Benjamin Fulford Interview 27th June 2019

In this episode of our long-running discussions with Benjamin Fulford recorded on the 27th June 2019. We discuss the Summer Solstice, which is usually a hot time for the dark to cause sacrificial events. Iran False Flag was thwarted and the military gave the stand down orders. The Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon need to be brought to heel and broken up. Finally, we’re looking at events that could be happening later in this autumn period where the financial system can’t continue as it is. G20 is happening as we speak and Benjamin gives his thoughts on what might or might not happen.

Also, Benjamin is hearing from the intelligence communities that something big is likely to happen either this month or possibly later in September.

The old system IS collapsing and we’re seeing the death throes of the old guard. Until we’re finally fully liberated, we must keep applying pressure to the old system.

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Let’s take our cue from Benjamin Fulford and turn our world into a wonderful place!

As Benjamin says, don’t just sit on the sidelines, pick up the phone and call your elected officials and respectfully demand answers to these gross atrocities that have plagued our way of life for far too long. The stronger our collective voice, the quicker we affect change.

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  1. IGNORENCE is the root cause. Ignorence is that rulers of this world think that this world is real and they will live here forever, permanently and they are the seperate entity from the whole. This is EGO. So they should protect and flourish themselves only. When it is totally contradictory of the REALITY. The WORLD and LIFE on this planet is temporary, momentry. We are on this planet for a very short period and after that we all have to leave this world. Nobody can live here permanently. At the same time the WORLD and the whole EXISTENCE is also subject to decay. It has to finish one day or another. This is law of the nature, law of the divine. HISTORY is the very evidence of it. Number of highly developed civilizations have come and gone and will keep coming and going. This is the REALITY. No one can escape from this fact. Second GOD or the SUPREME POWER or the SUPREME ENERGY whatever you call him is our FATHER or the ORIGIN OF EXISTENCE from where we the SOULS have emanated from. Therefore, we not only the humans but every creatures of the universe are all fellow beings and we must live respecting , caring, helping each other. We must RESPECT and LOVE each other. We must learn PEACEFULL CO EXISTENCE bearing in mind that we all are one as our SOURCE OF ORIGIN is one and the same the SUPREME FATHER. We must LOVE and RESPECT EACH OTHER bearing in mind that our STAY on this EARTH PLANET is extremely temporay, momentry, impermanent. We cannot live here permanently howmuchever mightier one may be. DEATH is the law of the nature. One day everyone has to depart from this world leaving behind all the possessions and positions no matter how much it is and how big it is. If one bear this fact in his mind that one day I will be burnt or buried in the ground. Iam nothing. If one is wise enough he will definetely come to realise that Iam nothing and certainly there is a POWER who is running this WHOLE SHOW. IAM NOT A RULER. THE SUPREME FATHER IS THE ULTIMATE RULER. Iam simply a PUPPET assigned to do a particular task. I must do it most deligently and as a HUMBLE SERVENT of the SUPREME FATHER.

    MANY RULERS have come and gone. MIGHTIEST PEOPLE are exhausted overnight. They are just turned into ashes. It is HISTORY of MANKIND.

    If everybody and specially the RULERS and THE MIGHTIEST PEOPLE of this world bear the above facts in theirs mind that :

    1. I AM NOTHING. I AM ONLY A PUPPET, A INSTRUMENT only assigned to do a particular DUTY to do with best of my ability with hightest standards of morality and ethics and with a sence of RESOPONSIBILITY.

    2. That our SUPREME FATHER /SUPREME ENERGY/SUPREME POWER is ONE AND THE SAME. He is our SOURCE OF ORIGIN. We all have emanated from there. We are his creation. We are all One as our Father is One. So must LOVE each other.

    3. DEATH is the ULTIMATE REALITY of this world. One day I have to depart from this world by this way or that way. I have been sent here for a designated period of time only not permanently and for a SPECIAL TASK.

    4. AS YOU SOW SHALL YOU REAP is the LAW OF THE NATURE. Scientifically speaking, CAUSE AND EFFECT is the fundamental law of the entire universe, nature, system. ACTION AND REACTION is another scientific LAW OF ANY SYSTEM. Hence in view of these NATURAL LAWS whatever one does good or bad he MUST BEAR THE FRUIT / RESULT OF IT no matter how much powerful he is. No one is above NATURE / THE SUPREME FATHER/ THE SUPREME ENERGY which has recently being proved and experienced by COVID 19.

    5. Everybody and particularly the RULERS AND THE MIGHTIEST PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD focus themselves on the SPIRITUALITY. That is not a subject to be learnt on your own. For that you have to search a TRUE AND PERFECT MASTER and go in his SHELTER WITH UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDERMENT and UTMOST HUMILITY . He will GUIDE you. And you have to spend your life according to his instructions. Only then you can move ahead and go up ward and in ward spiritually. Now how to find out a TRUE AND PERFECT MASTER ? This is a great question as he is not in abundence and cannot be bought by anything of the Universe. Because the world of spirituality is the most confused and complex world. Everybody is claiming to be a PERFECT MASTER. Now the solution is for that you have to PRAY DEEPLY, TRUELY, WHOLHEARTEDLY SITTING IN SILENCE AND SOLITUDE TO YOUR SUPREME FATHER TO MAKE YOU CONTACT WITH THE PERFECT MASTER. He the SUPREME FATHER will pave the way for this. Again this is the LAW OF THE DIVINE that you cannot attain salvation, enlightenment , divine bliss without the PERFECT MASTER. It is MUST AND ENUNCIATED BY THE SUPREME FATHER HIMSELF. You can find this law in every religious books. That is how he sent Jesus Christ, Budha,Kabir, Nanak and so on. Past masters cannot guide you as a dead doctor cannot treat you no matter how much great he was. A past Professor cannot teach you no matter how wise he was. Similarly, a past masters cannot enlighten you. You have to search a TRUE AND PERFECT LIVING MASTER by praying the DIVINE.

