Did The Central Bankers Plan The BREXIT To Create An EU Empire?


18 thoughts on “Did The Central Bankers Plan The BREXIT To Create An EU Empire?

  1. If anyone is interested, please read this article, it is worth giving a a thought after all: WHY THE GLOBALISTS ARE DEMOLISHING THE EU…..AND WHAT ITS REPLACEMENT WILL LOOK LIKE.

    • Oh lala, that’s a lot of strings exposed, plus nuts and bolts in them, building concepts of deception, held by the ruling powers of today aka the UN. Thank you for a valuable peek in this sizzling cauldron with witches screeching around it, Alex F.

      Every now and than, reading through the page in this link I found, after googling your article’s title:


      I was reminded by what Rosa Koire explains in her presentation about the true nature of Agenda 21.
      That agenda is designed by the UN, by means of a similar sense of “achievement”, felt by global citizens, luring them by the fairy tale of climate change, inviting them to start green projects and all forms of sustainable styles of living, reclaiming the land so to speak, or so it seems.

      A false sense of achievement for “a good cause” when the net is closing parallel with surrendering to the hypnosis. Look for yourself here:


      and here:


      For the full series of tubbies, go here:


      During conversations with city council members in Holland, I found proof of the gradual infiltration and application of Agenda 21 (at times it’s also called 2030 Agenda) by hearing them say that they’d gone through trainings, related to Agenda 21, learning to use certain terms and phrases in communication with citizens, so that they all used the same terminology as a tool to achieve a succesful mindprogramming. United we stand, ahem.

      Specially the implant of a view in those “awake and aware green” citizens, for participating in society for a good cause, being given more freedom to have a voice and welcomed for their actions, hands on. Initially selling land to citizens and allowing them to use it for nature’s sake, taking it from them in sneaky ways, owned and fully controled by corporations.

      Do you see the parallel with George Orwell’s book “1984”? Voila, the explanation of Agenda 21’st goal, total control over citizens’ activities and lifestyle. The Transition Network, a green grassroots initiative grown in a little town Totnes, in Devon UK is functioning on a teenage level, while bravely turning the world into a better place, fully ignoring (and denying) the existence and impact of Agenda 21. The spokesman ridiculed my comment about Agenda 21 last year, almost to the point of being ridiculous himself. When I reminded him of his lack of treating it factually, he fell silent.

      I’ve sent the management of TTN several links with info about Agenda 21, including my report on their spokesman’s response to it, in one of his blogs There’s simply no response given to this day.

  2. Absolutely Marian, the only think I really fear is that the verbal abuse that can be ignored might become outright violence in some cases.As far as the rats coming out of their dark corners,and you could not have put it better, I totally agree with you that at least they are out in the open.

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