The Lie We Live

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Chances are if you are reading you are one of the awakened beings on this little blue planet. How many of your friends are you not able to have a serious conversation with you because they think that you believe in crazy things? Okay, many if not most of us experience this.

I am posting a little 8 minute video The Lie We Live. This is food for thought. I encourage you to watch it and then share it with your friends. Maybe, just maybe, we can wake enough people up to get at least 144,000 people wanting a peaceful, healthy, loving change for our Mother Earth and us. Just because we have been lead to believe that we are living the way “it should be” doesn’t mean that we have to keep doing things the way they are currently done. We are the change we are waiting for!

If you feel so inclined, join your fellow humans all over the world in the Weekly Liberation Meditation. This happens every Sunday at 7 PM GMT. You can find an audio version here:

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes

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