Federal Reserve Board in the US, President and Commander in Chief Donald Trump is proposing “repealing the income tax and replacing it with tariffs and deep spending cuts on our regulatory state, which severely retards innovation and wealth creation.”

This would bring the US financial system back into line with what was declared by the founding fathers.

However, other military white hat sources say a government owned Federal Bank reporting to Congress would be a better alternative. In other words, the debate continues. Of course the Biden regime and its’ owners will have to be removed first, which we will discuss further below.

It looks like regime change will come to the UK first with a Fourth of July election.

Early polls indicate Nigel Farage of the Reform Party is going to destroy traditional political parties; he has a massive 27-point lead over other parties in the district of Clacton.

MI5 meanwhile reports Labor Party leader presumptive poll winner  Keir Starmer is being outed as a former Soviet agent and will be forced to resign.

To understand what a Reform party victory would look like, here are key points of their manifesto:

▪️REJECT the WEF agenda

▪️Cancel WHO membership

▪️REJECT cashless agenda

▪️Laws to stop woke ideology

▪️Free speech bill

▪️Stop cancel culture

▪️SCRAP Net Zero

▪️Fast-track nuclear energy

▪️Support farmers

▪️SCRAP bans on fossil fuel cars

▪️Tax system to support marriage

▪️Opposed to CBDCs


Nigel Farage also wants to end the war in Ukraine and investigate vaccine crimes.

A similar change is expected in France after their June 30th and July 7th Parliamentary elections.

In a sign these elections are a preliminary to ousting President Emanuelle Macron Rothschild, he is being outed for marrying a man pretending to be a woman.

Watch King Charles Kiss the hand of every woman he’s introduced to as per Royal Custom. Then why does he shake the hand of Brigitte Macron?

French sources meanwhile claim to have tracked Jean Michel Henri Trogneux alias Brigitte Macron to Toulon in 1973, when he was the owner of a jewelry store, before changing sex and identity toward the end of the 1980s. In the picture below on the left he is a little boy; on the right when he was teaching college and calling himself “Brigitte.”

The point in the outing is that because Brigitte publicly denies being a man, it opens Macron to blackmail.

On a policy level, Macron has driven France to bankruptcy, especially after the loss of much of France’s revenue from its African colonies.

In the latest on that front, Niger has revoked the operating license of French nuclear fuel producer Orano at the Imouraren uranium mine, amid tensions with France.

Since Nuclear energy accounts for 70% of France’s electricity, this is a mortal blow for the French economy.

Emmanuel Macron has driven his country to the brink of a “Frexit” moment where it will leave the EU, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier says.

As touched on above, there will also be regime change in Israel if that country hopes to survive. The regime of Satanyahu is being cut off to this end.

According to Mossad sources, Satanyahu Netanyahu says the U.S. is withholding military aid to Israel. (See attached video of Satanyahu whining like a baby). “He knows his days are fast coming to an end. This ties in with what we discussed a month ago regarding Israel being tossed under the bus…. While The Military White Hat Alliance quietly joins Iran,” the source says.

This comes as real numbers show 70,000 Israeli soldiers have been disabled and countless thousands more wounded in the Gaza war. The death toll is still being kept secret.

The Israeli military is now revolting against Netanyahu and his aim to “destroy Hamas.” “To say that we are going to make Hamas disappear is to throw sand in people’s eyes. If we don’t provide an alternative, in the end, we will have Hamas,” Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari told Israel’s Channel 13 broadcaster.

The Israeli press meanwhile is now openly saying the military knew all about Hamas’s October 7 plans long before the attack.

The military knows they have to negotiate peace because they cannot win militarily. In a sign it is the endgame for the Netanyahu regime, Yemen’s Houthis have just attacked four commercial vessels in the Israeli port city of Haifa. This means Israel is now under a total blockade.

Lebanons’ Hezbollah meanwhile, issued video footage showing Israel’s main airport and one of its nuclear bases with targets focused above them.

While Israel collapses, the fake Biden regime implodes. In the latest Joe Biden stutters uncontrollably while giving a speech. Nothing new here folks

Meanwhile, an episode of ‘Queers Matter’ is going on at the White House. You have to see the video to believe it…..

In another example of the degeneracy of those in power in the US now, Maine is reportedly now handing out free “boofing” kits to residents so they can inject Fentanyl and other drugs through their rectums.

The situation has gotten so bad that “they will try to replace the fake masked Biden with another fake, the AI avatar Gavin Newson. It won’t work in my humble opinion,” a CIA source says.

So who is running this dystopian reality show? It is the Rothchilds, Rockefeller etc. Khazarian Mafia owners of the mega-corporations who use funds like BlackRock to hide their power. The videos below tell you about how BlackRock controls things but, shy away from discussing who owns it.

Dr Malone explains how Blackrock and massive Wall Street firms are the true overlords of Pfizer and the pharma industry.

Who is BlackRock??

The company that quietly owns everything you hear and read…

Blackrock, the company that owns the world

In an example of their power, four days before Hillary Clinton Rockefeller was to be indicted in the Whitewater scandal, the documents pertaining to the case were destroyed in the Oklahoma City Bombing. Who was the DA placed in charge of the investigation? Merrick Garland.

