Did you know that the average U.S. adult consumes 10 hours and 39 minutes of media a day?  Nielsen has just released brand new numbers on the media consumption patterns of Americans, and they are absolutely staggering.  According to Nielsen, the amount of media that we consume per day has increased by an hour just since the first quarter of 2015.  This is the time of the year when we celebrate our independence, but how in the world can we ever be truly independent when most of us are willingly plugging ourselves into “the Matrix” for more than 10 hours a day?  If you feed anything into your mind for hours every day, it is going to change the way that you think, the way that you feel about things, and the way that you view the world.  This endless barrage of “news” and “entertainment” has fundamentally altered the belief systems of tens of millions of Americans, and this has very serious implications for our society moving forward.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, brainwashing is “a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas”.  But nobody is forcing us to plug into “the Matrix” every day.  Instead, this is something that we are willingly doing to ourselves.  In fact, Nielsen says that Americans are doing it more than ever before

If you feel like you’re spending more time than ever before watching and streaming content, you’re right.

U.S. adults spent 10 hours, 39 minutes a day consuming media in the first quarter of 2016. That’s up a full hour from the first quarter of 2015, and it’s thanks to a substantial increase in smartphone and tablet usage, according to Nielsen’s Q1 2016 Total Audience Report.

Here is how the 10 hours and 39 minutes breaks down by type of device…

Live TV: 4 hours, 31 minutes
Time-Shifted TV: 33 minutes
Radio: 1 hour, 52 minutes
DVDs: 8 minutes
Video Game Consoles: 14 minutes
Multimedia Devices (Apple TV, Roku, etc.): 13 minutes
Internet on PC: 58 minutes
Smartphone: 1 hour, 39 minutes
Tablet: 31 minutes

These days, there is a lot of talk about various “agendas” that are being advanced in our country.

Well, just about whatever “agenda” you want to talk about, the main way it is being advanced is through these devices.  Our televisions, our radios, our DVD players and even our computers are constantly telling us what to think, and this has resulted in a population of brainwashed “sheeple” that is more closely resembling a horde of mindless zombies with each passing year.

Who do you think controls the vast majority of the “news” and “entertainment” that we consume?  As I wrote about just recently, more than 90 percent of what we get through our televisions is controlled by just six giant media corporations, and in turn they are controlled by the elite of the world.

Do you really want the elite telling you what to think?

And the Internet has become highly controlled as well.  Fortunately there are still many independent websites such as this one where you can hear an alternative point of view, but increasingly web traffic is coming to be dominated by just a handful of giant companies.

This is of great concern when it comes to our young people, because they are spending an enormous amount of time on the Internet

The majority of Americans – 73 percent – indicated that they go online on a daily basis, and many go on several times per day.

A Pew Research Center survey collected data from internet users between June and July 2015, and confirmed that Americans are constantly logging in.

Young people are the most connected; the study found that 36 percent of people ages 18 to 29 are online almost constantly, and 50 per cent go on several times per day.

It has been estimated that there are 54,907 Google searches, 7,252 tweets written, 125,406 YouTube videos viewed and 2,501,018 emails sent out every second.

So what is all of this “information” doing to us?

Dr Lee Hadlington of De Montford University Leicester has made some troubling discoveries regarding this excessive Internet use…

He found the more times a person used the internet or a mobile phone the more likely they were to experience ‘cognitive failures’.

These failures included not turning up to appointments, having trouble paying attention while in conversation and forgetting why they went to one part of the house to another.

‘This is a very under-examined area and a very important one. We are using technology on a daily basis but we don’t understand its effect on us,’ said Dr Hadlington.

Of much greater importance is what this endless barrage of information is doing to our belief systems.  We are willingly enslaving ourselves to a “matrix” that is deeply anti-Christian, and it was inevitable that this would result in the decaying of the Christian foundations of the western world.  The following is an excerpt from an absolutely outstanding article that was just published by Jonathon Van Maren

And yet, the Judeo-Christian foundations of the West that brought such success and such prosperity have either been removed or are in the final stages of demolition. The sanctity of life is gone, but most of us have not noticed simply because we do not toss the corpses of the murdered out the front door into the street, but quietly deposit them in dumpsters behind clinics or vaporize them in modern, up-to-date incinerators. New ideologies have taken over our legal systems, and the short march to labelling Holy Scripture as Hate Speech has already begun. The number of citizens who still attend church or are even aware that Christianity was the life-blood of our civilization is plummeting.

Things may be peaceful for the moment, but the dark clouds in the distance bulge with thunder and the rumblings have already begun: Christian universities are told they are ineligible to start a law school because they believe what Christians have always believed, Christian medical professionals are told they will be forced to refer patients for killing, and Christian professionalsare subjected to “formal investigations” at the slightest hint that they have violated the new secular religion. This is just the calm before the storm, but because Christians are so distracted with the high drama of ordinary day-to-day life, they may not hear the rumblings until thunder splits the sky.

