G20 Leaders’ Communique, Hangzhou

Full text: G20 Leaders’ Communique, Hangzhou Summit (Thanks to June, one of our Sisters of the Rose for bringing this to our attention. “Read point 22. The joint efforts to arrest, worldwide, the criminals and extradite them back to the country that wants them”.   I found the general feel of this quite positive and … Read moreG20 Leaders’ Communique, Hangzhou

The Jury is Out and the G20 Shutters at the Verdict

http://m.sputniknews.com/analysis/20151121/1030502215/g20-putin-western-powers-syria-isil.html   The Jury is Out and the G20 Shutters at the Verdict 6801 1091 12:39 21.11.2015 It was almost imperceptible; most people probably missed the sliver of a smile from Vladimir Putin as he leaned in to talk with American President Barack Obama at the G20 in Antalya. Phil Butler — Not so many noticed either, the “handwriting” gesture from Putin just before the casual meetup in front … Read moreThe Jury is Out and the G20 Shutters at the Verdict