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  1. If anyone is interested, please read this article, it is worth giving a a thought after all: WHY THE GLOBALISTS ARE DEMOLISHING THE EU…..AND WHAT ITS REPLACEMENT WILL LOOK LIKE.

    • Oh lala, that’s a lot of strings exposed, plus nuts and bolts in them, building concepts of deception, held by the ruling powers of today aka the UN. Thank you for a valuable peek in this sizzling cauldron with witches screeching around it, Alex F.

      Every now and than, reading through the page in this link I found, after googling your article’s title:


      I was reminded by what Rosa Koire explains in her presentation about the true nature of Agenda 21.
      That agenda is designed by the UN, by means of a similar sense of “achievement”, felt by global citizens, luring them by the fairy tale of climate change, inviting them to start green projects and all forms of sustainable styles of living, reclaiming the land so to speak, or so it seems.

      A false sense of achievement for “a good cause” when the net is closing parallel with surrendering to the hypnosis. Look for yourself here:


      and here:


      For the full series of tubbies, go here:


      During conversations with city council members in Holland, I found proof of the gradual infiltration and application of Agenda 21 (at times it’s also called 2030 Agenda) by hearing them say that they’d gone through trainings, related to Agenda 21, learning to use certain terms and phrases in communication with citizens, so that they all used the same terminology as a tool to achieve a succesful mindprogramming. United we stand, ahem.

      Specially the implant of a view in those “awake and aware green” citizens, for participating in society for a good cause, being given more freedom to have a voice and welcomed for their actions, hands on. Initially selling land to citizens and allowing them to use it for nature’s sake, taking it from them in sneaky ways, owned and fully controled by corporations.

      Do you see the parallel with George Orwell’s book “1984”? Voila, the explanation of Agenda 21’st goal, total control over citizens’ activities and lifestyle. The Transition Network, a green grassroots initiative grown in a little town Totnes, in Devon UK is functioning on a teenage level, while bravely turning the world into a better place, fully ignoring (and denying) the existence and impact of Agenda 21. The spokesman ridiculed my comment about Agenda 21 last year, almost to the point of being ridiculous himself. When I reminded him of his lack of treating it factually, he fell silent.

      I’ve sent the management of TTN several links with info about Agenda 21, including my report on their spokesman’s response to it, in one of his blogs There’s simply no response given to this day.

  2. Absolutely Marian, the only think I really fear is that the verbal abuse that can be ignored might become outright violence in some cases.As far as the rats coming out of their dark corners,and you could not have put it better, I totally agree with you that at least they are out in the open.

  3. On a lighter note, this is a must see for those of you in need of a good laugh 😉


  4. Guys, no one here is a moron, so to speak.The truth of the matter is that no one has the full picture. The Elite is still very much alive and kicking and I feel this has been a Golden opportunity for them to
    divide the population. We also must take into consideration that if the West , Britain and America in particular were to stop waging wars of convenience, destroying entire countries and their infrastructures,building weapons and God knows what else,maybe a large portion of the money we dish out in taxes, would be used for more positive purposes, and a lot of people from these Countries would most probably not want to come here at all. I am speculating though because opinions without facts ultimately are just opinions and there is no point in generalising. No one knows what is happening behind closed doors. Also I would make a distinction between which immigrants are entitled to social housing within 24 hours of arrival because as far as I can see it is actually not happening at all. The huge mistake of selling Council Flats for instance is having a huge repercussion to these days. An enormous number of immigrants are working and paying a lot of taxes. Ultimately as Sandra Gordon says it is equality that the majority of us want and that can only be achieved with a high degree of discipline and maturity on our part. If we truly were committed to that principle, the government could go to hell so to speak.

