‘Ninth planet’ may exist in solar system: US scientists

This picture received from the European Southern Observatory on January 11, 2012 is an artist’s impression which shows how common planets are around the stars in the Milky Way (AFP Photo/) Miami (AFP) – A previously unknown giant planet may have been discovered lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system, US scientists announced … Read more‘Ninth planet’ may exist in solar system: US scientists

Macrocosmic Harmony – by Scott Onstott

The best temples serve as bridges between human scale and the macrocosm. When Beverly Spicer sent me the following image, something clicked and I understood the human body, the Sphinx and the Pyramids in a new way. I’m not sure which book this black-and-white geometric analysis of Pharaoh Rameses II was scanned from—it appears to … Read moreMacrocosmic Harmony – by Scott Onstott