TZ here: I am listening to this as I post it. Heard 11:22 mins so far and agree entirely with what I hear. I was away a couple of days and just got in and saw this video that a reader on PFC, Marion, {thank you} had linked to the article I posted about Brexit a few days ago. Really recommend this to everyone on PFC. This is such a good sign that people are truly now waking up to the control they are subjected to on this prison planet and in this EU prison camp. Exaggerated words you might say. No NOT in the least!! I have heard nothing but fear propaganda on the Swedish media TV news re these results this weekend. Such disdain and contempt the politicians have for the people. You hear it all the time. They are in great shock because they thought that they were sitting tight. Listen to David and how they will try to manipulate people back into the EU prison camp with their fear manipulation tactics to scare people. Did you hear Juncker in the EU saying something like – “So don’t bother waiting for three months – give me your resignation papers now” – this is such a clear message. It showed me how scared they are: It shows that they are trying to scare people straight away with their threats!

I totally agree with David that this is a truly tremendous sign that people are not going to accept being told what to do any longer. Their – the elite – threats do not frighten us any longer nor do we believe their idea of what reality should look like. Thank you to all of the people who voted to leave the EU and show the Greek people among many others that change is possible and we must not let them scare us back to being their sheeple people ever again.

Hear is the video podcast with David Icke – Enjoy!

WE DID IT!! But This Is Just The Start – The David Icke Videocast/Podcast trailer

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  1. The EU referendum was diabolical. Not so much the choice to remain or leave which is of no consequence to the Pan European Establishment. As they control everything in the Political sphere they can and will work with either outcome. All that matters to them is that they have given people the illusion of choice. In fact voting to leave was the very worst choice for people who believed doing so would bring “freedom” or “independence” (whatever that means) from un-elected Brussels Eurocrats. In fact voting to leave has weakened the position of the United Kingdom in Europe to such an extent that its constituent parts are now ripe to be swallowed up as mere regions of a Greater Europe. This has always been the long term goal of the European project – to dissolve nations into administrative regions of a United States of Europe. Ironically, voting to leave has brought this day nearer for Britain and this is the diabolical nature of the referendum – vote to remain and they have your consent to proceed with the project albeit at a slower pace because a United Kingdom is difficult to divide; vote to leave and they can exploit the divisions exposed within the country.

    In 2014 the Scottish people voted against independence from Westminster mainly because they wished to remain in the EU. The Eurocrats knew this as well as anyone and also that Scotland would vote to remain in the EU referendum. As such the stage was set for the perfect divide and rule scenario – the tried and tested technique of the Power Elite around the globe since time immemorial. That Gibraltar would want to remain was also a foregone conclusion – turning a strategic asset into a thorn in the side for Westminster. As for Northern Ireland – the outcome there is particularly delicate given its turbulent history and it provides another weak spot where pressure can be applied to the rump “United Kingdom”.

    As we have seen, the Scottish first minister wants discussions with Gibraltar and possibly Northern Ireland about securing special European status for their territories and given the democratic mandate it is difficult to see how this could be spurned by either Westminster or Brussels. This would leave a pathetic Little Britain of England and Wales alone against the world. Divisions will be rife even in this diminished Dis-United Kingdom. With London and the great University cities in favour of Europe, and the regions opposed, the country will easily be held to ransom by Greater Europe. Eventually and inevitably, through economic necessity or as a reaction to some engineered Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario, rapprochement will be desperately sought with Europe. Only this time it will be on their terms not ours. Re-admission may be granted on a regional basis with particularly harsh punitive conditions for those areas that voted strongly against Europe. And thus it will be a fait accompli – Great Britain broken down into separate administrative regions and absorbed into the USE. Sterling may be so weakened in the process, especially if Scotland adopts the Euro, that there will be no option but to adopt the common EU currency – one more step on the road to a global currency. All this much easier to achieve following a leave vote and its consequent disruption to the UK.

    Had we voted to remain as a United Kingdom we would have been stronger as a country and in Europe. It is much easier to negotiate from within than from without. For those who object that we were ruled by un-elected Eurocrats, this is clearly a nonsense. We elected MEPs to represent us and thanks to specially negotiated exemptions the UK government did not need to adopt anything unfavourable into our law. Of course all large government establishments have an un-elected civil service and this is all the so called Eurocrats really are. This is not to be an apologist for the European Project – simply an acknowledgement of the nature of big government everywhere.

    We cannot beat them on their own terms because they make the rules. And by them I mean the David Camerons, the Nicola Sturgeons, the Jean-Claude Junckers, and the Michael Goves of this world as well as all the rest of the Establishment politicians. Ultimately they all serve the same supra-nationalist agenda. Why does David Cameron seem so cheerful and upbeat even though he has apparently “lost” and has to resign? Because he has served his masters and the agenda well just as Tony Blair did before him and will be similarly rewarded with some UN commission or other not to mention bags of cash (they can never have too much gold).

