Updated Weekly Meditation Now 3PM UTC – Key to Freedom Meditation

Dear Prepare For Change Family, Recently Cobra has expressed that after the recent Key to Freedom mass meditation that was held on the 11th August 2018, the light forces have requested that this meditation now take place of the older Weekly Ascension Meditation. This is due to the new meditation being more aligned with the … Read moreUpdated Weekly Meditation Now 3PM UTC – Key to Freedom Meditation

The Lie We Live

Chances are if you are reading prepareforchange.net you are one of the awakened beings on this little blue planet. How many of your friends are you not able to have a serious conversation with you because they think that you believe in crazy things? Okay, many if not most of us experience this. I am … Read moreThe Lie We Live

Weekly Liberation Meditation Update

I am reposting Cobra’s Message from Monday, February 16, 2015. It is VERY IMPORTANT that we join in this meditation every Sunday at 7 PM GMT. We need to show the world that we are ready for a more loving, peaceful, prosperous way of life! Invite others to join you in this meditation. You can … Read moreWeekly Liberation Meditation Update