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Prepare for Change Healers Directory : Entry # 5489
Name of Healer
Marian Baghor
Do you use Skype or Zoom?
No, not at this time.
Services You Offer
  • Support and consultations in dietary and nutriotional issues plus food habits by email communication.
Tavistock, I don't have an office or clinic. Working from home, online.
State / Territory
United Kingdom
Other / Concerns
This form is partly presented as if it's for PFC members that are in need of help or healing.
While I'm on the side of those who offer help, through email communications.

Like at the end it states: "Use this field to authorize PFC to use your contact info publicly and sharing your information with those only whom can help".

I'm registering as a certified nutritionist and personal coach, who uses a holistic approach and gives easy appliable practical advise and "homework" to a PFC member in need of support,
sorting out diet and food habits, due to digestive problems.

This is for those of you who feel they can empower his/her own disciplin and sense of wellbeing, by improving food habits with a good digestion as a result of it. I've been the first organic caterer in Holland, in 1991 and I eat organic since 1973. I'm now 65 years of age, born on Jan.1 1951,
in Holland. I now live in Devon UK, near Dartmoor.

I'm not a doctor. For serious physical ailments you need to ensure a diagnose is made, before entering a consultation with me, when it's about digestive issues. I'm a natural pharmacist too, so I can suggest supplements in case of deficit in minerals or vitamins. I know quite a bit about home made natural remedies and natural cosmetics. In essence I work from a point of view, including my intuition rather than dogma, that our daily and fresh prepared meals should provide all we need to keep us healthy and in good vitality. Each of us is unique, there's no standard diet and no standard digestive system, present in human beings.

If you feel ready to try change your food habits and diet and consulting me may be useful, please send me an email, I'm a trained personal coach and I keep all information, exchanged between us, private and I will hold what's shared with me in respect. Be welcome!

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  1. Hi, names Chris, well in this incarnate at least lol, < little spiritual humor, you said something about light language and symbols which both i am very interested in, i would like to also heal a few parts of my body, i think they may be energetic wounds as i am a frequent time/dimensional traveler and have.. come across some .. interesting situations here or there xD lol but really i know i can heal as i am now awake, but hey asking a friend for some tips and knowledge is always good ;D love and light have a great day!

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