Benjamin Fulford Interview: Can China Govern as a New Global Superpower? – Prepare For Change

In this episode recorded on the 2nd May 2019, we discuss the following; Muller, FISA, 911, Fukushima the truth must come out. Will war happen on the Korean peninsula? China creating new networks including new UN building in LAOS, yet they’re lacking social and global skills to govern as a new superpower. Will there be … Read more

Justice for Assange – The Latest debacle of 2018

Poor Julian Assange is still being persecuted and detained in London 8 Years later! It’s a shocking disgrace that this man who has done so much for Freedom | Disclosure | Government Accountability should have to endure such imprisonment. In the last 7 months, he’s had all communications cut off, he’s under “Protocols” which are … Read more

Wikileaks Videolink from the 10th Anniversary Gathering in Berlin

Assange: WikiLeaks will publish all US election docs by Nov. 8 Published time: 4 Oct, 2016 09:23Edited time: 4 Oct, 2016 11:01 To view the video go to this link here or at the bottom of this article: WikiLeaks will release documents on the US presidential elections before November 8, the group’s founder, Julian … Read more