Cobra Interview 5th November 2014

Thanks again to Cobra for taking the time, and providing great inspiring answers. Enjoy. Interview Transcript Untwine : You’ve explained that Ashtar is the twin flame of Ishtar Cobra : Of Astara, Ashtar and Astara. U : Is Ishtar a different one ? C : It’s the same name but there are different variations of … Read more Cobra Interview 5th November 2014

Georgia Guidestones – updated (creepy)   The elite’s cryptic monument to depopulation and world government just became more mysterious (and creepier) – somebody has officially updated it with an engraved cube marking the year 2014 inserted into the English/Spanish slab of the ‘new 10 commandments’ for the ‘Age of Reason’ desired by its creators.    

PFC Newsletter June 2, 2014

Please enjoy the last PFC Newsletter here: Leadership PFC Family I wanted to remind you all that in the universe and on the material realms as there is constant change yet underneath there always remains the constant foundation of Truth and the Creators Love. The presence of God is a living word that exists immanent … Read more PFC Newsletter June 2, 2014