    • The British government is some sort of hell already, Alex. I mean, at a loss for words, ignorance of what really matters, or a constructive plan. I agree with most of your comment here, the rats have come out of their dark corners, by exposing hatred to refugees and residents which origin from other cultures, living in a different skin color. At least that’s out in the open now, which I think is a good thing, for one thing I really appreciate is, when all views, opinions and approaches to solve problems, are out in the open, no matter what. That’s what’s helpful to burnish our swords of truth. I’ts what true polarization is, to me, serving the process of burnising them.All the stink of hiding cowards and shameful victims, arrogant prats, it’s much better when light begins to shine on them. To me, that’s also part of enlightenment, putting it in a slightly wry humorous way. Enlightenment on a global level.

  5. Dear Marian your comment is so spot on. But I would just like to add that I do not regard British people as being all cowards. I have met some honest people who have voted out for all the right reasons and now they are truly very sorry to witness the consequences of a referendum that has been unleashed on the population with no back up plan whatsoever so to speak. I think the same thing would have happened in any other country in Europe under the same circumstances. It is people ignorance and immaturity that hurts us all and I feel it is very difficult even to begin to change it.
    I feel that now Britain is being treated like the Guinea Pig of Europe.”Let’s see what happens there before we too push a referendum” Honestly it is a sad state of affairs and it is not going to go away. I really hope I am wrong.

    • Alex F I agree it is very upsetting to witness the distress around us that leaving the EU is causing. I offered a friend my sincerest support when she had an outpouring of worry about how this could affect her mortgage and got my head bitten off!!! I had to remind myself that she was truly sickened by the scaremongering that has gone on in the media, but still I was hurt. I have let it go but I understand why it happened. I hope everybody realises why it is causing the rift. It was meant to. I can’t wait for the end of this awful business.

    • Yes, thank you Alex F. I feel chastised for a good reason. Not all British people are cowards, I was generalizing too much and that’s not fair, I agree, I’ve met heroes and heroins during my first year living in Britain and that’s why I mentioned “I’m happy to have found and to be in touch with my kind of people” for they are present in my life here.

      This morning, my lodger in Holland almost bit my head off, after receiving my jubilant message and request to raise a glass together, on distance. He’s fully against Brexit.

      He chooses the EU for sentimental reasons, believing that the EU was a wise and clever plan,
      to build a better future and prevent a 3rd WW. Of course that’s how its sold to us, at least it’s one of the arguments to create a choir with one voice, ahem.

      That’s an example of how treacherous strategies can be. Truly venomous like the snakes now wrestling for life, in Brussels. They will be exposed soon, when that match catches fire! Ha!

  6. The Bilderberg Group created the EU in 1955 at a meeting in Germany . So I think we know their agenda is not and has never been for the welfare of the people !!.

  7. It might as well be so. A great number of British people voted Tories in the last general election simply because Cameron made promises to deal with the immigration issue. Of course He did not deliver. He called a Referendum confident that Britain would remain in Europe and to settle the matter once and for all.
    Now we have a situation where xenophobia and racism , both spoken and unspoken, abounds. The vibes are truly depressing, Britain is divided and weaken forever as it will take the “indigenous” population, ages to be able to learn to stand on their feet . The so called politicians are at each other throat, they are all squabbling in Brussels, as well as backstabbing each other, little kids at school are told by other kids they will not be here the next term because they will be made to leave, foreign nationals who have lived and worked in Britain for a long time are the recipient of outright verbal humiliation, such as “we are out now, go back where you come from”. The media, both mainstream and alternative sucks,a considerable number of people have voted “out” because David Icke has told them to do so, no one knows what is going to happen and there is no one fit to be Prime Minister.

    It seems, in this case, that an opportunity that might have been perfectly legitimate, has been unleashed on a population whose vast majority has voted out of hatred and a knee jerk reaction, more than for any other reason. You get the picture……..what does the future holds?

    • Very well said, Alex, I think it’s pretty much how it is in real life in the UK. I’ve asked many people about their vote and most of them just wanted to leave things as they are. “We’ve got no idea what the future will hold, it might be worse when we leave the EU”. That’s the typical English coward- stance of residents that have grown weary and numb, living for so long with a failing government. They’re bringing it on themselves. That’s why I feel strongly about giving all of them a strong push in the butt. That will make them fart and I’ll hold the burning match ready!

