Here are a few tips and guidelines for people wanting to bury Cintamani stones around the planet.

In terms of size, in order to create a proper activation, as recommended by Cobra it should be a single stone of bare minimum 2-3gr, above 3gr is recommended. It is also possible to use a group of smaller stones under 2gr each buried together in the same hole, in this case a bare minimum of 4gr total, and above 5gr is recommended.

The more grams per location, the stronger the activation will be.
As requested by Cobra, the stones should be buried by themselves, not mixed with any type of other stone or material, to avoid energy pattern interference.
Tachyonized stones will make stronger activations and are much more recommended.

It is recommended to keep a personal stone with you, as it will be an important anchor of the energies of the Event Galactic waves in your energy field when it happens, and also the stone will help your protection and spiritual journey.

In terms of place, the first and most important is to make sure the stone will be safe and will remain there. Burying in the soil (not in a flower pot) resonates more. Water also resonates strongly but if you put it in a stream please make sure the stone is safe.
Light forces have also requested to drop stones in the oceans and seas, single stones of at least 3gr, as far as possible from the shores.

In the soil, as deep as possible is better, ideally 30cm, but if you are in public place and can’t do this deep, just do the best you can as long as the stone is safe and will remain there.

In terms of location, first and most important, follow your own guidance. Anywhere a stone is buried will work, and we are now working to bury as many as possible around the planet to reach critical mass, so feel free to go and bury. Look for places that need Light, and/or places where you feel or see strong energies, geological or ecological manifestations, etc.

We have been keeping a database of all stones buried as far as we know, so if you buried a stone you can let me know at [email protected].

I can also give some tips in some cases about where to bury, but also please understand I can’t humanly and also shouldn’t guide everybody, so I will reply mostly for special important places that I’m aware of, and areas we can not access yet. If I don’t reply you, simply follow your own guidance and connection to the Source.

In terms of helping the activation, first, no matter what you do, as long as the stone is safe the activation will happen anyway, as the stones keep their purity and essence anyway, and Light forces are monitoring what happens and will do the activation and anchoring.

You can also add to it of course, with any meditation you feel guided to. For example visualize a pillar of brilliant Light coming from the Central Sun through the area down to the Earth, and back up to the sky, and also the Goddess Vortex technique is good :

And also the Violet flame, the White fire of AN, etc, anything you feel guided.

In terms of size of the activation, the vortex generated will be roughly 5km diameter per gram of stone buried, and will also reach above the veil.

In terms of burying in geometrical pattern, first remember even a single stone will already create an activation.

It can be increased by burying 7 stones in ‘seed of life’ pattern, a hexagon with one in the center, with up to 7km distance between each stone. This is one of the, if not the most common, stable and conducive shape in the cosmos. Vector equilibrium, flower of life, most crystal molecular structures, platonic solids and Metatron’s cube are all based in this.

During the last few days, within 1 day of a Cintamani seed of life being buried around Avebury, this crop circle appeared near it: 

This seed of life can then be increased by burying 12 stones around it creating a flower of life shape:

And then again increased even more by burying consecutive flowers of life.

But again, even just 1 stone will make an activation, so do what you can and feel guided to.

All sentient beings involved in the Earth prison situation are very much in need of relief, so please as much as possible avoid delay, if you can do something to help, whatever you can, not only Cintamani, please do it.

Thanks to everybody who has helped this project in the last 2 years. Let’s keep increasing our momentum until the final breakthrough.

Victory of the Light


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  1. Can some people plant cintamani’s at london bridge area please? they created a new false flag operation, terrorist attack they say in the UK. It would be great if someone could heal the place with the stones and flower of lifes over there now! thank you

  2. On the facebook page of Sisterhood of the Rose, there is a post with email adresses of people to get in touch with to know how to get stones !

    With Gratitude, JH

    • Nothing wrong with helping out, Jules, but which SoTR group is this facebook group? I’m not reading that Facebook, so I can’t check it out. If it’s SoTR Creatrix, also active as a Google-group, I recommend checking out the integrity of this group. This group has separated itself from the main SoTR group, I’m told by an ex-PFC council member, about 5 months ago.

      This person wasn’t informed about the splitting up, when entering Creatrix and partly due to my inquiries, after entering, about the activities and results of this Creatrix group, this person felt the urge to contact me, after seeing the lack of substance in the response to my inquiries. Responses offered contained merely “Love and Light” chanting. This person conveyed to me that it’s highly possible that the Creatrix group is infiltrated and corrupted.

      And so, if the Facebook group is the same as the Creatrix group, I recommend to step cautiously.

      Here’s a video that might be helpful to check if Cintamani stones are for real, I mean real meteorites.

  3. I have a Cintamanni stone for myself which I purchased last year. I cannot afford much more BUT I am willing to place and bury as many of these Cintamanni stones as would be needed in Taos , New Mexico area and greater “Rocky Mountain region”.if need be. Also , the four corner region. However, this Soul can be of service. …in truth and for the highest good of all souls. In Love, Z .

    • Myriam, in this link you may find what you want to know and also
      you can search for “cintamani” on the top-right side of this page.

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.


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