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Prepare for Change Healers Directory : Entry # 4148
Name of Healer
Gerrit Breider and Sara Minken from Calyxes, Practice for Healing & Ascensionwork
Do you use Skype or Zoom?
Yes, please contact me with details.
Services You Offer
  • Healing & Ascensionwork in the form of: Very comprehensive and profound (Distance) Healing & Ascensionwork; Teachings; Worldwide performed archetypal and planetary Healing & Ascensionwork; Providing Healing and Ascension information through our website, YouTube channel, Social Media and through the published - Dutch written and still to be translated - Book 'De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings' ('Our Road Home')
State / Territory
Other / Concerns
Embodying Goddess and truly Living Her on Earth is essential priority in this period of our Ascension!!

If we actually want to Ascend we need to become the strongest each of us can be. We need to embody our Goddess Self - to ground Consciousness in the Earth - and truly live Her to the fullest. Only then, Goddess - Love and Light - and God - Life itself - melt together and we experience that we are ONE. We will Be forceful Divine Creators of our own Ascension and fear and pain that might come up will not have the chance anymore to draw us away from our Divine Self or even keep us away from it.

Over and over again we notice that a lot of us still need to go this Road Home. We have already taken this Road ourselves and as Ascension Pioneers and Wayshowers it now is our Divine Task to Teach others about it, to Heal them and to guide them through it. To be in service to the greatest good of all.
In this period of our Ascension there is a lot of focus on political, financial, pharmaceutical, medical, ET’s or conspiracy disclosure. Among us there are many courageous ones who have taken the very important and necessary task upon their shoulders to speak about what for such a long time was hidden for the general public. Óur primary focus is on ‘spiritual’ disclosure - on our Healing & Ascensionwork and on guiding as many of us as possible Home in 5d.

We can’t emphasize enough how important and even essential this facet in our Ascension is. It is essential in the preparation for The Event - we ourselves are its creators! - and when everything that has been kept hidden for so long, becomes accessible for the general public and the world as we knew it is literally starting to change.
When this happens it is very likely that those who are still not awake or whose Goddess energy is not grounded in their body yet, will feel like the ground being swept away underneath their feet. This will be terrifying. When Goddess isn’t embodied and still doesn’t Live herself freely through it, they probably will drown in fear and they will have no idea what to do. To prevent this from happening, we guide those who choose to do so to knowing their Divine Ascension Task, to being strong enough to fulfill it so that they do will become powerful co-creators of our Ascension.

We fulfill our Divine Ascension Task in profound gratitude and we thank you for your trust in us.

Love and Light,
Gerrit and Sara
Ascension Wayshowers and Pioneers

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  1. Hi, names Chris, well in this incarnate at least lol, < little spiritual humor, you said something about light language and symbols which both i am very interested in, i would like to also heal a few parts of my body, i think they may be energetic wounds as i am a frequent time/dimensional traveler and have.. come across some .. interesting situations here or there xD lol but really i know i can heal as i am now awake, but hey asking a friend for some tips and knowledge is always good ;D love and light have a great day!

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