is Sabotaging the Full Disclosure Petition

This screen shot is form February 19th, showing the page served cannot be used to sign the petition.
This screen shot is form February 19th, showing the page served cannot be used to sign the petition, but only to share it.

The above page is from a screen shot sent by one of our members who wants to sign the petition.

Please notice that there is nowhere to sign!

These are some of the comments from our members:

  • Early yesterday evening, I had my dad go to the petition site to sign it and there was no “sign” button to press on the page. I had to retry it for him today and got it to work. Then I was watching the page today and refreshing it like every minute to see how many people were signing and I would see one come in and then I hit refresh and it would go to the previous number so votes were disappearing. I saw it happen like 3 times in the few minutes I was watching it.I would say it was around 1:30 pm PST.
  • When I go to the petition for disclosure all I get is the share this on Facebook. I have not signed it. I am wondering if it is zoned to residents of a particular country?  I took a screenshot of what I get.
  • Just in response to your email regarding difficulty signing. I am not sure of the timing, but I know that I attempted to sign at least three times and was not sure if it had ever been successful. This was over the course of 36 hrs or so. I was glad to hear my signature did go through. Thank you!
  • Yes I have had trouble signing this petition again.x3
  • Hi, I tried several times (~5-6x) on my ipad to sign but to no avail.  However, when tried on my regular HP laptop, success!  Thank you for starting this important petition.
  • Couldn’t sign.  Did not work, damn
  • With every announcement that has come out, I have tried to sign up, but when you click on the address and the site to sign, there is no place to sign.  There is just a place start a new petition.
  • Hi, I have tried all ways to sign this but its being blocked on my end. A good sign I say, they’re like little defective children.
  • I did sign the petition a couple of days ago but today there is no ” sign the petition” button. I have been sharing the petition like crazy and now there is no way for them to sign. Ugh.
  • I’am having difficulty in signing the petition. Please advice . Thanks
  • Yes, I am having some interference.   After clicking on the petition, it goes to a dark grey screen with a small black evil looking mask-like icon in the top folder line.  So I can’t sign anything.  🙁
  • I’v try to sign but there is no conformation.

These are just a few of the members who took the time to send us an email. This type of interference must be happening constantly and it would mean that only a small percentage of the signatures are being recorded.  We cannot know if the management of’s website is involved, they may be getting hacked, ALL THE TIME!

Please be aware that the problem is much worse than expected, there have many more email complaints from potential petitioners about obstacles when attempting to sign the Full Disclosure Petition, such as being sent to empty pages, given bad links or to pages with missing links, etc. But the biggest of all complaints was the constant ‘pushing down’ the number of total signatures, sometimes as many as 7,500 (yes, seven thousand five hundred) signatures at one time (that we are aware of) but we are sure there are many more as we do not monitor it constantly. So due to the heavy manipulation and constant deletion of signatures from the site, we are confident stating that the website ( is controlled by the Cabal.
It should be obvious that due to the enormous interference and tampering with the numbers, it is taking much more energy from our members than anticipated to reach the 25,000 signatures needed.

In spite of this, the petition signatures continue to grow in number. This fact must be alarming to the Cabal which sees Disclosure as the biggest threat to their continued existence, because it in not just the information about the Secret Space Program that will be disclosed, but also secret files on their criminal activity, scientific knowledge, suppressed inventions and archeological discoveries as well.  The Event is about four actions during a short time: The energetic shift, the financial reset, full disclosure and mass arrests of criminals in high places.

It is a quadruple whammy! No wonder the Petition is getting interference!

25 thoughts on “ is Sabotaging the Full Disclosure Petition

  1. I couldn’t sign it. I was able to enter my name and email address, but the sign button is not there? I was beginning to get suspicious about due to another petition I tried to promote, yet over several weeks the signature tally never changed? and I know friends signed it. Have since done some research and found out that is a private organisation, not a non profit one. So that says a lot. I will not bother signing any more petitions.

  2. Relax everyone.
    The MOST important thing to realize about this, is quantum physics.
    Our THOUGHTS DO matter and where we place our intention, it unfolds.
    While your attempted to sign or signed and it deleted, the energy of the intention DID register.Cosmically.
    Do you not think for one moment, that other Advanced Beings, and Consciousness observing and assisting us here are aware of the problem?
    Of course! They are aware of the many thousands of us who’ve signed or attempted to sign (which carries that Cosmic energy signature).
    Its done!
    No need to play into the hands of the Contrast.

    Smile and let them wonder why we are smiling.
    Its a done deal that’s why.
    And that is what creates fear in them
    Its all hologram.
    transcend the illusion.
    Rise up and thrive despite them and stay in harmony;.
    Celebrate our diversity,. stay neutral and Poised.

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