Cintamani Stone Placement Information (Order Stones)

Cintamani Stones

During the last two years there has been increasing interest in what are called Cintamani Stones. The stones are glass-like fragments of a meteor that impacted on earth while in a molten condition, causing it to form small glass stones with highly pitted surfaces. They vary in size and shape, but most of the ones being distributed are less than an inch across. Above are two that I have, nicknamed “fetus” and “jupiter”. They appear to be a dark purple when seen in daylight and are not obviously translucent, a quality that can be seen above due to their being backlit while sitting on a piece of paper with a pencil-sized hole over a bright flashlight.

Cobra and others distribute these stones for personal use and also to be buried in the Earth to assist the planet at the time of the Event. According to Cobra, during the Event each Cintamani stone will become a portal allowing an angelic presence to manifest above where it is in the ground.  Untwine has added this information:

  • Cobra recommends that the Cintamani Stone should be a single stone of bare minimum 2-3gr, or above 3gr to create a proper activation.
  • Use a group of smaller stones under 2gr each, buried together in the same hole, in this case a bare minimum of 4gr total, and above 5gr is recommended.
  • The more grams per location, the stronger the activation will be.
  • The stones should be buried by themselves, not mixed with any type of other stone or material, to avoid energy pattern interference.
  • Tachyonized stones will make stronger activations and are much more recommended.

In terms of placement, the first and most important is to make sure the stone will be safe and will remain there.

  • Water also resonates strongly but if you put it in a stream please make sure the stone is safe.
  • Drop stones in the streams, rivers, oceans and seas, single stones of at least 3gr, as far as possible from the shores.
  • Burying in the soil (not in a flower pot) resonates more.  In the soil, as deep as possible is better, ideally 30cm, but if you are in public place and can’t do this deep, just do the best you can as long as the stone is safe and will remain there.
  • Location. First and most important, follow your own guidance. Anywhere a stone is buried will work, and we are now working to bury as many as possible around the planet to reach critical mass, so feel free to go and bury. Look for places that need Light, and/or places where you feel or see strong energies, geological or ecological manifestations, etc.

It is recommended to keep a personal stone with you, as it will be an important anchor of the energies of the Event Galactic waves in your energy field when it happens, and also the stone will help your protection and spiritual journey.

Use the form below to reserve your placement of Stones for the Cinatamani Grid Project. You will be contacted soon.

Cintamani Stone Placement Form

Use this form to request Cintamani stones to assist the Event. Copies of this request will be forwarded to the Cintamani Grid Team. One member of the Team will be able to send you the stones for either personal use or to be buried in the Earth. The fee for each stone will be based on the size and clarity of the stone itself. You will be contacted about the available stones and which of them you want to use, before the fee is set and you will then be able to send money using PayPal to receive the stones in the mail.
  • This information is determine where the Cintamani stone will be at the time of the Event as part of the Cintamani Grid project.
  • Say how many stones are needed for this Placement. For example 5, 2 for personal use and 3 to bury in appropriate locations.
  • This info is to instruct the Cintamani provider where the stones should be sent.

For more information please use this email link to the
Cintamani Stone Grid Project.


6 thoughts on “Cintamani Stone Placement Information (Order Stones)

  1. Am I the only one (talking about it) in want of checking out a Cintamani stone, to see if it’s for real?
    I mean, if it’s a meteorite? Not meaning its effect being beneficial or detrimental, for that’s a next step.

    • The Cintamani stones I have are like glass with impurities. I can’t say if they are indeed a meteorite but I can verify that they have a very high vibration. It’s a conscious energy.

      • Please, Jim144, are you okay with using the video I posted here, or any other video with instructions that you can find, checking out if your stone is a meteorite? That would be helpful. How do you measure the vibration of your stones, can you explain that so that it’s not only your subjective experience? Are your stones tachyonized in Slovenia, or elsewhere, or are they from another source? Thank you for making that effort, if you feel welcome to it, it’s much appreciated!

  2. Hi Jim, I respect your truth but I don’t resonate with it. I have both of those, Shungite pyramid, pendant, disc on the back of my phone & its the only water I drink. A very protective stone. Moldavite is Pleiadian, meditating with it is powerful and very visual for me.. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had bad experiences with them..Two things come to mind, the crystals you’re speaking of may of been handled by those beings, OR you may of been in a very negative parallel.. where those beings are colluding with Russia and have taken over the Shungite hehe.

  3. I will just leave this here.
    Two stones that people should avoid are Shungite and Moldavite.
    Unfortunately people do not understand their negativity.
    Shungite is an extremely negative stone that has a connection to the reptilian queens of Orion. Their palaces are made from this material and they use it to pass through here with disastrous consequences for the owner of the stone.
    Moldavite on the other hand has a connection to negative insectoids . So unless you have insectoid DNA, you should keep yourselves away from it!

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