    For those who believe voting to leave was an assertion of national identity, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact it grossly undermined the stature of our nation in the eyes of both our friends and our rivals. Take for example the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania who have been loyal friends of Britain ever since we provided assurances for them against the tyranny of Soviet Communism both at the end of the first world war and at the beginning of the second. In the modern European era they aligned many of their policies with Britain and trusted us a strong nation both within Europe and with powerful friends around the world to represent our common best interests. Now that trust and good will has all gone. It might be going a bit too far to call it a betrayal of our friends, but not that far. At least they must be disappointed and bemused to suddenly see us as such an apparently petty nation concerned only with self interest and riven by internal divisions. They will quite understandably look elsewhere for friends in future.

    As for our rivals, or those we do not always see eye to eye with, such as the Russians they will welcome the opportunity to draw fringe European states closer into their sphere of influence whilst at the same time rejoicing in the diminished economic power of both Europe and Britain. And of course as the Russians know, the vexed question of Scottish independence casts doubt over the Faslane based UK nuclear deterrent. Not to the extent that it would encourage them to do anything rash but to be fully effective as a psychological weapon a nuclear deterrent must be beyond doubt.

    And this denigration extends beyond Europe. Do you think the Australians, Kiwis, and Canadians will think more or less of the “Mother Country” as a disembodied shadow of its former self cut adrift in the Atlantic pathetically clinging to dreams of Empire and the prospect of a Special Relationship with a Special Needs US president? Typical whinging POMS – cannot stand up for themselves so off they go to sulk in a corner – may well be the sentiment – good luck Your Majesty.

    Anyway I digress. Overall the point is that nationhood in itself is no guarantee of immunity from the European Project and ultimately the quest for Globalisation and One World Government. As we all know, historically nation has been set against nation in manufactured wars of divide and rule. And of course some of these great wars were used as Problem-Reaction-Solution scenarios for the inception of the European Project. It’s just two sides of the same coin to them because they make the rules – nationalism or pan-national union. You choose, heck we’ll even let you vote for it. Like Turkeys voting for Christmas the outcome is still the same just so long as you believe in Santa Clause. And of course in the European context nationalism for the Scots is perfectly at odds with English nationalism. A great example of Double-Think appealing to the sentiments of both nationalism and communism (in the sense of the communal European identity favoured by the Scottish) to achieve the same end.

    And if you think it would have made far more sense to hold the EU referendum before the vote for Scottish independence – then of course it would. But nothing makes sense in the topsy-turvy world of the Global Elite until you understand their modus operandi. Had the EU referendum been held first the outcome would have been far more predictable. Bolstered by the Scottish remain vote, the UK would have voted to remain in the EU and then Scotland would have had to vote to stay in the UK to be certain of retaining EU privileges. Much more predictable and stable. But they prefer disruption and the opportunities it presents to impose Order out of Chaos. Even if it had gone differently, as we have seen, they could work with either outcome. The key for them being to divide and rule the UK as constituent parts of the EU. And if we voted to remain then they would have consent to bring this about anyway but just more gradually.

    So if we cannot beat them at their own game what can we do? Personally I have come to the conclusion that the best option is to live off grid. That is to say to opt out of the way of life they offer and to formulate our own self-supporting communities. Much easier said than done which is why it would be best to do it in baby steps. Perhaps get involved in your local transition town movement or similar. Anything we can do to foster local community and remove reliance on central government and financial services diminishes their power over us.

    David Icke knows all this which is why I am so surprised to see him crowing about the vote to leave the EU as a victory for the people. As he himself as endlessly pointed out they control both sides of the debate as well as the outcome by the methods described above. Come on David we expect better of you – tell it how it is as you always have done until now.

    Peace Out

  2. Amazing Europe must be heaving a big sigh of relief no more yobs pissing all over their countries when disguised as tourists, no more bloody wars as the USA poodle and dragging Europe into the fights, no more having to put up with ignorant English who cannot and will not make an effort to attempt to learn one of the European languages or at least enough to show friendliness, all of Europe free from Britain what a thought, makes you want to be a European.
    Well whilst all of little England and its EDL and affiliated redneck societies rub their hands in glee, wait until the rights to be part of the trade Unions are removed and the removal of your human rights are removed as you will be left with nothing but kangaroo courts chaired by your elite masters, maybe tyhen the penny may drop, should we not have thought about this and embraced change instead of jumping in and been fooled by empty rhetric about how the bad foreigner is coming to hurt us all, if you think been part of a European Union is bad wait and see whats round the corner.

  3. The European Round Table of Industrialists:

  4. Written by Dr Michael Salla on 06-27, 2016. Posted in exopolitics research, Secret Space Programs.

    “From June 17, 1940 to June 22, 1941, Great Britain stood alone against the Nazi Third Reich which had blitzed mainland Europe and forged an alliance of convenience with the Soviet Union in splitting Poland asunder. Now, 75 years later, with the June 23 decision to leave the European Union, Great Britain has issued a clear challenge to a secret ‘Fourth Reich”, covertly established by breakaway Nazi groups in South America and Antarctica, who during WWII had established an advanced space program, and later exerted an increasingly powerful hidden influence over the European Union”.

  5. The EU is bankrupt and that is why its governing structure will fundamentally change.


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