Cobra Update: Financial System Update

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in the financial system. There is a split inside Black Nobility about how to proceed with their plans. One Black Nobility faction wants to crash the current system through repo market as soon as possible and replace it with IMF centralized crypto financial system where people … Read more

Benjamin Fulford Interview: G20, Pentagon Outranking Trump. False Flag Denied

In this episode of our long-running discussions with Benjamin Fulford recorded on the 27th June 2019. We discuss the Summer Solstice, which is usually a hot time for the dark to cause sacrificial events. Iran False Flag was thwarted and the military gave the stand down orders. The Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon … Read more

We Have Already Witnessed The First 1800 Points Of The Stock Market Crash Of 2015

And the RV is getting close and many of the things Cobra talked about – new financial system – can’t happen until the old one is . . . gone. Do Not go into FEAR. FRIDAY UPDATE: Boom Goes Bust: DOW LOSES ANOTHER 530 points– WEEKEND OF WORRY: APPLE UGLY; $158 BILLION GONE… Signs of … Read more