As I warn in my new book, America is really starting to feel the consequences of decades of walking away from the Christian faith.

But how are we going to turn this around?

Many of the exact same people that are expressing dismay over all of this are the exact same people that turn their televisions on as soon as they get home and don’t turn them off until they go to sleep at night.

As long as we all remain willingly plugged into “the Matrix”, we are fighting a losing battle, and that is just the way that it is.

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  1. To me, this is, in other words, addressing the subject of liberating transformation paradigm too:

    TO THE ADULTS IN THE ROOM by Anna von Reitz
    “By now it should be easier for everyone who has ever taken care of small children to
    recognize sociopaths in politics, but merely recognizing them is not enough.
    To permanently disconnect the attraction that public office holds for sociopaths, we must
    each accept our own ruler-ship and apply it.

    That is what the Founders were talking about when they spoke about “self-governance”.
    It’s a concept that goes far beyond ballot boxes or refusing the authority of kings.
    It strikes to the heart of the human condition.

    Will we stand on our own two feet and accept our authority and the responsibility that
    goes with it? Will we truly be “self-governing”—-?

    Two generations of Americans have neglected this duty with the result that elected
    officials are not even occupying the public offices they were elected to serve. They are
    occupying look-alike private corporate offices instead and running amok in conflict of
    interest, abusing their position of trust to plunder public assets for private gain and an
    alarming number of sociopaths have risen to positions of power.

    Our failure to govern ourselves and take responsibility for our own property, our own
    lives, our own families, our own communities—has opened up a vacuum of power that
    crooks and sociopaths have manipulated for their own ends.

    It is axiomatic that if you don’t rule over yourself, others will rule over you.
    This is one job that you literally can’t afford to neglect…….”(end of quote)

    For the complete article go here

  2. It’s funny, thatcrazytoaster, that every time I find the word untouchable, like in your reply, I shake my head inside and feel that this isn’t what I choose as a stance in my life. I’d rather be touchable in all parts, on all levels. For that gives me a sense of being alive and engage in it with others, you see? It’s tremendous valuable excersize for me, to find discernment and programs that found their rooting within me, outgrowing them by being touched and realizing all this. I imagine that I’ve probably been a yogini in a cave somewhere in remote Tibet, in many lives, finally enjoying a change of scenery, ha!

    Of course, I know too well that there’s a form of untouchable-ness where one can sense, observe, be fully in an experience and not identify with it by jumping into reaction by adding flavors to life’s cauldron with ratatouille. Probably you meant this in your reply.

    How can we celebrate our independance, while others……..?
    By comparing my wellness with the misery of others, asking myself if I’ve got the right to be well, is part of an old story, created by martyrs in the making, as I see it. It’s a very old and deep religious imprint, disabling the simple joy of being alive. Ever seen small children, depressed by the sorrows of the world? We can return to that innocense and presence in the moment. No celebration of life should be suppressed or made less, by the presence of next door mysery. “Let the dead bury their dead” is an expression spoken by Jeshua that I think is related to the role of martyr or victim.

    Yesterday I found an excellent description of what I feel as part of my experience in life now.
    The article, in full present in the link below, is offered by Wingmakers:

    “The desire for connection and wholeness is a fuel that drives us to seek out and explore the hierarchical paradigm. This inner longing provides us with the motivation to seek help and guidance from a specific group within the hierarchy, and in so doing, cultivate a sense of belonging and connection. Furthermore, the hierarchical paradigm is a stage whereby we develop a sense of connection to some grand, encompassing vision. This is why the hierarchy nurtures prophets who point toward a greater vision.

    Spiritual leaders are able to peer deeply beneath the surface reality of life and experience how intricately connected every life form is, and how the composite of all life is intelligent far beyond measure. These visionary leaders can thus interpret reality through their personal abilities to perceive and express life’s dimensional depth and limitless intelligence. Yet no one is able to articulate life’s full dimensional depth and breadth with the tools of language. They can only, at best, describe their interpretation or their impressions.

    In actuality, all of us are able to peer beneath the surface reality of life and perceive a unique vision of the universe. We require only time and intention to develop our own interpretations. And this is precisely what many great spiritual leaders have taught. Life’s deeper essence is not an absolute to be experienced by the chosen few, but an evolving, dynamic intelligence that wears as many faces as there are life forms. No group or people has the exclusive portal into the universe by which the Divine expresses itself in all its majesty. The portal is open and available to all, because the Divine is within all things.

    Those recognized as great prophets each produced a vision of the universe beyond what was currently defined by the hierarchy. Because their interpretations were articulated with authority and depth of insight, they became a target of debate among various groups in the hierarchy. This debate then created a polarity of belief. A sympathetic constituency emerged to defend and embellish their leader’s interpretation, while established groups held it in contempt of previously held beliefs. Invariably, the leader’s vision became confined and shaped into dogma by followers who desired to create a new religion or sect. Thus, this infusion of fresh insight quietly receded into the hands of the hierarchy, where its deeper meaning was obscured by the very fact that it was incorporated into a rigid structure that both protected and promoted it.

