Cintamani Stone Information

Cintamani Stones

During the last two years there has been increasing interest in what are called Cintamani Stones. The stones are glass-like fragments of a meteor that impacted on earth while in a molten condition, causing it to form small glass stones with highly pitted surfaces. They vary in size and shape, but most of the ones being distributed are less than an inch across. Above are two that I have, nicknamed “fetus” and “jupiter”. They appear to be a dark purple when seen in daylight and are not obviously translucent, a quality that can be seen above due to their being backlit while sitting on a piece of paper with a pencil-sized hole over a bright flashlight.

Cobra and others distribute these stones for personal use and also to be buried in the Earth to assist the planet at the time of the Event. According to Cobra, during the Event each Cintamani stone will become a portal allowing an angelic presence to manifest above where it is in the ground.

Please use this email link to participate with the Cintamani Stone Grid Project.

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