(The AG for The Biden circus show)

Next, the photograph below shows the One World Government run by the oligarchy is more or less a reality now. The guy in the background is Jens Stoltenberg the ex-director of GATES funded Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI). He is currently the Secretary General of NATO

We are taxed again and again on the same money we already paid tax on by these oligarchs.

They have been caught trying to murder us with vaccines. According to a now censored tweet by Dr. Peter McCullough, Bill Gates gave $9.5 million to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and principal investigator Yoshihiro Kawaoka to modify H5N1 viruses so they could infect humans and other mammals. “This indicates that the Gates Foundation has funded bioterrorist-like activities involving H5N1, providing blueprints for other bad actors who may want to create biological weapons,” he wrote.

They are doubling down on their threats.

Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield says the next scamdemic will be the Bird Flu with a mortality rate of 50%.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says “I truly think that the best days of Pfizer are ahead of us, because COVID was for me was like a rehearsal.”

They are making these threats because a legal dragnet is closing in on them.

The state of Kansas filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, Inc. for alleged consumer protection violations related to the company’s manufacturing of the COVID-19 vaccine,

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals meanwhile has ruled COVID “vaccines” aren’t vaccines after all. Dr. David Martin says this paves the way for sweeping lawsuits because the manufacturers “willfully misled the public.”

Evidence of their guilt in mass murder is piling up day by day.

Mainstream media like the Telegraph are reporting COVID-19 vaccines are linked to 3 million excess deaths. The point about it being in mainstream media is these companies are prepared to defend the truth of what they say in a court of law.

It also now turns out excess deaths are up a staggering 22% among 1 to 14-year-olds in the UK almost certainly as a result of the vaccines.

In Toronto, Canada meanwhile, they are trying to normalize heart attacks in kids and babies caused by the fake vaccines that are gene therapy

The Pentagon for its part is saying it did not keep adequate track of funds awarded to Chinese research labs or other countries that could have been to disperse bio-weapons.

We also know one purpose of the vaccine murder was to herd us into digital prisons. For a good example listen to MEP Christine Anderson talk about the intended results of 15 minute city prisons.

In addition to the vaccine crimes becoming public knowledge, more and more people are becoming aware of the mass kidnapping of children for nefarious purposes.

From Polish intelligence:

Australia 20,000 missing children

Canada 45,000 missing children

Germany 100,000 missing children

India 96,000 missing children

Jamaica 2,000 missing children

Russia 45,000 missing children

Spain 20,000 missing children

The United Kingdom 112,000 missing children

United States 800,000 missing children

Worldwide 8 million missing children


This has been going on for a long time and often it is hidden in plain sight, As an example, look at the Alfa Romeo symbol of child-eating reptiles.

There is a crackdown underway, Again from Polish intelligence:

Visitors to Disneyland Paris were amazed to see an unprecedented number of “Aircraft trails that stretched across the entire sky and hung all day…It looked like the planes were spraying straight from the wings – when it started we noticed people coughing and sneezing. A Disney park employee commented: “I always thought chemtrails were just a crazy conspiracy,

Our sources say the spraying was connected to a white hat operation to take out the Adrenochrome harvesting child torture centers under Paris Disneyland.

More and more people are also now exposing crimes in the Ukraine. In the video below Clayton Morris from Redacted confirms what we have already reported: Body parts are being stolen and sold from Ukrainian soldiers.

In a desperate attempt to avoid being arrested for these and other crimes, the KM are also still trying to starve us to death.

Under the guise of reducing “methane emissions,” thirteen nations have signed the pledge to engineer global famine by gutting agricultural production and shutting down farms. Those nations are:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Burkina Faso
  • Chile
  • Czech Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Germany
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • The United States
  • Uruguay.


German farmer Anthony Lee says: “In Germany, we have a farming minister who’s telling us we should only eat 10 grams meat per day…” Jordan Peterson: “When the politicians start telling you what you can and can’t eat, we’ve crossed the line. You don’t get to tell me where I set my thermostat, you don’t get to tell me what I can drive and when and you certainly bloody well don’t get to tell me what I can eat. Like fundamentally and seriously to hell with you.”

In Idaho meanwhile, funds supposedly meant for the Ukraine are being used to cut off water to 500,000 acres of farmland and redirect it to a high water use cobalt mine.

The Russian government is insisting law enforcement agencies must assist in “investigation of crimes of the neo-Nazis and punishers, who must be brought to responsibility for their atrocities.”

“We all need to understand this and assist the alliance to end it once and for all,” a Pentagon white hat source says. Amen to that.




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  1. 26 June 2024
    FALSE FLAG ALERT! Russian MOD Warns United States Of Zionists aka grey aliens Set To Release Avian Bioweapon Ahead Of 2024 Election, Blame New Pandemic On Putin

    Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, issued a video briefing this week claiming the United States may soon launch a biological false flag to blame on the Kremlin.

    The U.S. military veteran and researcher known as WarClandestine on X posted a segment of the Kirillov statement, explaining the new report alleges the Pentagon relocated its secretive Ukrainian biolab operation to Africa.
    The Russian military general specifically said U.S. biolab activities are taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where a new variant of monkeypox that reportedly “causes miscarriage and has a fatality rate of 10 percent” is currently spreading.

    Kirillov also explained how the U.S. government is using third-party companies such as the Hunter Biden-linked groups Metabiota and EcoHealth Alliance, as well as a company called Quicksilver and over twenty others

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