Facebook Groups – North America


These are the Facebook Groups organized for Prepare for Change in North America.

If you do not find a group for your location you can create it and send it by e-mail to this address:

[email protected]

Or give us the link in a comment below
Thank you !

Prepare For Change – North America


Prepare For Change – Canada
    Prepare For Change – Calgary
    Prepare For Change – Lethbridge, Alberta
    Prepare For Change – Ontario
    Prepare For Change – Hamilton, ON
    Prepare For Change – Thunder Bay, ON
    Prepare For Change – Ottawa
    Prepare For Change – Québec
    Prepare For Change – Vancouver, BC
Prepare For Change – Greenland
Prepare For Change – USA
    Prepare For Change – Arkansas
    Prepare For Change – Auburn, WA
    Prepare For Change – Babylon NY
    Prepare For Change – Bronx, NY
    Prepare For Change – Chambana IL
    Prepare For Change – Chicago
    Prepare For Change – Denver CO
    Prepare For Change – Clearwater, FL
    Prepare For Change – North Dakota
    Prepare For Change – Kent Ohio
    Prepare For Change – Las Vegas
    Prepare For Change – Los Angeles
    Prepare For Change – West Los Angeles
    Prepare For Change – Miami FL
    Prepare For Change – Ann Arbor Michigan
    Prepare For Change – Lansing Michigan
    Prepare For Change – Southwest Michigan (MI, USA)
    Prepare For Change – Davison/Flint/Burton Michigan
    Prepare For Change – Montrose CO
    Prepare For Change – Nashville Tenessee
    Prepare For Change – New York City
    Prepare For Change – Houston TX
    Prepare For Change – Portland OR, Cully neighborhood
    Prepare For Change – Tucson AZ
    Prepare For Change – Oelwein Iowa
    Prepare For Change – Pennsylvania
    Prepare For Change – Philadelphia
    Prepare For Change – Phoenix AZ
    Prepare For Change – Salt Lake City
    Prepare For Change – San Diego CA
    Prepare For Change – San Francisco CA
    Prepare For Change – Sedona AZ
    Prepare For Change – Snohomish, WA
    Prepare For Change – Texas
    Prepare For Change – Tennessee
    Prepare For Change – Tempe AZ
    Prepare For Change – Three Rivers CA
    Prepare For Change – Washington DC
    Prepare For Change – Wyoming
    Prepare For Change – Yakima WA


Prepare For Change in Guadalajara – Mexico

Prepare For Change – Victoria de la Luz 

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  1. Although I’ve put Facebook on the shelve 15 years ago, I’m pleased to see the effort to create connections and potential forms of support and sharing. I wonder if this is a better place than Facebook: https://mewepro.com/
    Isn’t Facebook’s censorship severe? I haven’t looked into mewepro too much, but it seems. from what I hear, to be a cleaner and less controlled virtual space than Facebook.
    I’ve been on 2 mewepro-platforms and it works well, regarding user-friendliness.

    • Hey! I’m messaging you as you have the only recent post 🙂 I am in San Diego, looking to join/get involved, if this is still active. Thanks!

  2. Hi I’m from RI. Which is Rhode Island. It is the smalkest state in the country
    Its between Connecticut and Massachusetts. I never see groups from east coast New England area. Even NH or VT would be fine .

    • Hi Brenda,
      My name is Alexandra. I’m from Amesbury/MA. Have you been contacted with any group from the New England area? Because I would like to volunteer as well.

      • Hi Alexandra!
        I havent been contacted by anyone or group. I just happened to go back today and saw your comment. Im not on Facebook but if you would like to contact me that would be great. Im not sure if anyone has bern in touch with you since your post, maybe we could get intouch and talk about this situation we are going to be facing. Ill leave a name and email i created for you to contact me. I have no website. Ive been preparing some for years. I dont believe you are to far away maybe we could have lunch in MA and see whats up. Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great night Alexandra ?

      • Hi its Brenda from RI. I tried to reply to your post but not sure how it works i may have sent my reply to my name not yours. If so please let me kniw. Im very i terested in meeting anyone in the area that is awake. It is June 12 , 2019 chech your reply or mine to see the contact info I sent you. Have a great night. Hope to communicate soon! ?

      • Hi Alexander. I AM responding to a message you left regarding a NE volunteer group participants. I am right next door in Newburyport, and would be very interested.

      • Hi, Alexandra! I’m in Newton, MA, would like to participate, please, let me know if any group already formed for MA.

