Short Situation Update

The Light Forces are removing the dark Atlantean network according to the plan. They are involved in very sensitive and risky operations behind the scenes, and nothing more can be said about that at this moment.

I was surprised when the existence of other universes was revealed to me. The Light Forces have given me intel about 25 years ago that all other Universes have been integrated into this one. In the meantime, new Universes were discovered to exist and very recently I was made aware of these.

The Light Forces have communicated that they need to release intel gradually, only as fast as it can be safely integrated without provoking too much anomaly which could then not be processed fast enough and would cause trouble.

The presence of darkness in those other Universes is minimal and much less than it currently exists on this planet. The main stronghold Reptilian planet in the most problematic of the other Universes was liberated recently in extremely heavy battles with many casualties on both sides. All remaining darkness in those Universes is expected to be cleared soon.

None of the dark entities present in other Universes can travel into this Universe anymore. The only beings traveling from other Universes are the Light Forces bringing reinforcements for the final liberation.

Negative quantum wormholes between this Universe and other Universes still exist, but they will be cleared shortly.

An enormous Ascension portal that I have already briefly mentioned in one of my past updates has begun to make its presence felt in other Universes. More precisely, that is the beginning of the process of bubble nucleation as part of the transition from false vacuum to true vacuum in the Multiverse:

Our planet remains to be the main stronghold of the dark in the Multiverse and the main problem to be resolved. Hopefully I will be able to release more concrete intel about the planetary situation in a few weeks after certain situations get resolved.

In the meantime, you are more than welcome to join our New Atlantis workshop in Bogota, Colombia:

There, I will be able to reveal for the first time the true meaning of the Emerald tablets and the use of emeralds as portals to Agartha.

Victory of the Light!


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  1. I can well believe that we have the darkness problem and I feel very disappointed in people on this planet who have an attitude that simply breaks my heart they keep going on about their taxes they do not want it to be spent on helping people with benefits and pensions they say, and they also say that their taxes are being looted by these people who need help – well they are right about their taxes being looted but it was the Queen and the Royal family and the Khazarians and all the other front men for a dark evil force who looted your taxes . What breaks my heart is that they are so unkind they have no compassion or understanding for people. I paid in taxes and I do not think it was going anywhere good. I wanted my taxes to go to family allowance helping the old and the sick and keeping the unemployed afloat. I want everyone to be happy safe and cared for and I look at comments on MSN and I see that so many people are greedy and mean spirited they are not connecting to humanity they do not think the happiness and welfare of others is important and they follow the government narrative of hitting people with a big stick if money has to be spent on them. I cannot think of anything better to spend money on and I do not grudge anyone anything I want everyone to have the very best of everything that they can possibly have. I also noticed people shouting about this NESARA/GESARA Jubilee. Benjamin Fulford was saying that people could get around £300,000.00 redemption money per head and all you head was people who had a lot of money and got taxed more going on about how that is a piffling amount " I want all the taxes my people had stolen from them" they said. So already you see that certain people do not want equality they do not want everyone to get the same they are not grateful and all they can think about is that money. Not the fact that we will be free and we will not die. The planet will be run better – child trafficking will end. The destruction of the planet will end, war will end, usury will end, and so much more that magnificent plan is really something if it really does happen . Franky I really do despair some people just never learn they know the price of everything and the value of nothing. We do not need millions and billions of dollars pounds or what ever but much of that money will hopefully be going to improve infrastructure, travel, medicine, for the whole planet. We are surely looking to benefit all. I call grudging everything to everyone else a dark force and the biggest source of misery on the planet people who think like that need to sort themselves out that is not love or unity and it won't bring peace on earth. I hope people will think about this because if we cannot get that right we will never achieve what we need to go forward and progress.


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