Love Signal

Suggested healing meditation music from Cobra Uploaded on 12 May 2010 Love signal is a healing audio meditation with music tuned to 528 Hz. The Solfeggio frequency 528 Hz is said to be the love frequency for transformation and DNA repair. There is a special sound and color of love according to Dr. Horowitz, … Read moreLove Signal

FREE ENERGY – LUMINARIES ft. Aishah [ELEVATE SOLUTION SERIES] Since 1951, the government has restricted the release of nearly 5,000 technology patents that have the potential of ending many of today’s greatest crisis effectivly transforming our world.  Many of these patents relate to energy effeciency and free energy.  Who will take a stand for free energy.  This is a call (song) to … Read moreFREE ENERGY – LUMINARIES ft. Aishah [ELEVATE SOLUTION SERIES]