David Icke on Brexit – WE DID IT!! But This Is Just The Start


TZ here: I am listening to this as I post it. Heard 11:22 mins so far and agree entirely with what I hear. I was away a couple of days and just got in and saw this video that a reader on PFC, Marion, {thank you} had linked to the article I posted about Brexit a few days ago. Really recommend this to everyone on PFC. This is such a good sign that people are truly now waking up to the control they are subjected to on this prison planet and in this EU prison camp. Exaggerated words you might say. No NOT in the least!! I have heard nothing but fear propaganda on the Swedish media TV news re these results this weekend. Such disdain and contempt the politicians have for the people. You hear it all the time. They are in great shock because they thought that they were sitting tight. Listen to David and how they will try to manipulate people back into the EU prison camp with their fear manipulation tactics to scare people. Did you hear Juncker in the EU saying something like – “So don’t bother waiting for three months – give me your resignation papers now” – this is such a clear message. It showed me how scared they are: It shows that they are trying to scare people straight away with their threats!  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-latest-eu-referendum-juncker-article-50-when-will-uk-leave-not-an-amicable-divorce-a7102561.html

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Brexit {Britain exiting the EU} ~ The Movie Full Film


Therese Zumi here; Tomorrow is referendum day for the British people. I believe that many PFC readers will enjoy seeing this 1-hour movie about what this entails. You will learn how EU politicians have no direct accountability! The perfect job! 10,000 – yes that’s ten thousand of the people working within the EU parliament and organizations are paid more a year than the English Prime Minister David Cameron. The thinking in the EU is that ‘they’ the elite politicians should decide how you and I will live our lives. Nothing is left outside the control of people’s lives. I personally have the strongest recall of what the EU stood for when approx. one year after Sweden joined we could see that every farm animal in the entire country of Sweden suddenly had an ugly plastic tag in their ears! This just felt so shockingly sickeningly wrong! Every acre of land was to be accounted for regarding how it was used and being forced to follow EU standards. The EU today could not even tell people just how many laws there are governing different areas of their lives. No possible human being could keep track of these laws (see around 33-minute mark in the film ).


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