        Thank you!

    • https://www.facebook.com/groups/397471193939014/ este es el Face de Prepare for Change in Guadalajara Mexico .

    • Just channeled Akasha…that all must be aware for a massive update this full moon. There are no groups in NC. I have a Facebook page called SHEros and SHEnanigans.

    • Hi Janet I’m Jesse, 25, from Boynton. I’m trying to link up with folks and gather. I’m all about healing, teaching, and creating. Shoot me an email. Have a blessed day!Jes

      • Jesse please feel free to reach out as well. We would love to have you both. We’re a small but growing SOTR group in PGA, ran by myself, a light-worker with occult & fraternal connections… and filled with people who’ve been following Cobra from the very beginning and know their stuff. Put my contact info above, & thk you can just click my page for Telegram.

  3. I’m from the KC/Independence area in Missouri. Of course I didn’t expect to see a group created in this area, there aren’t very many people aware or even accepting of this information here lol. Anybody wanna prove me wrong? Hit me up so we can get a group started ?

  4. I live in Huntsville Al, don’t use facebook, are there any emails to local membersof PFC here in Huntsville. Looking for like minded people in my area.

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  6. I live in Portland Oregon, but don’t use “Facebook” anymore for the “Obvious” reasons known to much, plus I use a Linux OP, which doesn’t match up with other OP’s operations.
    So can anyone provide me with email addresses of Local members of PFC, here In Portland, Oregon?

  7. I am in Idaho and I am ready to host a support group through face book at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HealthyLivingChoices/

  8. I am in Connecticut looking to support. I am resident to two countries. I live 95% time in Connecticut and my permanent resident is in a small community in Ontario, Canada (Chatham-Kent, Ontario).

    I am a light worker who has written a book about the truth and I would like to support where ever I am needed.

    Many Blessings

    • Not sure if my last message went though name is mike interested in being part of a group contact me if your still doing this please 8606706222

    • Hi Sanetha, I am in RI. I would like to get in touch with other awake people looking to make a helpful impact when the event comes. Im not on fb for obvious reasons but will keave myemail fir you to contact me. There diesnt seem to be any groups in the New Englad area.
      Blessings to you!?

  9. Hello Manuel,
    Feel free to connect to my group: Prepare for Change Miami.
    Link below:



  10. I have created my Prepare for Change website for Yakima, Washington. Any advice you can offer will be helpful. This is my first group so I can use it.

  11. I am in Washington State, in a little town in the eastern part called Yakima. I would like to network with other awakened people on Facebook, but I have no idea how you want us to do that. Can you help me out with this?

    • Diana, below are a couple of local groups in your area,

      Prepare For Change – Snohomish, WA: https://www.facebook.com/groups/697867386894687/
      Prepare For Change – Auburn, WA: https://www.facebook.com/groups/417519921708585/

      If these areas are not close enough, you can create your own group using the link below:
      Create or Join a Local PFC Group: https://prepareforchange.net/create-join-a-group/

      PFC Local Database Directory of all current & registered groups: https://prepareforchange.net/pfc-local-groups-db-directory/

      I hope this helps Diana and if it does not, you can always send an email to: [email protected].


      Love & Light

  12. Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone is in Montana? Close to Helena. Would love to communicate with folks of a like mind and brain storm how to help this area. Thanks!

    • Hello! I am in Montana .. south of Missoula, the
      Bitterroot Valley. The date of your post is so long ago! Are you still out there?

  13. Je cherche un groupe dans la région de Montréal au Québec Canada… le français est ma langue maternelle. Merci

    • Bonjour,

      Il n’y a pas encore de groupe créé pour Montreal donc vous pouvez le créer si vous voulez, vous pouvez créer un groupe facebook et m’envoyer le lien a [email protected], et vous pouvez remplire ce formulaire pour inscrire vos infos de contacts :


      Je suis aussi en train de préparer du gridwork pour Montreal (des ceremonies de lumieres sur certains points de la grille energetique), si vous souhaitez participer vous pouvez me contacter a [email protected] (la participation est gratuite)

    • Bonjour M Fullum, j’habite à Lachine, et je cherche ma famille spirituelle , celle qui se prépare pour l’Événement.Pouvez-vous me donner les coordonnées, svp.? Merci.Carmen

  14. I am Manuel, I speak spanish and I want to contact a support group in Miami, Fl., please give me the name and number of the leader to talk, thank you.


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