    Iam sure if one is able to focus the above facts this world can get rid of every problem the humanity is facing because the SYSTEM is being run by the INDIVIDUALS and if the INDIVIDUAL is purified, enlightened and enriched spiritually he will start understanding the SIGNIFICANC of EVERY CREATURES of this CREATION and as a reasult of that he will LOVE AND RESPECT everybody and slowly he will TRANSFORM from HUMAN TO DIVINE. Once he is transformed to the DIVINE he will see the SUPREME FATHER in every ATOM OF THE UNIVERSE and would never, ever be able to even think to cause harm to any CREATURE OF THIS CREATION not only to humans. This SUPREME ENERGY is VIBRATTING / REVERBERATTING / ECHOING/ BREATHING in every single ATOM and PARTICLE OF THIS CREATION. He is the SUPREME CONCIOUSNESS, OMNI PRESENT, OMNI SCIENT and OMNI POTENT.


  2. Namaste, please protect my friend Dieter. Dieter’s website
    The little bear greets the white dragon. God bless you.
    Many greetings from Germany

  3. You can handle the low vibes of your own mind by your own with EFT by Gary Craig. You remove all your sorrows and fears and you start coming upwards i frequency.
    When Big thing are pushed down your throat you can easily handle your potential fear quickly.

  4. Thank Ben, for telling the truth!! Yes, our U.S. Military is on the ” game ” in dealing the way they ARE. ISRAEL, is being sidelined on every front. We can not go by anything
    these ZIONIST BLACKMAILED Players. Goes to show the ” Power ” these Professional
    POLITICIANS are compromised ” WITH ” !! Or we just could play the game and use these known Z-Anarchist techniques to a absolutely GIANT-LEVEL of disabled players in mass!! If they do NOT follow our ” IDEAS ” then newer, more advanced business, warfare, Social Scrambling can be USED, (as the Babylonian – Khazars – 2,800 Slaves per Young TURK continue Poisoning Their Targets in United States. We hope they bear in mind, new updates in legal playing, could indict entire Nations and / or PEOPLEs for these longer range criminal plans of Murder will NOT be Forgotten. Just As The Royals in UK are charged with Genocide against INDIANS & many already convicted to make for more Rapid Criminal Snatching at any time…. New methods to deal with Genocide Addicts?

  5. If Trump is actually controlled by some zionist faction, and subject to blackmail or whatever form of control so that he executes the orders given by those groups, then he is the best possible asset they can have. Why is it then that all the corporate media, under the orders of these groups, is at his throat all the time? And in a rate never seen before by far (93-95% against him), and in hysterical ways not seen before either…

  6. Dear activists,
    Whether your area of focus is the environment, oppression, war, human rights abuses, refugees, inequality and so on- if you are not focusing on the global social system and its economic foundation as the target for change – you’re not really doing anything.
    P. Joseph

    Can you say structural violence-
    Structural violence is any sort of preventable harm delivered by Imperial Capital Colonization or the profit driven market system (capitalism) to human and animal life that is sustained by the organization of social structure.

  7. My God, I am normally a very calm person, I meditate, but right now I can’t. So many f…ing lies and that Un, bilderberggroup, the Elite do what they want, I am so mad !!!. I will have to calm down, at this moment I can’t love another after all that has happened.

  8. Personally, I have doubts about Mr. Fulford. He gets a lot of stuff from diverse sources. I think that some of it is probably true and some is probably not. I gave his assertion that Angela is Merkel is Hitler’s biological daughter was a math test, and it flunked big time.

  9. Merci M. Benjamin Fulford ! C’est important que nous puissions avoir le récit en français pour que tout le monde comprennent bien votre opinion,votre analyse afin de la partager. L’établissement de la cabale ne cesse de créer des false flag. Nos médias sent servent pour nous induire en erreur. Vous parlez du système financier qui est entrain de changer,nous le savons avec GESARA et le système quantique Quantum. Qques fois vous parlez en mal de Trump comme s’il était de leur côté.Ce nest pas mon opinion avec tout ce que j’analyse. Ce système aura lieu bientôt c’est ce vous essayez de nous dire ou non ? Aussi les élections en octobre pour le Canada. J’aimerais que vous puissiez en parler svp. Yrudeau est un traître et hypocrite.,ce que je doute qu’il triche pour les élections. Vous en pensez quoi et pourquoi n’est il pas arrêté avec toute cette corruption auquel il est impliqué.Merci! J’espère avoir un suivi.Nous sommes plusieurs à vous suivre au Québec.


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