    The Transformation Paradigm: Inner Wisdom and Understanding

    A new paradigm is emerging that promotes a clear connection of individual consciousness to the compelling features of the Divine without the intervention of a hierarchy. This is when the fables and myths of history step into the light and become known as they were originally intended. This is the time when language will be transformed into a new form of communication that breaks down all barriers of control. Personal transformation, through the awakening of inner wisdom and understanding, is the pathway into wholeness.

    The transformation paradigm is initiated simply by the recognition that rather than the dependency-inducing ways of the hierarchical paradigm, there are accelerated, independent pathways that bypass the hierarchy and lead to self-mastery. These new pathways lead to the divine wisdom and understanding that is present within all of us. This wisdom can be accessed through the practice of three principles of transformation: seeing the Divine in all, nurturance of life, and gratitude. The application of these life principles disengages individuals from the controlling elements of the hierarchy, thus initiating the transformation experience.

    As there are relative truths, there are relative freedoms. As individuals evolve through the hierarchical process, an ever-increasing sense of freedom is gained, yet external forces continue to exert control through limiting language, confining belief systems, and more. These controlling influences lead to continued reliance upon the hierarchy as it unceasingly attempts to impose a sense of inequality between us. The underlying equation of the hierarchical paradigm is: individual + hierarchy = God connection. In the case of personal transformation it is: individual + inner wisdom and understanding = divine equality with all.

    The Synthesis Paradigm: Integration

    The time has come to integrate the dominant paradigm of the hierarchy with the liberating transformation paradigm. This integration occurs naturally once we have fully explored the two paradigms and develop a synthesis paradigm whereby transformation is attained by searching for connection and wholeness through our own inner wisdom and understanding. It is this combination of release from dependency on the hierarchy and transformation from within that initiates the synthesis paradigm.

    Once we take responsibility for our own transformation and integration, it does not mean that the hierarchy is to be shunned or avoided. The hierarchy is quite benign as a manipulative force and merely represents one important stage in the journey toward wholeness. What is being set in motion now is the initial preparation for these paradigm shifts. More specifically, these paradigms will be simultaneously played out over the coming years. As always, it will be the choice of each one of us as to which paradigm we embrace in our journey”.


  3. I stopped watching TV 5 years ago. Control the A.I. or it will control you as well as consume your energy. Eat well, think well, be well, be in nature, connect to your higher self, keep raising your frequency. Be untouchable.

  4. Thankfully some Americans are finally awakening to organized Christianity’s religious falsehoods, and turning from the dogmatic 3 parts attending weekly brainwashing sessions to listen to some moron that doesn’t know his own Bible’s teachings and one part prayer to a self imposed image, or idol of God. Turnng instead, to what one great teacher demonstrated in his own life and advocated over two thousand years ago. A life more like three parts meditation and one part prayer, and if you have a chance to overthrow the money tables at the church (metaphorically speakng walk away from giving these accursed organizations and religions their money, which is depriving them of power to entice and brainwash others, do so). Christianity is a terrible perversion of the original teachngs as it has developed throughout the last couple thousand years of western history advocating all sorts of horroble bloody atrocities. Today they may not massacre people in bloody crusades or torture them to death in the most horrible ways giving the choice between confessing one’s sins and facing death for it or facing ‘purification by pain’ until dead (not much choice), but, the atrocitoes today are no less serious psychologically speaking. These restrictive dogmas preached are driving people to suicide, drug addiction, alcoholism, violence in the home and worse, because Christianity as a whole, has lost its connection to the source. Little truth or light, remains within, and the original teachings so perverted and mistranslated the meanings are lost, Is it therefore, any wonder, society as a whole is seeking answers elsewhere, searching the web for a miniscule sliver of truth? We can only pray and hope, those poor souls come upon a site like Prepare for Change and come into the light of truth and begin to develop the personal relationship with the Source, that Christ spoke of when he said; not to worship him but, seek he, that sent him (this scripture more than any other showed me the truth). I recommend any so called Christian, whom is seekng the real truth, obtain an ‘Abingdon Strongs Exhaustive Bible Concordance’ for use with their King James Bible, and begin to translate the passages of The Bible, to help them deprogram their programmed thought patterns, seeking always answers within their own selves through regular daily meditations of at least 30 minutes per day. This is the beginning of wisdom, in time, they will begin see life in a whole different way and to understand, what they do not, understand. That one does not need a church, church elders and preachers or an organization at all, to have the closest possible connection to the Source.. That one can, find IT, within themselves, where it always was, just waiting, to be found, under all that dogmatic nonsense, which is one of, the main tools, of the so called “Matrix” as pointed out, herein. May The Blessings Be…Victory to the Light !!


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