Dr. Paul Thomas Targeted By Medical Board & Media After Landmark Vaccine Study – Interview

By Spiro Skouras Recently a landmark study was conducted by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler and Dr. Paul Thomas. The study compared vaccinated children and unvaccinated children and was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on November 22, 2020 after being peer reviewed. Dr. Weiler, a research scientist and co-author of the … Read more

Cobra / Prepare for Change: November Interview

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Vaccines, Dead Doctors and Depopulation

When the CDC Whistleblower story broke in the fall of 2014, the Establishment quickly went to work to black it out and cover it up. Regardless, it’s on record that a government epidemiologist admitted he and his cohorts massaged and omitted data in a study to hide a huge increase in autism following MMR vaccination. Autism has now skyrocketed to … Read more

Cancer-Causing Enzyme Intentionally Being Added to All Vaccines

The Nagalase Enzyme stops Vitamine D from binding to the Gc Protein, stripping the body of its ability to kill cancer cells. Murdered Holistic Doctors Had Discovered Autism/Cancer-Causing Enzyme Intentionally Being Added to All Vaccines So apparently the holistic doctors who were all being killed in FL had found out via their research that the … Read more

Donald Trump – Why Aren’t You Killed Like Jeff Bradstreet Or Other Opponents Of Vaccinations?

Donald Trump – Why Aren’t You Killed Like Jeff Bradstreed Or Other Opponents Of Vaccinations Which Not Only Cause Autism But Also Aids And Ebola? (This article is dedicated to Jeff Bradstreet; written by Johan van Dongen) The above question is raised by me and many others, because recently in the United States of America, … Read more

Michigan Panel Votes 4-2 In Support Of Cannabis Use For Children With Autism, LARA Director Denies Petition

Mike Zimmer, the Director of LARA in Michigan, has taken the futures of children and their families into his hands, only to crush them, insult them, and put all of their lives in danger. I was in attendance on July 31st2015 at the last autism hearing in Lansing when the panel was finally given the … Read more

Vegetable Extract Treats Autism Better Than Drugs

http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/vegetable-extract-treats-autism-better-drugs   Posted on: Sunday, August 2nd 2015 at 2:30 pm Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder The CDC says there is no treatment for autism, but this vegetable extract significantly improved the condition in a recent clinical trial. Presently, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is considered a condition with no known conventional treatment.  According to the … Read more

Why Is Polio With 68 Cases Worldwide A “Global Emergency” But Autism With 1 in 25 Families Affected Not?

Written By: GMI Reporter Here is a report from New Scientist and please note 68 is the entire number of cases worldwide: This year there have already been 68 cases, meaning numbers could now rise much higher. Nine of those were in five countries which had no known cases last year. Just a short question … Read more