      • Marian, Lord Moncton has said that the EU is going bankrupt and that the government are trying to fathom a way of going against the OUT vote in the referendum. There is so much hidden from us all that when it all comes out those who wanted to stay in the EU will be grateful we did leave.
        When you think of the fact that Cameron is fighting to stay on the sinking ship, you know it’s for no benefit of the innocent. You hold on to that match tight and don’t light it yet…we may need it to see in the dark!

        • Ha ha…. that “we may need it to see in the dark!” made me fall from my chair with laughter, Sandra. I’ve been reading the Guardian about the present situation in the UK and as far as I’m informed Cameron is OUT as prime minister. Maybe he’s fighting in another part of the sinking ship? I’m amazed, again and again, about how issues in politics in Britain are fought on a personal level, by a nagging competition of arguments and gossip like “So and so said this about that to this person” etc. etc. I won’t light the match until we reach the moment of maximum effect, ha ha….
          Buy some earplugs 🙂

    • Respectfully, I disagree with you Alex. The majority are not racist, but are worried about being forced out of their homes because of such things as the very unfair bedroom tax, only to find out that immigrants are being handed their front door keys and are not charged such taxes even though they under occupy the same properties. British citizens are being refused financial help while immigrants are legally entitled to a social housing domain with white goods within 24 hours of arrival into this country. These are just 2 items on a list of things the British citizen is refused help with while we give it all away to immigrants. The tax payer pays in but never gets it back in fairness. I have no problem with us helping anybody. I encourage anybody to help whomever and wherever you can. If I needed help then of course I would move to a country where I can get that help and I would hope to be accepted. What I find of the people around me is that they want equality, but the clever, greedy governments won’t allow this as it will stop the friction between us. If we were all treated the same then we would all get along at a more peaceful and respectful pace. This is a clever ploy to divide and conquer the masses again.
      Of course, this is just my findings and my opinion. I respect your opinion and realise it is formed by what goes on where you live. As for being weakened, the British are not ones to give up without a fight. We may just surprise the world yet! ?

  8. I personally believe that UK has shown its true face by standing up for itself and choose independence. As far as it’s a welcome idea and favor, expressed in words, for the UK needs a big push in the butt to wake up and start being constructive, before living independently.

    Barack Obama didn’t make a big impression by persuading Cameron to remain and honour the relationship with the US. Since May 2nd the US is bankrupt, there seems to be no secret agenda building a powerful EU empire. It’s the other way around.

    The European Union is created to build a body of power between Russia and the US. It stems from the time when Russia had entered communism and the Tsar family was murdered. The US was shitting in their pants, in fear for this “wind” blowing in their direction. Hence the design for a EU as a buffer. Brussels sprouts stink and many members of the EU begin to curl their noses in digust.

  9. There seems to be quite a lot of different views on Brexit and its impact for the future. Here’s what I posted in another article here “David Icke on Brexit – WE DID IT! But this is just the start”

    Written by Dr Michael Salla on 06-27, 2016. Posted in exopolitics research, Secret Space Programs.

    “From June 17, 1940 to June 22, 1941, Great Britain stood alone against the Nazi Third Reich which had blitzed mainland Europe and forged an alliance of convenience with the Soviet Union in splitting Poland asunder. Now, 75 years later, with the June 23 decision to leave the European Union, Great Britain has issued a clear challenge to a secret ‘Fourth Reich”, covertly established by breakaway Nazi groups in South America and Antarctica, who during WWII had established an advanced space program, and later exerted an increasingly powerful hidden influence over the European Union”.


  10. This might be a ‘rich man’s trick’ again? I find this analysis below very helpful to understand that Brexit is only the first step to install the NWO having to deal with small weak countries maybe……http://sitsshow.blogspot.de/2016/06/globalist-agenda-watch-2016-update-13.html#more


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